Help the poor.

16 Aug

I am going to take a Bible verse from the bible and break it down as to how I see it. There is one word in this verse that gets some people worked up, and This word affects every living person on this planet.

PROVERBS 21:13 If you refuse to listen to the poor, your own cry for help will not be heard.

I will give you one guess as to what word I am talking about…… Have you figured it out yet? The word is POOR. So many people automatically assume this is all about money, financial wealth. Well I disagree whole heartedly.

Poor to me is having less than others, and that we all can agree on. But a person can have all the money in the world and be very poor in so many other parts of his/her life. A homeless money less person  can be very wealthy in other parts of their lives.

Lets take for instance a C.E.O. of a major corporation. This person may be poor in human relations, health, education, the ability to paint a picture or sculpture something out of clay. Maybe they have no way in fixing things because they may be poor in mechanical skills. Just because a person has lots of financial wealth, does not mean they are not poor.

A homeless person who has no money may be wealthy in street knowledge, have a PhD, play the drums, is great with human interaction, or can paint a car to look like a million bucks. This person may also have the best health and lives to be 100 years old, while the C.E.O lives to be 58.

So the poor people do need help. The C.E.O. needs to be taught or educated on how to be wealthy in the rest of his/her life. The homeless person needs help getting back up on their feet. We as grown up adults are all poor in some form or another.

When I talk about helping the poor, some people assume I am talking about giving handouts with cash money. These same people have the mind-set and also have said, “I GOT MINE THEY CAN FIGHT FOR THEIRS”. All I can do is chuckle inside because these people have a one track mind. I feel sorry for people who think like this.

I have also been told I’m all about class warfare because I talk about the poor needing help. People that think like this, to me needs more help then they think.

We can all teach each other about something we are wealthy with. Everyone is poor no matter how much money you have. Think about it.


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