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Uber your goals, Lyft your dreams.

1 Nov

I have been driving as an Uber and Lyft driver on the side to make a few dollars. It has been a fun experience and I love it. Each time I set out to drive, I have a destination in mind that I think will be the hotspot for the day. I will turn on the Apps and start the drive to my destination. It never fails and I get pinged to pick riders up before I get to my destination. Now this is a good thing since I am making money. What most of these rides do is take me further and further away from my destination.

All I can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. If I get upset because my rides are taking me further from where I want to be, I will upset the rider and not enjoy my day. So in other words, just go with it. After about 4-5 hours of driving Uber and Lyft riders around, I notice something, I am at my destination after all with money earned.

Why not live life like an Uber or Lyft driver? Have a goal or destination in mind , but let life’s journey take you wherever life’s events take you. Setting a time on your goals or destinations with a set path will make life frustrating. If you just turn on your daily app with a smile and let things happen ( like I do as an Uber , Lyft driver) life will be way more enjoyable. If you force a certain path in life , you will miss out on the journey . It’s like me passing up on the rides just to get to my destination faster, I would have missed out on meeting new people and not making money along the way.

Your time will come when your life’s Uber or Lyft app will say it’s time to end up at your destination or goal. So enjoy the ride in life and learn from the turns you will take to reach your destination.

Time is subjective.

Reposition your body in the bed of life. A new perspective.

28 Jan

Yesterday I had some moles removed , and I now have stitches in my body. It made it difficult to lay in bed; so I had to reposition my body so I could lay down and watch T.V. until I fell asleep. While I was watching T.V. from another angle, I was thinking to myself that this old T.V. looks like a new one from this angle.

I got to thinking, maybe people need to change their mind, body, and logical way of thinking in life; they may see things differently and not be so closed-minded or stubborn.  I see too many people who will stay in the same mindset no matter how much mental pain they are in. This world would be more tolerant if folks would just roll over their mind, or turn around and see what’s going on behind them. If they would just open their minds up, they will see their old way  of thinking as not much fun as the new way. Take your mind or head and turn it over and try acting like the old way is in pain and you need to give it a rest.

So give your old ways a rest and look at life from another angle. You may think life is grand again and really enjoy what’s around you ; and the folks you disagreed with may be the folks you agree with after you roll over and see things from another angle.

Be the tree, not the lawn mower.

16 Nov

DSCN0201 DSCN0204

As a child this is the house I grew up in. Taking these pictures brought back many memories. One of which I noticed that there are now 3 trees in the front yard and not just 1. I remember many hot summer days mowing that huge corner lot.  And having many ladies stop by just to visit me , NOT!!! I also remembering leaving the one tree alone, mowing around it. Can you guess which one? If you guess the one farthest from the house you are correct. When the other 2 would start to grow, I would go over it with the lawn mower as I would mow the grass.

If those 2 trees just gave into the lawn mower, they would not be alive today. But they kept on fighting and they came back bigger and stronger than the one that was left alone to grow. Those 2 trees should be an inspiration to humans who happen to be picked on or are told they are not good enough, or strong enough, or smart enough. If these 2 trees started crying or gave up after the first time the lawn mower cut them down, they would not be seen by anyone and I would not be writing this blog about INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION.

Next time you or someone you know are being degraded by a human lawn mower, just tell them or yourself to be like a tree. If they look at you funny tell them this true story. Show them this blog or read it to them. Folks need to TREE UP AND GET A BACKBONE. You can be what you want in life, no matter what your age is or what is going on in your life.

Just think, that mower that cut those 2 trees down every time the grass was mowed, is now in some dump sight rusting away. All the while the 2 trees it cut down are now big and alive, all for everyone to see in their full monty.

Hard working Farmers.

24 Aug

Hello, it’s me again with my 4 cents of knowledge. There are two bible verses I am going to put in this blog and then break it down from my side of the green lawn. You do not need to be a christian or religious to see where I am coming from when I break it down.

Here is the first verse PROVERBS 19:24  “Some people are too lazy to put food in their own mouths”. Now there are those who will automatically think of the poor, unemployed, and those on welfare. That’s all we hear today is that people who are poor is because they are lazy and hate work. Like I have said in the past, some of the hardest workers are the factory workers. Most laid off are laid off not from being lazy, but from a poorly mismanaged company or the greed at the top wanting that persons paycheck.

Some of the laziest people I have ever meet in my lifetime are the people with the big homes and big yards. They may have money, but they are “too lazy to put food in their own mouths”. They have people mow their yards, wash their cars, and raise their own kids. They sit behind a desk and have others do their work. All they do is give orders, while the rest is doing all the work. So next time you see a well off person, think to yourself do they feed themselves ( do physical work) or does someone feed them?

One time while I was in the 6th grade, this family that lived close to me was pretty well off in my eyes. They had their own business and had a nice sized home with 4 cars. One day the kid got a flat tire on his bike. The kid went to his father to change the flat tire. The father turned to me and asked if I could change the tire, he said he didn’t know how to fix it. He said he never had to do anything like that before. From that point on in my life, I never assumed that rich people worked hard and that poor people were lazy. Because at that moment I was the poor one and I had to do his work, right in front of his child.

Second Bible verse, PROVERBS 28:19 “A hard-working farmer has plenty to eat. People who waste time will always be poor”. To me the farmer in this verse is a person who knows how to use his hands or has a gift or skill. People who can fix cars, paint homes,build homes,raise food ( chickens or corn), fix appliances, cut hair, cook food, ect…will never ever go hungry. People who waste time are the ones who sit back belch out orders and are considered managers or C.E.O.’s. All they know what to do is scare others into doing work. Granted some of these people know how to do what “hard-working farmers” can do. but a majority have business degrees or inherited the business. They have no skills in the physical part of life, or a trade. Now if the economy falls apart, who will survive? The “hard-working farmers” ( people with a trade or skills), or the ones who wasted time ( giving orders ) ? If you have to survive out in the wild the person with skills will eat all day, while the person who gave orders will starve. Think about it.


14 Aug

Words in the American language can mean different things when you place them in a certain way. Some words are harmful no matter how you use them or where you put them in a sentence. Then there are these two words; YOU & PEOPLE. Alone they are harmless and can even be used in a positive manner. Like “you are doing a great job”. Or ” the people over there cleaned up the mess”.

When you put these two words together, that on the other hand is when things get nasty. In no way , shape, or form can YOU PEOPLE be used in a polite manner or mean anything positive. The individual using this term has an EGO problem and they think they are above and beyond the group they are directing their words to. These two words when put next to each other are ment to harm or degrade the folks being talked down to. It can be directed towards people of race, religious beliefs, national origin, political views, financial status, sexual status, and so on…. There is no way to use these words in a GOOD SITUATION.

Folks anytime you hear these words, this is a red flag that the person doing the talking thinks ILL thoughts of you. In my mind they think they are above the people they are talking to, when in fact they feel inferior and are trying to bring you down with these words so they feel like they have power. They may in fact have little power because they are in the minority and feel they need to group people together in a negative way so they feel GOD like.

So in closing, next time these words are used, GRIN in a nice manner and ask ” WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE”? See if they stumble and know that they do not think very highly of you.

This is from PROVERBS 4:23 Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.

You may or may not be a religious person, but some verses or quotes from the book can fit into every persons life, even in today’s life.


A Champion or Self Gratifier ( lazy bragger ) ?

14 Sep

I have noticed there are two kinds of people in this world. A self gratifier ( a lazy bragger ) or a true champion. What one are you ?

A self gratifier is one who will sit on their butt and do nothing when no one is around. They will take credit for work they did not do. When others are around they will be the ones who will then work hard to get noticed , and then act like they work like that all the time. They are also the ones who just want the spot light on them , and that is all they care about. They are not a true team player.When the truth is they are very lazy and have this grandiose attitude about themselves. This happens so much in the world of sports and at the work place. I know that you know people like this. If you don’t then maybe you are this type of person.

A true champion is one who works their tail off even when they are the only one in the room. They are the ones who show up to work early or stay late to get a job done. They are the least concerned about employee of the month award. They are the athlete who will sweat their butt off when they are the only one in the weight room or gym. They will play their butt off even if there are only 3 people in the stands. A true champion is not concerned about awards. They will do what it takes to make the company or team a better place to be. If you do not know of anyone like this, then maybe YOU are the true champion .

What one have you been ? And what one will you be from this point forward.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; We must teach our children to dream with open eyes. ( Harry Edwards ).


Thanksgiving dinner with the crazy family members.

6 Sep

How many times have you been to a family gathering and you got the family members who drive you crazy ? You know the two uncles who argue that one is smarter or stronger than the other ? Yet they have the same GPA or can lift the same amount of weight , just on different days. Or that uncle who walks in with a twelve pack of beer ? By the fourth beer he is funny ,yet not loud and obnoxious yet. By the eighth beer you want him to shut up because the stuff he says makes no sense . He is very loud and the only one laughing at his jokes , or the only one who answers his own questions .

Everytime I hear a Republican or Democrat talk, they are the exact same way like those two uncles who argue as to who is better. Both parties while on T.V. or on the radio sound just the same. They have the same ideas , same complaints of the other party. They both sound like a bunch of babies who can not get their way at the dinner table.

Then you have the Tea Party. They say such crazy wacky things that they remind me of that drunk uncle who is funny at first then turns into a pain in the neck. When they talk at first you kinda giggle to yourself , but 3 minutes into their talking you hope they get a bug in their throat so they shut up.

We are the people who sit at the kids table ( voters with no voice in the matter ) , and we get to hear all of the loud noise as we try to watch the football game. How come this country has turned into a crazy Thanksgiving Dinner and not a peaceful family get together ?

Next time they are talking , close your eyes and forget the (R), (D) , or (I) behind the name. You will not be able to tell the clowns apart. Maybe that is why the Beltway around Washington D.C. is a circle, they keep chasing each other around the dinner table. They get nothing done but make us kids at the kiddie table ( voters ) mad and not want to finish dinner ( listen to the fools talk).

For thos of you who are the ones who believe what your uncles are saying is true at  dinner , then you are the cousin who goes out back and smokes your weed you have in your back pocket .

Let’s hope we start having a normal Thanksgiving Dinner some time soon. Or most of this country will not be able to eat dinner at all.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Most people don’t aim to high and miss , they aim to low and hit . ( Bob Moawad ).

Donut or Fritter ?

22 Aug

Are you a donut or a fritter ? This I want you to think about when I talk about my version of wealth. Wealth is defined as how much money , land , stocks , cars , homes , or companies you may own . The opposite of wealth is destitution or poverty. You have hardly anything or nothing at all when it comes to worldly possessions .

My version of wealth has nothing to do with worldly possessions. It is how much love do you have for yourself ? How happy do you make yourself ? How close are you with family ? Some may even say wealth is how many friends do you have. To me that is a good side effect of how you think of yourself.

If you need worldly possessions or lots of friends to define wealth, then you have a big empty hole you are trying to fill inside of you like a donut hole. If you make yourself happy or feel real good about who you are and have a close family, then you are a fritter. You are a solid being and you have no empty space inside of you like a donut.

Yes you need money , and friends to make it in this world .  Money is nothing but a tool to pay bills . Cars , homes, and job titles only make you look like a fritter, but you are probably a donut.  Friends are good to have for good company ( even when times are bad ) . The ones who are there only when life is good are not real friends , they are long johns. They look like whole people, but they are soft on the inside like a long john .  Long johns are the first to spoil with all the fake filling inside.

I am a fritter . I do not need an outside source to make me feel whole. This world has a lot of donuts . The sad thing about that is the donuts are the ones who run this planet, and they have the least amount of substance of all the breakfast pastries.

Let’s get more fritters ! They are the most filling of them all .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Remember that you are unique. If that is not fulfilled , then something wonderful has been lost . ( Martha Graham ).

Hang your coat on this side. The other side is for girls only.

17 Aug

When I was in the 4th grade my family moved to Sioux City , Iowa from Hinton , Iowa. On the first day of school ( Washington Elementary ), I was shown where to hang my coat by a person who would end up being one of my best friends.  He showed me where to hang my coat in the coat room. He pointed to one side and said ,” hang your coat over here, the other side is for girls only”. When it was time for recess I noticed all of the girls got their coat and took off . My coat was on their side. The boys started to laugh at me.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you something or gives you information , and you find out it’s wrong ?  Is the person trying to be funny ? Is the person trying to get you fired from a job ? Is the person trying to get you out of the starting line up on a sports team ? Do they hate you ? Do they feel intimidated by your talents ? Do they want to see you fail ? Do they want to see you get hurt ?  Do they want you to get lost, and then have you get jumped around the corner ?……..

These are questions everyone needs to ask themselves before they ask where to hang their coats . You need to assess the situation , and think of what the outcome will be if you listen to the person giving you the information . Look at where you are at and where you will be after you ask ; ” where do I hang my coat at ?”  Will you be better off or worse off ? Be careful and think , ” what will they gain if they give me bad information on purpose ?”


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Do it. Do it right. Do it right now. ( NASA Slogan ).

Shopping , one legged men, and three legged cats.

13 Aug

As I went shopping today with my daughter ( fun but hectic ) in a very busy mall ( good sign ) , I noticed one thing. All of the ladies in the stores looked like they were enjoying themselves , and that is a good thing. All of the men with the shopping ladies had this look on their face like they were tired . They looked like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest ( about to pass out ). I was one of those men. By the time we left I felt like I had been in a 4 hour contest.

When ladies shop, they go to the store not knowing what they are going to buy. This is one time I wish ladies had the mind of a man. When men go shopping we know what we are getting and what our spending limit is for that object.

I also saw a lot of confused and nervous looks on men . They looked like a three-legged cat in a kitty litter box. If these stores that cater to ladies want men to look like we are relaxed and not nervous looking, have a room with ESPN on T.V. so we can enjoy the moment when the ladies shop for 8 hours .  With ESPN on in the stores there will be no more three-legged cats, or one-legged men in the stores.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; When you have exhausted all possibilities , remember this-you haven’t. ( Edge Keynote ).

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