Karma ! Really ??

14 Aug

Karma depending on what country you are from or what religion you follow, it may mean something different. I am going to write about the old saying ” what goes around , comes around”. Sometimes I believe that and then I see what others are doing and then I don’t believe that.

How many of you know of someone who always does no good , and yet never has anything bad slap them in the face? You have those cut throat fools at your work place who will steal or lie and then the next week they are your boss ( or the greedy C.E.O ). There are those people who cheat on the ones they are in a relationship with, and the other person never leaves them.  There are those who eat junk food, smoke and never exercise, yet live to be 100 years old ( which aint  bad , but I’m proving a point here).

Then there are those who follow the rules at work to a tee, next day they are the first to be laid off when heads got to roll. There are those real submissive people in a relationship , and they are the ones who are left behind or get knocked around by the other person in the relationship. Then there are those who eat right, work out, and die at 50 years old or less.

I think that some people do live in the circle of KARMA, the ” what goes around comes around” scenario. But there are those that I wrote about above. Their circle has been cut off and has turned into a huge U, and they are on a path that KARMA can not fix.

Some how some way those who do good yet have bad luck slap them in the face, needs to find a force to turn that U into a circle so they have some good in their life. Then the ones who are cut throat fools, an outside force needs to turn their U into a circle so they get what’s coming to them.

DON’T give up people !!! We need to work together and turn the U’s into circles so KARMA completes itself for everyone, not just a select few.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; First we will be best , and then we will be first. ( Compendium ,INC. ).

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