Don’t be owned ever again !

11 Sep

Have you ever had a day where someone at work or in your life made you so mad or hurt you could not think straight ? Well that is about to change after you read this blog ( I hope, we need love and peace in our lives ).

The anger or hate you have for the person or situation has your thoughts all wrapped up . You can’t even see straight or think without getting a headache. You are out of energy because your body is full of rage. Sit back and think out that. Did you have a day full of accomplishments that day or week or month ( however mad you let yourself be) ? I will put all of my savings ( 25 cents ) on that bet, and say no. You probably had a rotten time with all of that anger, upset thoughts and rage  running through your D.N.A..

Next time you get mad or upset at a boss, coach, friend, or loved one you have 5 minutes to be mad. Then it’s time to move on with a clear head so you can own your life. You see when you are consumed with all that negative thoughts or actions , that person or situation own you. They are controlling your every move and thought without them being there.

Do you want someone to have that much control over your life that it affects the way you breath or lack of sleep you get from the blood boiling in your body. Heck it may even cause a heart attack. Who wants to live like that? Someone who you have issues with can ruin your life and they may not even be there physically , but they are there in your head.

Make today the last day ANYONE in this world has ownership over you. Have just 5 minutes of anger and move on, you are better than that. You own yourself and be proud of who you are. Take ownership of who you are and how happy you want to be.

When you are mad your breathing controls your emotions, so next time you’re mad slow your breathing down and relax the shoulders and stomach. Just say to yourself , ” it will get better”. Misery loves company, so maybe they are miserable and want to see you in a crappy life. Don’t fall for their games.

GRUDGES KILL, live your life anger and hate free. Love yourself enough to not think about the hate and irritation they throw your way.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Believe it ! High expectations are the key to everything. ( Sam Walton ).


2 Responses to “Don’t be owned ever again !”

  1. Noel September 11, 2011 at 9:38 pm #

    Great advise! When we get angry, we are owned by whoever “made us” angry. It is a matter of letting go and moving on. it is a waste of energy.

    • Chad Johnson September 11, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

      Yes so true Noel. I see people letting their anger get the worst of them. This world needs to relax and go back to the days of love not hate. Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you stop by in the future.

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