Little kid in big man shoes.

30 Aug

As a young child, did you ever have those days when people would come up to you and have a problem with you ? You would be in a class and someone would say ” you are hard to deal with”. Then you go to the next class and you hear the same thing . By the end of the day 10 different people who have nothing to do with each other have said the same thing. Well the problem is not them, it’s you. But if it is just one person saying negative stuff to you, then it’s not you but them that has the issue.


Well there are days after me being laid off, I feel like that little kid in school . I have applied to over 60 jobs . Yesterday was my first interview. It did not go well. After they had me fill out the application, they had me go into the office. First thing they said was ” this is not going to work out, you are wasting my time”. I was told I should be a salesman and not work in a plant and that they did the interview out of “kindness”. As I left I was only thinking ” what is wrong with me”?

I got to thinking, the problem is not me this time with so many companies saying the same thing. Because a lot of others ( people looking for work ) are in my same shoes. I have heard the same stories from different people saying the same thing. So this time, it’s  the people saying you/we are not good enough that has the problem. So we ( the unemployed or under employed) need to stick together and stand strong.

The problem is the corporations , they use the same excuse for different people they know nothing about. Now if all the corporations knew the people then maybe the problem is us, the ones looking for work. Or if they had different excuses for not hiring different people , then it may be us , but different people from all over the country hear the same song and dance. We are not the little kid with the bad attitude in school this time. The people looking for workers are the ones with the “hard to deal with ” persona .

This time the problem is not you ,  so hold your head up and keep digging away people . The power will be in our hands in the future .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual , you have an obligation to be one . ( Eleanor Roosevelt ).

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