31 Jul
   Have you noticed that everyone and anyone acts like an expert about any subject talked about ? You can go to any web site no matter how wrong that web site is and get the facts that back up “your” story. If you watch T.V. or the “news” ( if that’s what you want to call it. I call it opinion stations ) you will have 5 people up on the screen and they will have 5 different “facts” about the same subject and yet argue that they are right and the other 4 are wrong. When all 5 may be wrong, we can not find the truth about anything anymore because of all the information overload. Work and home or at a place with lots of people you will the same mess ( try and sit back and take notice next time people start talking like they are experts ).    Have you noticed also that these “news” stations have selective hearing or memory ? They only hear or remember what they want to just to fit their ” beliefs”. We can all be listening to what someone is saying and then the “news person” will turn around and act like what was just said was not even said.
These 2 things I am “blogging” about are the main reason nothing gets done or fixed in this world anymore. It happens at home, work, at school, and now in politics. I was watching C-SPAN last night and those fools in Washington D.C. was doing both of the subjects I am blogging about, and all they got done was name calling yelling and arguing. They said they had the “answer” to our debt problem and the other side didn’t ( yet they then say their solution was like the other persons solution).People need to stop acting like a doctor and stop using WEB M.D. for everything and go to a real “expert” about the subject they want to get answers on. I think Washington needs to do the same.

GET EDUCATED AND STOP TRYING TO BE THE EDUCATOR, when we know nothing about nothing. Let’s stop trying to take credit for our wrong ideas and try to make them right. If you tell a story long enough it will become true facts. Look at the ” news” stations.

Todays blog can fit into any situation in your life. That is my “opinion” not a fact. LOL

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; People are like  guided missiles. Without a target, they wander aimlessly across the horizon and eventually self-destruct. ( EDGE KEYNOTE )

2 Responses to “AN EXPERT?”

  1. peppe1 August 5, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    Man, you are great

  2. imcheap August 5, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    Peppe1, thank you for those nice words. I am glad you stopped by and read my blog. I hope youstop by in the future.

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