The weather is uncomfortable, just like the economy.

21 Jul
The weather in Missouri today is a pain just like the job market. I just keep having the thought of trying to find work run through my head 24/7. When I’m alone I’m not so worried, but when I see my teenage daughter and remember I have no income I get choked up.  I as a grown man want to just scream and ask what is wrong with today’s life style ? It seams as though the ones with money or power ( hire or fire or make laws) think everything is okay. Well in their little bubble it is, but the truth is there is to much GREED and not enough kindness in this world anymore ( and if you say that around those people, they yell “stop talking about class warfare”). Cuzz they know they are doing the rest wrong!!! All of the excuses for not hiring any walking human is a joke. You’re told that ” well at the last job you made twice as much as you will here,so when the market turns around you will leave and find more money.” Well if that’s how a person running a company thinks, shouldn’t that person worry about the 80% of workers he/she has working for him/her that will leave? I can bet all of my $.50 in my sofa cushions that the person thinking like that is treating the company employees pretty crappy. The way these companies have the qualifications anymore 90% of the unemployed don’t qualify. We are either over qualified or under qualified. Or they determine if we can work for them based off of our credit.

WHO IN THE HELL has good credit anymore, other then the top 5%???? If we as grown ups can get the people with power and money to start being kind and nice and not be so greedy ( and think about ME,ME,ME,ME) all the time, maybe just maybe the jobs will come back and more smiles will be walking past you saying,” good morning”. Instead we have yelling, stealing, shootings, lay-offs ,going out of business signs all over, empty buildings ,ran down homes, and two 5 million dollar homes at the top of the mountain ( with the owners drinking $2000 wine) and laughing all the way to the bank. While the rest ( the few who have jobs ) try to figure out how to feed the family and get medicine for the sick child at home. OH and another excuse is “well taxes are to high” Our taxes are at the lowest it has been in decades, yet the unemployment is at the highest since the ’30’s. Canada and Europe have way higher taxes and they have such low unemployment it’s what America should have ( low unemployment).

To me as an unemployed average man, taxes has no conection to workers. Greed has a connection, ” more work with less workers and even less pay” causes high unemployment. If taxes had a connection , unemployment should be at .3% . Instead the “real world” unemployment is close to 15%, not this 9.2% that we hear on the news. Oh well that’s enough for now. I’ll be back on later. I know I have more to say about anything and everything. PEOPLE just need to BE NICE. ‘Change your behavior, and your attitude will follow”.

3 Responses to “The weather is uncomfortable, just like the economy.”

  1. Cookie July 22, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Hello "imcheap",Thanks for starting this blog. I walk parallel with you in your views and opinions. I was laidoff last week after being with the company for 15+ years! It is a huge blow to you and it is like the end of a long relationship, so just like in a relationship of the heart that ends, give yourself time to grieve, be sad, be angry and as time goes by it just wont hurt as much!The worst part if my layoff is that they put a clause in there that myself and the other 10 laidoff with me could never be eligible for re-hire! What a kick in the damn teeth!! Really? After all those years of tenure, work ethics speaks for itself and now i am out the pasture yo never return to the barn! That hurts!.You know the old adage, the rich get richer and the poor and now even middle class people get poorer! How true that is. This country is in dire need of change and to get back to the basics of common decency. We are so ready to help and assist all these guppy as countries and we have a need for help right here!The great US of A was bridged on kindness, compassion and empathy. Which is now turned into a dog eat dog mentality!Not to mention, I have served my country in the military and have served in the Gulf War. I am a very proud veteran and my expectations have been my country will take care of me. Our men and women are serving our country by defending and trying to reform the Middle East and neighboring countries, for what? Try alittle reform right here!! I just don't get it!I'm all for helping the underdog but not at the expense of our servicemen, servicewomen and Americans!!We have to remain united and your blog, "imcheap" is an awesome way to voice our opinions and feelings. I commend you on your effortd and I respect your opinions and feel your pain.All of this and I am in the fight for my life, literally! After enduring many surgeries and undergoing weeky chemo treatments, and when it's all said and ….. I will be a survivor of Breast Cancer! So I say to you my friend, it is bleak, it is depressing, and a tough rode to tow our unemployment crisis but this to shall pass. In the meanwhile, I will tell you this, your blog IS your professional therapy! It's journaling from the depths if your soul in turn cleansing all the bad, sad things you are feeling and going through! So keep blogging, keep writing and I will stay tuned every day ans continue to support your cause as I watch you heal as well. I sincerely join you in this blog and I thank you for this very touching and personal forum. WE will fight the good fight and continue to express those things that I am sure so many out there must be going through!Love & Support to you always CJ,Geneva

  2. Anonymous July 22, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

    Thanks for the comment. It's a good read. I to was told I can not apply for any positions at the company ( for at least 3 months). But who would wanna go back to a place that didn't want you there? LOL.

  3. Cookie July 22, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    Exactly "Anonymous" ! After getting over the mere shock of what was said and having gone through this layoff process twice before there was always the option of finding a job within 30 days in the company! But never let go and you can never come back!! Kinda harsh but hindsight is 20/20 and having had a few days to mull it over and go through all of the emotions and feelings that came with it, i dont want to go back !Thanks for writing! And the best of luck to you,Hang in there ok!! 🙂

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