Running to clear my mind or feel the pain.

23 Feb

Today on my day off from my part-time job I went for a nice 3 mile “run”. It was the first time running in 4-5 months and I can tell. I am going to get back in the swing of things so I get back in shape for the summer road races ( I love the atmosphere of the road races ).

While I was jogging a lot of thoughts was running in my head. Like the encounter I had with a person who has been at the job longer then me and what he said. Every time I start to show my real abilities at a job, those above me start to feel threatened because they see that I am much smarter than they are and a harder worker. That is why most of the time I dumb down my abilities so that I will not get harassed by people with more pull.

This is what happened ( I will not give full details because I can’t). I was following the SOP and It was making this person work harder than they wanted to. He later tried to tell me not to follow the SOP. I will not do that because I almost feel as though I am being set up by this person.

Also I was looking at my paycheck and It boggles my mind that I get  paid less working then when I was on unemployment. If you listen to the news and the politicians, everything is getting better and employment is improving. Just look at the facts and numbers they say. The facts have a lot of hidden messages that they are unwilling to talk about and quite frankly, those not hurting do not want to hear the truth.

Yes the numbers are going down. Why are they going down? Well people are falling off of the books because the jobs are not out there. Those who find work , end up finding work like me. There are just part-time jobs that pay $300.00 a week or less.  I am part of the reason the numbers look better now than in the past. Washington and the media will make you think people like me are making over $30,000 a year and living nicely. The part they leave out is how much I bring home and it is under $300.00 per week , and I drive 80 miles a day for this job and pay close to $4.00 a gallon of gas.

I am not whining or complaining. I am stating facts. I am always seeing the bright side of things. I have my health, the ability to say what I want to say , have the type of friends and family I enjoy, and run in pain because I am out of shape.

This country has a very long way to go to get back in shape. Maybe the corporations and politicians need to go on some runs with me so they can think, or feel my pain. They sure in the heck are not seeing the truth behind the blurred facts or listening to the underemployed or unemployed.

Everyone get out and run so you can think freely like I do. Everyone needs to pull their pants up and fix what is wrong with this country.

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