The best WEAPON alive !

26 Aug

Over the years I have learned that this is the best weapon on the planet. It is better than muscles, brains , or anything else that your enemy will see. It is the SECRETS’ that you have inside your head .

How many of you saw a fight between this big huge guy and the real skinny quiet kid ? The little kid ends up whooping the crap out of big boy . He had secrets that big man did not have ! Maybe he knew martial arts, or he knew that big man had bad knees and kicked him in the knees. What about sports? The team that wins has hidden plays that the other team or person does not know about, until it’s to late.  The chess player will have a secret move to defeat the other player. The smart student knows answers that the others do not have.

All of the infomercials out there with the SECRET ingredient that will make you thinner ( just eat right and work out , end of secret ). Or the one that says you can make  lots of money ( just save your money and don’t spend it, end of secret ). Or there are those in the billiards world who will not tell you how to shoot a certain shot to win or play a good safety. The track world has hidden secrets for training. But with the internet and phones with cameras, those secrets are long gone my friend.

We use to be the super super power of the world in everything. That is going away also. We have all these 24/7 news stations and the government has people who leak information. BAM! The rest of the world knows what’s going on. We also have all of the corporations doing business with other countries all for greed, and they know how to make super fast fighter jets (G.E is working with China and competing against Boeing ), bombs, and spy equipment now. All of that started with free trade agreements that both parties in Washington agreed upon. Now it is back firing on us as a nation.

Just remember, if you want to defeat your opponent, be hush-hush about your ways. If you want your community , school, or team to be strong help the weak. You are only as strong as the weakest link.

Like MAC LETHAL says, ” use the other persons weakness as your strength .” His rap song that makes sense at the end.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Just remember  that you don’t have to be what they want you to be. ( Muhammad Ali ).

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