9 Aug
  Success has so many different definitions to so many people. What does the word success mean to you ? Is it like how it is defined in the dictionary ? In the dictionary they define it as ; a level of social status , achieving a goal , or the opposite of failure .  So by those terms you are only successful if you have a big house , a high paying job , and you never fail at what you do. If that’s the case , then the political leaders in Washington D.C. or the C.E.O.’s of corporations in cities like New York, Kansas City, Boston, Las Vegas , Los Angeles, Seattle , Miami , Dallas , Houston , Chicago ,Atlanta , Detroit , Montreal , Toronto ……or any other city in this world are successful ( only for them ). To me they are failures because they seam to be missing one word when you see them talk or the way they act , HAPPINESS .Happiness is what defines success ( in my eyes ). It does not matter if you have a 1 room apartment or work for $9.00 an hour. If you are happy , you are a success. If you don’t run that mile in 4:30 or better or the quarter in 48 seconds or better, but walk away “happy” ( win or lose ), then you are a success. If your whole family is happy then that family is a success no matter what they wear or where they live.If you are a powerful person or make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you are upset or unhappy at the end of the day ( even if you reach your goals or don’t fail). Then to me you are not a success , because you are not happy.So I guess what I am saying is, do not let a book or a person or society decide if you are a success or not. Your definition of success may be way different then what is in this blog or who or what defines it. But remember you are the one that defines success.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent . ( Eleanor Roosevelt ).

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