Problem solved ! Mistake fixed !

24 Aug

How many fo you out there in LA LA land have done something and found out it was a mistake or became a problem ? How did you feel after this happened ? Did you get mad ? Did you get embarrassed ? Did you almost get hurt ? Or did someone tell you the hundredth time you messed ?

If I get mad I might make the same mistake again . But if I get embarrassed I will not do the same mistake a second time. To me embarrassment is the key to getting things fixed. I hate getting so embarrassed that my skin gets hot and changes color, or that I start to sweat in areas of my body that the public can not see.  To me anger takes my mind off of the mistake I did , so that is why I may make the same mistake a second time. Embarrassment has you drop your ego and you realise what you did was wrong. Anger is a wall to block you from dropping your ego and accepting the fact you messed up.

Another way to fix a problem or a mistake is getting hurt. Either physically or emotionally. Let’s say you are on a ladder and you try to cut corners to get done faster. You end up falling and breaking a bone. That will make you remember not to cut corners. Or you end up dating someone who at first , you over look their faults. Down the road you have your hands covering your face saying , “why me ? ” You find out the hard way this person is crazy , and you say “I’ll never do this again !” Those are two fast ways to fix a mistake or problem.

Are you the person who really does not care if you mess up and you are told a 1,000 times how to do it right ? Yet you still mess up ! This area falls into the child mind-set. Look at how many times you have to tell your kids to clean up or do this or do that . Let’s be honest they could care less . There are adults who are the same way. Like I tell my daughter, ” you keep making the same mistake, you will get the same result .”

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; Realize that nothing is too good to be true . ( Kobi Yamada ).


2 Responses to “Problem solved ! Mistake fixed !”

  1. Been August 25, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    A philosophical opinion indeed. At best. One can define words to get the desired effect. “Conservatism” can also be defined as saving resources for others to share. Liberalism can be defined as someone that wants to use up everything. Sorry, but the play on words to achieve an effect is an old practice.

    • Chad Johnson August 25, 2011 at 10:59 am #

      Yes it is fun to have words defined as you like or think.

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