Heads up !

12 Aug

Have you ever been to a baseball game ? You’re sitting there enjoying the food and atmosphere and out of the blue sky a foul ball comes screaming for your head. And all you hear is “heads up “!

Well foul balls are like displaced anger. You run into a person at work or a family member and all of a sudden they are yelling at you for no reason. It may be that they are mad at another part of their life and their foul ball ( temper ) comes flying out of the blue and almost hits you square in the forehead . Then you get mad at them and all of a sudden bats are swinging ( name calling and accusing each other ) .

To stop the foul balls ( arguments ) the person who is upset needs to just say ” hey I am not in a good mood today , it has nothing to do with you”. Communication is key in life ( that’s the heads up in life ). I have had a few displaced anger days in my life, and I catch myself on it and say I’m sorry. Displaced anger is worse than being straight up mad at the person you may be swinging bats with. At least the person sees the foul ball coming ( argument ).  It’s not good being caught off guard, that foul ball ( displaced anger ) can leave a huge knot on the forehead.

So let’s enjoy the baseball game and not have any ” foul balls” hit anyone in the forehead. It can hurt for a long time. PLAY BALL !!!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Focus on your natural strengths and abilities. Exploit what you have, not what you don’t have . ( Eric Ossermon ).

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