29 Jul
  When I put this word up, what is the first person or group of people that comes to your mind? For me , it is the group of “leaders” that are turning this great country of ours into a BUTTERFACE NATION ( previous blog ), and they are waiting until later ( previous blog ;)) to fix this mess. The “leaders” in Washington D.C. tell us we need to make sacrifices. WE ARE, they are not.   They are playing with the worlds future thinking it will hurt the other party for their gain . It’s all about them and no one else. I am not going to use this blog as a rip into any one party . ALL of them KIDS in Washington D.C. are at fault. They want to cut Social Security , Medicare, Medicaid, and tell us we need to plan for our own retirement ( 401K ). Yet they have a pension paid in full by us with our taxes ( it is not a 401K ). It is a rich mans welfare check ( and yet there are people out here who talk down about welfare, when it is for the poor ). They want us to pay for our own health care , yet they have free care PAID for by us. They tell us to pay our taxes, yet there are some who have not paid taxes and only got a write up. WE would go to prison.They talk about global warming, yet you read about some of them having utility bills as high as $5,000 a month ( and drive or be driven in huge cars owned by the government paid for by our taxes ). They want to get rid of Freddie and Fannie yet some of them used that very loan system to buy $500,000 homes before they was against it. They want to get rid of farm subsidies, yet there are some who have made $150,000 off of that program. They want to cut Federal Grants for College kids, yet they themselves used those very grants to get where they are today. There are some who says Washington needs to pay their bills and stop spending like crazy, yet there are “leaders” in Washington right now getting sued for back child support in excess of $140,000. There are some who want to raise retirement age, yet they can not even work a full week without taking a vacation for 2 weeks.There are some who want to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, yet they have family members who have made millions off of those good programs before they was against it. Washington tells us to pay off our credit card bills. Are they ?? We are told to take care of business. Are they??? We are told to make sacrafices !! Are they?? How many of them have been in the military ?? Yet some want to cut spending on that. Do they not understand how the rest of the world works?? Oh I forgot. There are those who are for “family values” and against the gay life style. Then they go home and cheat on their spouses or have a gay partner.

I was watching TMZ the other day, and they brought up an interesting therory. They was talking about how if you don’t want to do a job and you are asked to do it, mess up on purpose and act like you have no idea what you are doing. That sounds like what the ” leaders” of our great country are doing right at this minute. I think they are doing all of this double talk on camera to bring labor and the work force so far down, that we AMERICANS are so desperate for work and money that we will work for pennies on the dollar. They may be laughing on their $ 500 wine behind doors while eating pizza talking about how to make eachother look bad. That way we on the outside have no idea what is going on.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Prepare ! The time will come when winter will ask what you were doing all summer. ( Henry Clay )

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