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Historic Eyesores

14 Aug

Recently there has been a huge outcrying from White supremacists concerning statues (on top of their obvious hate towards others). These fools say that these statutes relating to the civil war are a part of history. They are a part of history, and a negative part at that. There is another part of our history , that’s shitting our diapers as children. Do we hold onto that part of history? Hell no, unless you are a white supremacist I guess.

The only reason these fools want to keep these negative eyesores out in the public for display, is for intimidation purposes only. History is written in words. But then again most white supremacists can not read.  These fools want to keep intimidating ugly eyesores out in the open only to make them feel empowered. They are losing their “white superiority ” status, this is their last cry for power. There are places in the south that still have “whites only “, “colored only” signs. Why? Intimidation, nothing more, nothing less. Fredericksburg, Virginia still has slave auction blocks on display in some of their parks. Why? Intimidation purposes only. It has nothing to do with history. History can be read, and should be. Words make you think, images are to stimulate your emotions, good or bad. If you read about a naked man or woman, it makes you think. If you see a naked man or woman, it gets you stimulated. Same thing for these negative ugly history images that the white supremacists love.

These ugly eyesores are in the same category as a diaper full of shit.  You throw away the shit filled diaper, or you will get a rash and smell up the place. Same Thing for these ugly racist historic images, they will cause a rash among Americans and stink up the place. They need to go, unless you are a white supremacists with a  diaper full of shit.

I do not want to go back to shit filled diapers. I also do not think most humans want to go back to the days of these racist images.

My DNA ethnicity results. Surprising!

16 Jul

A while back I decided to do a DNA test just to see what my ethnic makeup is. I got the results back and I was surprised as to what I am and what I am not. I have been watching many videos on YouTube and seeing the surprising results.

I have also realized as to how interwoven our DNA results are. Believe it or not we are more alike than we are not. Even though we all look differently with skin and hair.Not all fair-skinned folks are 100% European, and not all darker skinned folks are 100% African. Our DNA proves we are much more connected  than one would think.

With all of these hate groups, discrimination and killings going on ; I would suggest more people do a DNA test to see that they probably have the ethnicity that they hate so much within their own DNA. Everything that we believe is taught from a very early age. We are taught to hate or love certain ethnicity, religions, or sexual groups. If you let science show you the way, it will show how wrong you were taught from an early age.

Even if you are 100% European or 100% African, you still may have certain European or African tribes/Groups in you that you have been taught to hate. Teaching negative ideas is what is wrong with this world. I hope that changes , we all need love and not hate.

Watch my video and see what I’m made up with. YouTube link to my DNA results.


Hey GOP it’s 2012 not 1912.

9 Nov

I could care less if the GOP gets it or not. I vote on HOW I FEEL,not what some old angry white man says on T.V. or the radio. This blog is my opinion as to why the GOP will keep having issues and never advance America.

To me IDEOLOGY is a bad thing for politics. The GOP has had the same ones since 1912 and we are now in the year 2012. All I see from the GOP and the followers is nothing but anger, anger like a 3-year-old not having a warm bottle of milk. If they want to get back on track, they need to get rid of the conductors like Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity,Bill O’Reilly,Dick Morris,Glenn Beck, Mitch McConnell,Eric Cantor,and John Boehner and Fox News. All of these angry white men still think like it’s 1912, and they just don’t get it and never will. They do not have a liberal mindset ( open to new ideas and happy ideas).

This is the party that brags about personal responsibility and yet all they have done was come up with excuses as to why they lost ( like blame everyone but themselves). The reason they lost and will continue to lose is that their ideas are dead to the rest of the nation. It’s that simple. If they do decide to come up with new ideas,they have already been taken by the liberals ( of all parties) . They will sound fake and phony because it’s too little to late. Sean Hannity is already trying to sound like he is up to changing his position on immigration laws ( way too late there angry old man).

The Tea party has destroyed the GOP and so has their 1912 ideology. It’s unrepairable at this point. Any ideas they come up with will not help at all. America will be better if Fox News and “conservative” radio just goes away. Their ideas are so played out and people are tired of hearing them complain,assume liberals are lazy,blame others for their problems,and the HYPOCRISY. If they try to be more diverse, all they will be doing is looking like they are trying to grab a few “tokens”.

As far as the 47% goes Mitt Romney, oh we built that and you lost.

Follow the smoke and rainbows if you want to move forward.


14 Aug

Words in the American language can mean different things when you place them in a certain way. Some words are harmful no matter how you use them or where you put them in a sentence. Then there are these two words; YOU & PEOPLE. Alone they are harmless and can even be used in a positive manner. Like “you are doing a great job”. Or ” the people over there cleaned up the mess”.

When you put these two words together, that on the other hand is when things get nasty. In no way , shape, or form can YOU PEOPLE be used in a polite manner or mean anything positive. The individual using this term has an EGO problem and they think they are above and beyond the group they are directing their words to. These two words when put next to each other are ment to harm or degrade the folks being talked down to. It can be directed towards people of race, religious beliefs, national origin, political views, financial status, sexual status, and so on…. There is no way to use these words in a GOOD SITUATION.

Folks anytime you hear these words, this is a red flag that the person doing the talking thinks ILL thoughts of you. In my mind they think they are above the people they are talking to, when in fact they feel inferior and are trying to bring you down with these words so they feel like they have power. They may in fact have little power because they are in the minority and feel they need to group people together in a negative way so they feel GOD like.

So in closing, next time these words are used, GRIN in a nice manner and ask ” WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE”? See if they stumble and know that they do not think very highly of you.

This is from PROVERBS 4:23 Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.

You may or may not be a religious person, but some verses or quotes from the book can fit into every persons life, even in today’s life.


Race and Race.

30 Apr

Here lately I have been reading and hearing disturbing things come from others in this lovely world. I am going to talk about race. Today I was told that race has a lot to do with athletics ( this came from a white person), and I disagree. If people really think this , then they are probably the same people who think race plays with intelligence and the ability to run a country or business.

If race plays a part in athletics then why is the best high jumper in America White and almost 6 feet tall named Jesse Williams 7′ 9 1/4″ ( white men can’t jump, remember?)? The fastest 800 meter runner in America is Nick Symmonds he is white. The record is held by a Cuban 7′ 11″. Why was the best 110 Meter high hurdles a few years back from China named Liu Xiang ( Asians can only do math, right?)? Billy Mills ( Native American) won the 10,000 meter race at the 1964 Olympics. Who was the first high school kid to run a mile under 4 minutes? Jim Ryan ( white). Who is one of the worlds best 400 meter runner ? Jeremy Warner ( white). Who is one of the best golfers of all time ( a white sport for the most part)? Tiger Woods ( Bi Racial). Who scored the winning goal in Hockey ( mostly white sport) against Boston last week? Joel Ward ( African-American) My point is that yes there are a lot of black / African-Americans in sports, but their skin color has nothing to do with how good they are. It has to do with hard work and dedication. A few olympics back, a greek lady won the 100 meters and a greek man won the 200 meters. If race plays a role in running, then who will win a 10 mile race between a Jamaican and a Kenyan? They both are black, so there should be a tie ( I have yet to see a fast Jamaican over 400 meters and a fast Kenyan under 800 meters). If the theory of race is true. Because the same race should be of equal ability, right? Some  of my Jamaican friends can not run over 300 yards without passing out , yet they are very intelligent .

If race plays a part in intelligence ( lots of people think whites and Asians are the smartest of all races) then who did the first open heart surgery? It was Daniel Hale Williams ( African America). Who invented peanut butter? George Washington Carver ( African-American). Who started or came up with the blood banks? Dr. Charles Richard Drew ( African-American). Who invented the potato chip? George Crum ( Native American/ African-American). The gas mask was invented by Garrett Morgan ( African-American).

Some people think race plays a role in the way people act and behave. Anyone remember Timothy Mcvee? He was a white man who blew up a building and killed 100’s of people. He was not brown-skinned, he spoke the same language as anyone else in America. Why did he act like that? The stereo type of good behaving humans are to be white (not in this case).

Anyone hear of the stereotype of the Philippine’s? They like the medical field. Is that true to probably the best boxer in the world? Manny Pacquiao ( Filipino).

You see folks race only plays a part in anything in life if you want it to play a part. The people who are great in sports is from hard work, proper coaching, and studying their sport regardless of race. The inventors are inventing new ideas and products because they are studying, not because they have a certain skin color or their hair is of a certain texture. The future C.E.O.’s of corporations are going to class and learning the proper skills to be a boss.

If you think race plays a part in anything, you are doing 2 things. One you are holding yourself back by making up excuses for failure because you are listening to bigots and racists. Second you are holding great people back all because they do not fall into your stereotype of who should run a business, country or race the next race. Open up your mind and grow as a person. If people get past this way of thinking then more people of all races will end up running corporations, teams, and playing all kinds of sports or running races or inventing new products or ideas.

To me race has nothing to do with nothing. People are good or bad at what they do all from hard work and a gift from God. The color of a humans skin has no factor in anything but ignorant thoughts from others.

I would love to have feed back good or bad. I will respond back.

Flash Mobs.

21 Aug

From watching the news and reading the news, I guess this is the new trend among teenage kids. But the problem with flash mobs are they can become dangerous. Here in Kansas City 3 kids was shot and rushed to the Hospital . These kids also play knock out ( google that if you have no idea what it is ). This happened with in 50 yards of the Mayor. After that he decided a curfew should be in place. I bet if he was not there, there would be no curfew. There have been unruly kids and killings going on for decades now.

This is my opinion as to why kids have gotten way out of hand, and it’s not because I am in my 40’s. It’s from what I see and hear. It all starts with the parents or lack of parents. When I was a kid I never saw ” dads” walking around with a sag or their hat tilted to the side with oversized shirts acting like they was some kind of teenage gang-banger. I never saw a ” mom” dress with clothes bought at the same store as their daughter. I never saw ” parents” at school sporting events getting drunk in the parking lot like they was 20 or younger. Stop going to the night clubs and acting young, you’re not.

You even have these ” parents” having keggers with their kids and their friends. You even hear of stories of “parents” smoking weed with the kids or hanging on the street corner selling dope with their kids. If kids see their parents acting ignorant, they will act just as bad if not worse.

When I was young adults acted like adults, dressed like adults , and punished us kids like we were kids. STOP trying to be like your child or be a friend. You are to be a parent. And if you are doing what your parent did, then break the chain of stupidity and help stop these flash mob games.

You also hear kids say that they have nothing to do. Well when I was a kid I had 3 channels on the T.V., one beat up bike ,  a few gloves and balls , and old running shoes. My curfew was the street lights, no mayor had to impose a curfew. I had parents who did that for me, and if I did not follow the rules, my butt had a meeting with old leather belt.

Kids today have X-BOX 360, I-POD, I-PAD, NITENDO WII , PLAYSTATION 2,3,4,5…, INTERNET, CABLE WITH 400 CHANNELS, AND CELL PHONES. What more do they need ??? Answer ; parents who dress like adults and act like adults. Yes you can joke around, clown around, say silly stuff. But put down the booze, drugs, pull up your pants and shop at Sears, Target, K-Mart, Gordmans, Lane Bryant, Wal-Mart , or J.C. Penny.. ( you get the idea, I hope ). The other stores are for the kids or tools in their 20’s…

QOUTE OF THE DAY; It is never too late to be what you might have been. ( George Eliot ).

Compassionate Conservative or Compassionate Activist Liberal.

18 Aug

This term in my humble opinion is an oxymoron. I will break it down and explain it in my simple-minded way. When this title is used they try to make it seem like they care about you and want to help you. FALSE ! Lets first split the two words up, and the meaning of each word.

Compassionate ; It is someone who cares about others, who is willing to help others and feels their pain. They understand what you are going through and will try to help in any way they can.

Conservative ; It  is a person who is not going to go out of their way to use what they have, I.E.. like energy or money or their resources. The main part of the word is conserve, which means to save.

So how can one have compassion ( which means care for others ) and yet be conservative ( which means save your resources ) ? Every time I hear that word I just want to laugh, it is such an oxymoron of a title if I ever have heard one before. A compassionate Conservative is one who cares for themselves and no one else. Think about it, they save their resources yet they have compassion  for themselves , because they will not exert their resources , that calls for energy to help others .

Here is a real title if you think you help others , or are thinking about helping others. A Compassionate Activist Liberal. Let me use my terms and it will make sense after I am done.

Compassionate ; definition already defined.

Activists ;  Means to be active in the community and to use all of your resources to help others.  To make sure others are taking care of . To use your energy and not sit back and see things go to pot.

Liberal ; Means to be open-minded  , be open to diverse people or groups. It means to not be closed-minded or have conservative traits.

So if you think you are a good person and help others or make sure that everyone in your community have what you have, you my friend are a COMPASSIONATE ACTIVIST LIBERAL .

If you are a compassionate conservative, you only care about yourself, which makes the community weaker. Because you are not helping the weak get the help they need. You are only as strong as the weakest link.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Impossible only defines the degree of difficulty. ( David Phillips ).

Karma ! Really ??

14 Aug

Karma depending on what country you are from or what religion you follow, it may mean something different. I am going to write about the old saying ” what goes around , comes around”. Sometimes I believe that and then I see what others are doing and then I don’t believe that.

How many of you know of someone who always does no good , and yet never has anything bad slap them in the face? You have those cut throat fools at your work place who will steal or lie and then the next week they are your boss ( or the greedy C.E.O ). There are those people who cheat on the ones they are in a relationship with, and the other person never leaves them.  There are those who eat junk food, smoke and never exercise, yet live to be 100 years old ( which aint  bad , but I’m proving a point here).

Then there are those who follow the rules at work to a tee, next day they are the first to be laid off when heads got to roll. There are those real submissive people in a relationship , and they are the ones who are left behind or get knocked around by the other person in the relationship. Then there are those who eat right, work out, and die at 50 years old or less.

I think that some people do live in the circle of KARMA, the ” what goes around comes around” scenario. But there are those that I wrote about above. Their circle has been cut off and has turned into a huge U, and they are on a path that KARMA can not fix.

Some how some way those who do good yet have bad luck slap them in the face, needs to find a force to turn that U into a circle so they have some good in their life. Then the ones who are cut throat fools, an outside force needs to turn their U into a circle so they get what’s coming to them.

DON’T give up people !!! We need to work together and turn the U’s into circles so KARMA completes itself for everyone, not just a select few.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; First we will be best , and then we will be first. ( Compendium ,INC. ).


29 Jul
  When I put this word up, what is the first person or group of people that comes to your mind? For me , it is the group of “leaders” that are turning this great country of ours into a BUTTERFACE NATION ( previous blog ), and they are waiting until later ( previous blog ;)) to fix this mess. The “leaders” in Washington D.C. tell us we need to make sacrifices. WE ARE, they are not.   They are playing with the worlds future thinking it will hurt the other party for their gain . It’s all about them and no one else. I am not going to use this blog as a rip into any one party . ALL of them KIDS in Washington D.C. are at fault. They want to cut Social Security , Medicare, Medicaid, and tell us we need to plan for our own retirement ( 401K ). Yet they have a pension paid in full by us with our taxes ( it is not a 401K ). It is a rich mans welfare check ( and yet there are people out here who talk down about welfare, when it is for the poor ). They want us to pay for our own health care , yet they have free care PAID for by us. They tell us to pay our taxes, yet there are some who have not paid taxes and only got a write up. WE would go to prison.They talk about global warming, yet you read about some of them having utility bills as high as $5,000 a month ( and drive or be driven in huge cars owned by the government paid for by our taxes ). They want to get rid of Freddie and Fannie yet some of them used that very loan system to buy $500,000 homes before they was against it. They want to get rid of farm subsidies, yet there are some who have made $150,000 off of that program. They want to cut Federal Grants for College kids, yet they themselves used those very grants to get where they are today. There are some who says Washington needs to pay their bills and stop spending like crazy, yet there are “leaders” in Washington right now getting sued for back child support in excess of $140,000. There are some who want to raise retirement age, yet they can not even work a full week without taking a vacation for 2 weeks.There are some who want to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, yet they have family members who have made millions off of those good programs before they was against it. Washington tells us to pay off our credit card bills. Are they ?? We are told to take care of business. Are they??? We are told to make sacrafices !! Are they?? How many of them have been in the military ?? Yet some want to cut spending on that. Do they not understand how the rest of the world works?? Oh I forgot. There are those who are for “family values” and against the gay life style. Then they go home and cheat on their spouses or have a gay partner.

I was watching TMZ the other day, and they brought up an interesting therory. They was talking about how if you don’t want to do a job and you are asked to do it, mess up on purpose and act like you have no idea what you are doing. That sounds like what the ” leaders” of our great country are doing right at this minute. I think they are doing all of this double talk on camera to bring labor and the work force so far down, that we AMERICANS are so desperate for work and money that we will work for pennies on the dollar. They may be laughing on their $ 500 wine behind doors while eating pizza talking about how to make eachother look bad. That way we on the outside have no idea what is going on.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Prepare ! The time will come when winter will ask what you were doing all summer. ( Henry Clay )

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