Land of the Lost.

2 Sep

If you are ever lost in an area you are not familiar with, act like you know where you are going. From all of my years on this crazy planet , I have seen some evil things happen to lost souls . How many of you out there have been lost and asked for directions ? If you are reading this or got to where you are going , then you are one of the lucky ones.

I have always said ” if you are lost , you are not “. That means act like you are part of the community and like you know what you are doing or going. I say this because too many times people can sense when a person is lost or scared and will jack with you. Like how dogs smell fear and attack. If you are in a city and your actions show you are not from there , you will get hooked ( robbed or attacked). How many times does you hear stories on news about out of towners getting slid on ? Or people disappearing and never seen again ? Don’t ever act lost and think you will be okay . Yes there are good people out there in this world , but times are tough and people are desperate and will act nuttier  now then ever before .  Never show fear or the dog ( crook ) will jump on you .

If you ask for help, the person helping may be leading you into a bear trap you can not get out of. So find your own way out of the woods .  Back track if you have to or keep stepping in the same line you was going into . This is good advice for any time in your life . Go with your gut feelings and stay the course . Just because your neighborhood or little town is cool, does not mean the other areas will be kind to you. I may not have a college degree , but I do know how to act like I am from your neck of the woods. You got to act like a chameleon and blend in .  Have a back up plan for lost times .

This is just my advice and not all advice works for everyone. Be safe and enjoy life . Stop the hate .

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; At least once a day , allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself . ( Albert Einstein ).

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