You do a lot of thinking driving in a car all alone.

22 Jul
On my way home while i was driving in my car. A few things was flying in my dome as I was driving. First LIL WAYNE has got to be THE worst rapper in the industry EVER. When he ‘raps’ he sounds like a poodle with a dry ass trying to fart in the desert sand of Arizona. Or an ass stuffed with a sock trying to fart into a microphone. Who said he was good? Granted he has great advertisers out there pushing his junk into the radio waves. If he was to be underground and live off talent alone. He would be unemployed just like me LOL. Now if you wanna talk about talent in the rap industry. All you need to do is stay right here in KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI metro and you got it all. First you have TECH N9NE, enough said. Then you have the likes of MAC LETHAL,KRIZZ KALIKO, KUTT  CALHOUN, IRV DA PHENOM, RON RON, B DOUBLE E..And this is just K.C. talent.   Now onto what I was thinking about. Since I was laid off, I have done some venting with close family and friends. So I decided to give them a break and go to a “professional” about how to mentally deal with this. I have never been without a job this long in my life, and I’m 45. While I was in her office, I began to think. Who is the nutty one her or me??? Because to me she acted like she was either drunk or off the dance floor trying to dance ( nuts). I asked her why do people act the way they act? Trying to get a “professional” answer out of her. She turned to me and yelled ” why don’t you write a book and give ME the ANSWERS”. She said she does not deal with why questions. So she proceeded to ask my and and then mock me, saying” you act like a 3 year old crying WHY,WHY,WHY”. I also said that I feel like I’m not good enough to have a job because I keep getting turned away. She said that’s my choice. I then gave her a scenario of “well if you tell a fat chick she’s pretty enough times she’s gonna believe she’s pretty, and if you tell a model she’s fat she will think she’s fat( hence not eating and looking real sick like Cosmo models)”.Which if you think of it that’s true. She said that’s not true, those are choices you make. That’s not human nature! Her theory to me is nutty , cuzz people tend to believe what they hear if they are told it enough. Even if it’s a lie ( like people say you look good in that outfit knowing damn well you look like crap) LOL. She got real uptight when I made the point that college degrees don’t make a person smart.I told her how “college” minded people are ripping some companies apart. She then told me to stop looking for handouts because she never had anything given to her. I was thinking where is this nutty “professional” coming from. I never said anything about handouts or that anyone “owes” me anything. I feel worthless if I’m given a “handout” or without a job.

QUOTE of the hour ; if you’re happy about what you did yesterday, then you have done nothing today”. and remember to check out the adds on my blog. Thank you for reading.

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