A lesson from the wild.

25 Aug

The more I sit and watch Petes Pond in Africa on ustream. The more I notice how the wild is more civil than the civilised world of humans. There are a bunch of different kinds of wild animals coming up to the pond drinking water and leaving the other animals alone. You do not see Impalas’ ganging up on Wildebeests’ and killing them or Elephants’ going after the Birds’. You don’t see Warthogs’ going after the Monkeys for no reason. They all just do their thing and move on. The only time a wild animal will attack is for food or protect their young ones’.

The human world there are laws made to make this world civil. If humans acted like wild animals’ we would need no laws. Humans’ will attack others because of the way they look, act, or think. You don’t see wild animals doing that. You see countries promote ” peace” by starting wars. Now that is so out there I do not understand that concept. You do not hear about animals doing drive by shootings ( attacks ), or with birds doing fly by’s. You don’t hear about bears from Canada going into Minnesota and attack them because they want to live in their woods.  You don’t see Robbins’ flying after Sparrows’ because they do not look or act like them. The only animal I see acting like humans are dogs. But dogs are raised and live with humans. Go figure.

This is just my observation and I am sure someone out there may think or say I am wrong. But look at all the trouble humans bring on themselves for thinking in a selfish way. Wild animals just leave others alone. If you do not believe me watch Petes’ Pond on this internet site. http://www.ustream.tv/petespond . Just as I say this someone will watch this and see animals just fighting like crazy. 😉

Maybe humans could learn from wild animals, and act more civil.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Some things have to be believed to be seen. ( Ralph Hodgson ).

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