Trying to be too cool, you are not !

27 Aug

Have you ever been watching an awards show for entertainers and saw some of them and thought WTH are they wearing ? How many have been to a concert and when you saw the person you came to see show up on stage you just started to laugh so hard because of how they looked? Have you ever had a boss who was the biggest micro-manager you ever saw? All of this leads into the ” if you try to be cool, you are not ‘ syndrome.

I had this come across my mind more than once in my life. But the other day while I was in my car waiting for my daughter at school , I saw the schools tennis team practice. When they were doing drills with the coach , the players were very stiff and tight. They looked like they did not know what they were doing. As soon as the coach left they started to clown around, and they then started to look a lot better. They started to loosen up and they actually was playing better when they was not trying to be so serious. They was not trying to be better than the other person , so they actually was better.

As with the entertainers , they will dress all funky and not over the top and be “cool”. The next entertainer will try to out do the last one ( trying to be cool, and they are not ) and look like a complete fool. You will be at the concert and the singer will come out on stage like they did not walk in front of a mirror, and look like a complete idiot thinking they are ” cool” when they are not.

How about that boss who tries to be such a good boss he turns out to be a pain to work for? You know, the one who is breathing down your neck and follows you all over like a shadow ! They are the micro-managers who end up wrecking the business, because they will not let the workers do their own thing. They are trying to be cool, and they are not. Meaning they are trying way to hard to be “managers”. The best ones are those who act like they are not managers.

Just remember , when you try to be to cool, to good, or to smart ; you are none of the above. Just relax and not try to be over the top, because you will fall off of the top.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; (Anytime you poke your head above the crowd , someone will take a poke at it. ( United Technologies ).

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