Burnt Boiled Eggs

19 Oct

A while back I was hungry for boiled eggs. So I put the eggs in the pot and went on about my business. About 1.5 hours later I smelt this funny smell and heard the popping noise. I then remembered I had eggs in the pot. I got to the stove and the water was gone . When I took the shells off to eat the eggs, I had burnt them. I had no other choice but to eat them, being unemployed and hungry I have to eat to live.

I think a lot of people are forgetting parts of their lives like I forgot my eggs. Look at all the people who have money in big banks and have left their money there. Those eggs are getting burnt by the powers that be by outrageous charges. Time to move your eggs to a better stove people. Look at the people who forgot to pay attention to their investments and left them alone and lost their money. We all need to watch our eggs or they will get burnt.

If you forget to take your dog out to use the bathroom, he will leave a pile on the carpet ( the dog just gave you brunt eggs). If your child forgets to do their homework, they will get a bunch of burnt eggs for grades (F). If you forget to put gas in the car or change the oil , you will look like a burnt egg on the side of the road. Don’t forget about family and friends, or you will have a bunch of burnt eggs ( upset people).

Washington and the very wealthy have forgotten the majority of us. Now we are their burnt eggs (we are fed up with being ignored). Those upper class snobs need to take care of their eggs ( in their case it’s caviar ) or they will have burnt eggs ( an angry bunch of people).

Every person in this world needs to be observant of their eggs in all parts of their lives so they don’t have to eat burnt eggs ( have a messed up situation).

QUOTE OD THE DAY ; Dreams whet your appetite, but goals make you hungry. ( Josie Bissett ).

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