Foot nailed to the floor?

15 Aug

Do you ever feel like your foot is nailed to the floor , and you keep running in circles ? There are many days that I feel like that since my being laid off. What is the nail in your foot ? Is it a rotten relationship ? Is it a financial situation ? Is it a rotten job ? Is it the neighborhood you live in ? Are you an athlete who is on a losing streak ?

People say you can control your life. To a degree you can. You can control your breathing , and that is about it. You can not control when you are hungry, when you are thirsty, or when you need to go to the bathroom. You can not control what others do, or the environment you are in ( unless you have resources like money or connections ).

You can however be the person who pulls that nail out of your foot and move on ( motivate yourself ). You have to find the help you need to pull that nail out . There are shelters for those who have no place to go but need to leave an abusive relationship. There “may” be other jobs out there to leave the one you are in ( if you find them let me know LOL ). If your finances are jacked up, you may find help with getting a second job and cutting back ( something Washington won’t do ) . If you live in a dangerous neighborhood , there are other places out there. You just need to investigate ( find the right hammer to pull that nail out ) .  If you’re that athlete who has been losing, find the right workout or change-up your diet .

Find the right hammer to pull that nail out of your foot so you stop running in circles while your foot is in pain.  Some nails are longer than others. So keep pulling and don’t stop until that nail is out of your foot.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; You can not fix the past , you can not decide how the future will come out. But you can live in the now.

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