Obsession ! Not by Calvin Klein

17 Aug

This is my theory and I know there will be people who disagree with me on this subject. That is okay with me, no two people think alike. But I am going to blog about my meaning of obsession. I did not read the definition nor do I act or think I am an expert on this subject or another subject .

An obsession can destroy other parts of your daily life. I feel like I am going through an obsession right now, and that’s finding a job. I am ” obsessed” with it because I am jobless. Now this obsession has made the other parts of my life feel neglected. I do not run or lift weights like I use to. I do not eat on a regular schedule like before, and my house is not as clean like it once was. Also my dog is on the back burner . I will however not neglect my perfect daughter, I draw the line there.

There are people who are obsessed with being the best at something ( like looks, health nut , or money …) and forget their family  and so on and so on…. There are those who are obsessed with destroying others, and they try to find evil ways to make this happen. Those who are obsessed with whatever it may be will read material on it, watch videos on it and constantly think about it. While the rest of their life is falling apart.

I you are obsessed with something, STOP and get your life together. I want to stop being obsessed with finding a job ( I want to work and have a normal life ).

To me this is not like addiction. Addiction is something that you need to take in order to ” function” the rest of the day , like drugs , pills, or booze. Obsession is where you fall into a rut ( get tunnel vision on what you are into ) and forget that you have a life outside of your obsession.

I am sure that a ” professional” will say that both are one in the same or they can be connected, but I am just a simple guy with thoughts in my head. I use this blog to let them out, and I hope you enjoy my thoughts. Pass them on if you wish. Thank you.

QUOTE OF THE DAY.  Ruthlessly compete with your own best self. ( Apollo 13 Engineers ).

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