Play ball and watch T.V. shows after the game.

20 Aug

How many of you watch sporting events ? How many have watched an interview for a pregame ? The coach that says we are going to stick with what got us here wins 95% of the time . Right ? How many times do you see a sports team that keeps changing their game plan or strategy and they keep losing? I would say over 80% of the teams that keep losing do a lot of last-minute game changes .

That is how I am seeing this job market, and so are a bunch of my friends ( we all have the losing coach who has no idea what he is doing ). The stories I hear no matter where the person lives sounds so much like what any person is going through. Just like yesterday, I had to take a 4 hour test. The test was a hurdle I was told I had to jump just to maybe have a chance at my first interview. I took the test, and after I was done I was told , ” you did not need to take the test , it is not a requirement anymore. ” I was also told to redo my Resume for the fourth time in the last month.

There was others in this test room saying they have been told 5 different stories as what they need to do to get into a class. They acted like they were mad and to good for the run around . They lived in the Mission Hills District ( old money , hand me down homes ) of Kansas City, homes in that area cost one million or better. They are not used to having to claw and struggle like this, I could tell by their attitude towards the ” system”. People in my economic system or jobless situation are used to the ” game changers”. We are always told to adjust and adapt.

I have friends who live on the west coast who are going through the same thing. They will do whats asked of them , and then when they do it, they are told they wasted their time because it was not required anymore.

This is why the working poor, jobless, and people trying to transition are losing . The American economy is hurting from these game changing rules as well. The powers that be ( whether head hunters or employers ) , keep changing the game plan and no one wins. If these decision makers were to be coaches of a sports team, they would be 1-30 , and in the soup line with me or you.  It is time the job market gets winning coaches so we all win in the end. Because there are more then enough ball players who want to play ball.

It is evident that the  coaches of the job market will be changing the game plan every hour on the hour. So the only way we can deal with this is act like a leaf blowing in the wind. We just need to be free and go where the wind blows and hope we land in a nice shaded area so we don’t get burned by the sun ( end up homeless because we did not land that job ).

The only people unwilling to change with us are the ones making up the rules as the game goes on, and they act like we are the difficult ones. But we grin and go along, hoping we get the career or job we want.

Lets all of us hope we are in a game with a winning coach who sticks with the game plan that got him to the championship game ( stop changing the system for job seekers ). That way America wins and the team we are with wins and carries the trophy home ( land that job ).

Shows I recommend to watch to forget about this crazy world : Family Guy , American Dad, South Park, The Office , Parks and Recreation , The Daily Show with John Stewart , The Colbert Report.. All of these shows make me laugh.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ;If you won’t be better tomorrow then you were today , then what do you need tomorrow for ? ( Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav ).

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