Just a crazy thought.

27 Jul
   Have you ever drove down the street and seen kids riding bike or skateboards with protective gear on ? Or have you watched kids play sports and they have all of these pads or braces on ? I remember a time when we as kids would go out and ride bikes or whatever and never knew what a helmet or pads were . To me all of this over protective way of life today may be making kids more violent . Here me out. I will compare it to a person in jail who is on 23 hour lock down. Yes people in jail are violent by nature. But the people in jail say they become more violent because they are restricted to their movements ( 23 hour lockup). So to me having your kids in all of this protective gear is like 23 hour lockup. Let your kids go out and knock their head on the concrete or bruise up their knees. That way they will be to tired or sore and not wanna fight others so much. Back when us adults was kids this world was less violent and we never had this Nerf football mentality. We had all kinds of cuts and bruises and headaches. That’s just my silly take on one thing in life.    Oh before I go , there is a “new game” going on in Missouri. It is called the knockout game. What it is , is kids will run up behind you and punch the living snot out of your head to “knock” you out. They think it’s funny and fun ( and I bet these kids had to play with protective gear on when they was smaller ). There have been some people killed by this game in Missouri. So if you have not heard of this game, be on the look out for it and be safe. Have you kids ride skateboards or bikes with no gear on and let them “knock” their heads on the concrete. That way they will know what pain feels like and then this violence may stop. LOL. Enjoy and pass this on.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; What is it going to be- reasons or results? ( Art Turock )

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