Avaritia, Avarice , Φιλαργυρία ,Philargyria , Greed

19 Aug

GREED KILLS ! It does not matter if you say it in Latin , Greek ,or English. In today’s society it is the major problem with this world. It kills every part of a person’s life, even if they have no greed in their blood , everyone is affected by greed.

What if you and a bunch of friends are lost in the desert and have 1 gallon of water ? You should share it, but someone may be greedy and drink all of the water. Someone is gonna die. It may be the ones who did not drink the water , and die from thirst . Or the one who drank it may be killed by the others out of rage. What about the people who are greedy with food? They eat so much out of greed and they die from obesity . Or others around them die from starvation because no food was shared.

What about the person who runs a company and is all about making as much money as possible ? They will kill jobs ( lay people off or eliminate jobs ) out of greed and make the others who are left work harder for less money. Or what about the store that raises the price of their goods from $40.00 at cost to $180.00 ? Their greed for profit per item will kill traffic through the door , and they may end up being out of business. Greed killed their business.

What about the person who is greedy about time ? They drive down the highway at a high rate of speed to get more done in less time, and end up in a fatal crash. Greed kills !!! What about the person at the bar who is greedy about his drinks ? He ends up drinking himself to death. Greed kills !! What about the man who wants as many ladies in his life ? His greed ends up killing his family life or he ends up with a crazy lady who kills him because he is cheating on her. Greed kills!! That last scenario can go for ladies also.

What about the world leaders who want so much power they start wars to gain control  ? Their greed for control kills the people fighting on the front line.

Greed is killing the world economy , the family life, your own self, and your community. If you want more than what is needed, greed will catch up and get you one way or another.

We all need to be a lot more generous with our time ,our thoughts, our worldly possessions , and with our behavior .

STOP the GREED and spread generosity . You can help make this world a better place.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Growth is the only evidence of life . ( Cardinal Newman ).

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