26 Jul
  There are two ways to look at how Washington D.C. is handling this debt crisis. First one, have you ever been in a relationship and had to go run to the drug store to get a pregnancy test ? After the test is taking the couple sits and waits for the results , hoping for the out come you want ( whether you want a positive or negative is up to you) . You are nervous not knowing what the outcome will be , not knowing how this will change your future. Well America and the rest of the world is sitting and waiting for Washington to show their pregnancy test results . If they fix this debt ceiling then the test is negative ( that’s good because we will not have a money issue worse then it is now ). If they keep clowning and waiting till later then it will be a positive pregnancy test ( our lives will forever be changed and we will not know if that is good or bad , and we don’t need to find out the hard way). So let’s all hope that Washington D.C. has a negative pregnancy test so we can get on with our lives.   Here is a second way to look at the “kids” in Washington D.C. and the debt ceiling mess. I am not a big fan of all of this computer stuff we now rely on ( we have gotten lazy). But there is a few times I love this technology. Like with my Jeep and it making a beeping sound when I drive off and not release my emergency brake. It reminds me how absent minded I am and save me thousands of $$$ . I think the politicians in Washington D.C. needs a computer chip put in them ( like my Jeep ) and every time they move, think, talk or blink it beeps to remind them how absent minded they are ( like me LOL ). The political leaders in Washington needs to be turned into Jeeps so they don’t drive off with their emergency brake on and cost the rest of the world their lives and income.
QUOTE OF THE DAY ; A dream without a gaol is just a wish ( Bill Cole ).

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