Pay it Forward.

19 Feb

Today is the start of a new challenge for everyone. How about getting out of your comfort zone and try new things. Get away from your computer, your ” smart phone” , the T.V. and see what the out doors looks and smells like. Join a fitness club, jog in the park , enter in road races. Too many people sit around and talk about the ” good old days” , instead of still living the good old days. The days of the past everyone was out doors talking to people face to face , running around playing sports or having fun at parks or fitness centers. Talk is very cheap ( look at our elected officials).

Go outside and talk to someone you know you have nothing in common with. By the end of the conversation you may have done something, like make a new friend or learn something from that person. We as a country need to stop being sheltered up physically and mentally. One thing we all can agree on is that these Tea Party and Occupy movements has people talking . Now instead of just talking ( text or chat rooms) get outside and see what other humans look and act like. Let us all be kind to each other and not argue over petty crap. A great talker is an even better listener.

So while you are at the gym getting your workout on or at a park, turn to another human and talk to them. When you are in that road race you are going to join, talk to the other runners and listen to how they think about subjects. We are the ones that will change this country , not the politicians or the corporations. Do not count on them to make this a better place, they are only concerned about their inner circle. Todays better tomorrow starts with your attitude and get outside and have fun and meet new people.

Pay it forward by making life better for those around you.

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