Thanksgiving dinner with the crazy family members.

6 Sep

How many times have you been to a family gathering and you got the family members who drive you crazy ? You know the two uncles who argue that one is smarter or stronger than the other ? Yet they have the same GPA or can lift the same amount of weight , just on different days. Or that uncle who walks in with a twelve pack of beer ? By the fourth beer he is funny ,yet not loud and obnoxious yet. By the eighth beer you want him to shut up because the stuff he says makes no sense . He is very loud and the only one laughing at his jokes , or the only one who answers his own questions .

Everytime I hear a Republican or Democrat talk, they are the exact same way like those two uncles who argue as to who is better. Both parties while on T.V. or on the radio sound just the same. They have the same ideas , same complaints of the other party. They both sound like a bunch of babies who can not get their way at the dinner table.

Then you have the Tea Party. They say such crazy wacky things that they remind me of that drunk uncle who is funny at first then turns into a pain in the neck. When they talk at first you kinda giggle to yourself , but 3 minutes into their talking you hope they get a bug in their throat so they shut up.

We are the people who sit at the kids table ( voters with no voice in the matter ) , and we get to hear all of the loud noise as we try to watch the football game. How come this country has turned into a crazy Thanksgiving Dinner and not a peaceful family get together ?

Next time they are talking , close your eyes and forget the (R), (D) , or (I) behind the name. You will not be able to tell the clowns apart. Maybe that is why the Beltway around Washington D.C. is a circle, they keep chasing each other around the dinner table. They get nothing done but make us kids at the kiddie table ( voters ) mad and not want to finish dinner ( listen to the fools talk).

For thos of you who are the ones who believe what your uncles are saying is true at  dinner , then you are the cousin who goes out back and smokes your weed you have in your back pocket .

Let’s hope we start having a normal Thanksgiving Dinner some time soon. Or most of this country will not be able to eat dinner at all.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Most people don’t aim to high and miss , they aim to low and hit . ( Bob Moawad ).

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