Short comings in life, can turn into a nice ride.

28 Jul
   Have you ever heard someone say, ” man why do I always get the short end of the stick”? At times I myself have said that or thought that. But with my recent layoff, I have found that maybe that old saying can become a good thing in a persons life. In my past blog I wrote about finding a stress relief in life. Well you can take that stress relief and turn it into a new beginning or career if you want to  ‘think outside the box”. What if your hobby is painting or sewing. Become a famous painter or clothes designer. What if you love exercising, become a fitness trainer or just work at a gym. What if you’re an engineer , but at home you love to work in your yard? Take your hobby and career and become a owner of your own landscaping business. What if you write poems for relaxation. If the right person reads them, you might get them published and make a living out of that. Take that “small stick” and turn it into a pencil and become a writer of books or movies.    Don’t feel like just because you got the short stick that you have bad luck. Look at it this way, the person who drew the large stick has to put all his energy carrying that large stick around and won’t be able to find his true love in life. Do not feel like you have to keep doing what you are doing in life because it looks good to others. Do what makes you have a stress free life. You may end up living longer . It’s not about money all the time or about a status symbol. It’s about that smile on your face when you walk in that front door. Smiles are contagious, spread it around. Long “blog ( story) ” short. Now is the time to turn your life around for the good.
QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Sometimes the smallest lit candle in the darkest room is the brightest thing in your life. Use it to guide you out of that dark room. ( ME )

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