Why is Our Government Turning on us? (Patriot Act , NDAA , SOPA)

9 Jan

Hello, it has been a while since I last did a blog post. But I decided to give it another whirl. I got to thinking about some of the laws that our government has passed and some that they want to pass. Let’s start with the Patriot Act. To me that is unlawful for the government to have the ability to listen into our phone calls or come into our home with the home owner not knowing about it. Why do they want to micro-manage us? It does not have anything to do with safety. We already have organisations in place for the crazy wackos in this world, and if anyone of us see anything going on we call the cops. What is the government afraid of?

Now the NDAA that was passed in the dead of night and all of Washington passed without a fight. Why did Washington deem AMERICA a battle ground and give them the authority to label anyone of us a threat? What is our government afraid of? The NDAA in years past use to be just for the Defence budget, but they added in extra ” goodies”. 99.99% of us that live in this lovely country are good people, and if someone is up to no good there are agencies in place already to get the bad ones. What is our government afraid of? We hear the excuse about terrorists, yes they are sick and evil. There are agencies in place already, but why all these secret laws that has such an open-ended way of classifying people in place? Why did all of Washington agree on these bills but always fight over the ones that help America?

How about the bill that Washington is about to pass into law called SOPA? It is a law that will make it illegal to post anything on the internet with a copyright on it. It has the ability to punish the people who do this by putting them into prison for up to 5-10 years. So if you like a song or video and post it on you tube, Facebook, or google+ and the government finds out, they can put you in prison. What is the government afraid of? Posting things you like from news articles or music you like is not a crime , unless you are trying to cash in on it. But that’s already a law, so why SOPA? If you jus post something and not cash in on it, how is that a crime?

People of this great country we need to wake up and get educated and not be overjoyed when we get a new gadget. Remove your life from the material goods life, don’t be a zombie. That is part of the occupy movement, it’s not about free handouts it’s about freedoms and rights ( among other good ides). Love your country and yourself get educated and wake up, PLEASE.

QUOTE OF THE DAY; Love yourself, because some days that’s all you have. Once you know how to love yourself , you can love anyone. ( me )

2 Responses to “Why is Our Government Turning on us? (Patriot Act , NDAA , SOPA)”

  1. ????????????whats wrong January 18, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    right on i agree 100% too many americans are struggling to keep their stomachs half full and there gas tanks half full. now they have these bills passed that are going to make it another serving on their full plate. some politicians are greedy with power and the others are afraid of them. oh wait this must be related to the ufo sightings?

    • Chad Johnson January 18, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

      I agree with your comment. We Americans need to stick together and get Washington to do what we want, not what they and the Wall Street thugs want.

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