30 Jul
  How many of you are sick and tired of everyone in Washington pointing fingers and blaming everyone around them or before them? If any of them played baseball and was to come in the 8th inning with bases loaded and 1 out, would they pitch out of the situation? I don’t think they got the mind set to man up and finish the baseball game. They would stand on the mound look at what they walked into and complain to the coach that if the starting pitcher had done his job they would not have bases loaded and a tied up ball game.    America needs some good relief pitchers right now. We are in the 8th inning with bases loaded and the clean up hitter (debt and spending issue ) is at bat . Right now the stadium ( American people) is booing as loud as we can at the players in the game, because the game sucks real bad ( and the pitching is even worse ). All of this talk on T.V. with the complaining and finger pointing is sick. I do not recall a Cy young pitcher after a lost game or a  hall of fame reliever saying it was not their fault for losing. They man up and take responsibility , SO SHOULD YOU WASHINGTON.
Now on to my hot stones. I was talking to my grandmother the other day and she had a neat story. She is in her 90’s and she was saying how this world has changed. She told a story of how as a child she kept warm at night by having hot stones in her bed wrapped up to keep her warm. And I said to her that things was more simple back then with less stress. Now a days we keep warm with space heaters made in other countries. I think all Americans need to start using stones to keep warm again. They don’t kill people by burning down the house like these faulty space heaters ( not made in America ). But they will kill the GREED of the C.E.O.’s who exported American jobs , and they will kill the jobs of the other countries who build those faulty space heaters.No stones in my yard took away any American jobs , nor will they make any C.E.O. rich. Let’s go back to more simpler times without all these gadgets ( not made in AMERICA). Heck if my grandmother in her 90’s or your grand parents did so can we. We need to prove a point and boycot companies that sent American jobs out of this country. So grab your stones and yell I ain’t gonna take it anymore ( while you watch the relief pitchers get us out of this jam).

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Less is more ( American stones over space heaters from other countries). RESTORE OUR PRIDE..

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