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My DNA ethnicity results. Surprising!

16 Jul

A while back I decided to do a DNA test just to see what my ethnic makeup is. I got the results back and I was surprised as to what I am and what I am not. I have been watching many videos on YouTube and seeing the surprising results.

I have also realized as to how interwoven our DNA results are. Believe it or not we are more alike than we are not. Even though we all look differently with skin and hair.Not all fair-skinned folks are 100% European, and not all darker skinned folks are 100% African. Our DNA proves we are much more connected  than one would think.

With all of these hate groups, discrimination and killings going on ; I would suggest more people do a DNA test to see that they probably have the ethnicity that they hate so much within their own DNA. Everything that we believe is taught from a very early age. We are taught to hate or love certain ethnicity, religions, or sexual groups. If you let science show you the way, it will show how wrong you were taught from an early age.

Even if you are 100% European or 100% African, you still may have certain European or African tribes/Groups in you that you have been taught to hate. Teaching negative ideas is what is wrong with this world. I hope that changes , we all need love and not hate.

Watch my video and see what I’m made up with. YouTube link to my DNA results.



Big Brother 15 & Supreme court ruling on Voter rights act.

6 Aug

The title is long, but by the time you are done reading this, you will see the connection between the social experiment on T.V. and our justice system. If you have been watching Big Brother 15 on CBS, you will have noticed the sick and disgusting racial slurs, homophobe slurs , sick”jokes” about children and women. Big Brother 15 if just a microcosm of the American society.

A few months back the Supreme Court made a ruling that either Article 4 or 5 in the Voter rights act are no longer needed. Their justification is that racism no longer exists in America. The article they ruled that no longer is needed ( in their minds ) was the article that stopped voter suppression in southern states that has deep roots of racial injustices. Those states can now do as they please when it comes to voter laws per their state.

The connection to that ruling and Big Brother 15 is the racism going on in Big Brother shows that racism is alive and very strong. The ones that are acting out these racist ways are from southern states. Racism is taught, not something you are born with. IT is taught a lot in the southern states, just look at the way the folks act on Big Brother.

I personally think that in 2014 there is going to be a lot of African-Americans and Hispanic/Latino folks not getting the chance to vote, and those in power will justify it one way or another with a shit eating grin.

What is going on in Big Bother and the real world is institutional racism, and we the people are the only ones who can squash it. How can we squash it you ask? We can call folks out on racism when we see it happen. We can educate those who are uneducated on racism. Those in power , like Julie Chen and the producers of Big Bother can step in and do something about it ( and they are doing nothing, they are just as guilty as the perpetrators). We can elect people who are against racism and still understand that it’s alive and change laws to protect the powerless.

As long as we sit back and do nothing, we are just as bad as those enacting the racist ways. Saying or doing nothing is just as bad as saying it’s OKAY TO BE A RACIST!

I challenge those at the top of CBS to step up and do something. I challenge those in politics to step up and fix what has been unfixed. I challenge those around the world to step up and stand for something. STOP RACISM, don’t stand on the sidelines and be quiet!!!

Here are some RACISM SUCKS shirts from zazzle. It’s simple yet powerful at the same time. Get the message out that RACISM SUCKS!!!

99% VS. 1%

8 Nov

With this occupy movement going on, you hear people talking about the 1% VS. the 99%. What really is the 1% or 99% anyway ? So many people relate these terms just to money wealth alone. I would add another angle to the terms. To me the term 1% has at least two elements involved, money and the right connections.

If you have X amount of money and can influence a government (local or federal) to pass any kind of law to fit your needs or your companies needs, then you’re in the 1%. If you have X amount of money yet you do not have any connections to have laws passed, then you are not in the 1%. Look at the entertainment and athletic industries for instance. You take the actors/actresses and musicians and athletes. Do they make a good amount of money ? Yes they do. Can they have laws passed to help their own gains ? I think not.

Now let’s take the movie executives and the owners of sports teams. They have great wealth and have connections to have laws passed to help their own gain. They have local governments give them tax breaks to build new facilities when they can pay for it themselves. They have all kinds of tax exempt laws in their favor, or they also get revenue sharing and so on. This also goes for big corporations. They get tax breaks to build in towns or cities, yet they make enough money to pay for it themselves.

Do you get tax breaks to build your home in cities ? No you end up paying more or covering their (1%) tax cuts. Personal wealth does not alone make you the 1%. It’s almost like the ones who do fall into the 1% act like the mafia. They are little chickens who have others do their dirty work. The 1% hitmen are the government officials who pass laws to help them out.

When someone who is in the 1% says , ” don’t blame wall street , blame Washington”. They are right to say that to a point. It was Wall street who puts the pressure on their buddies to pass the laws. It is the spineless people in Washington who cave and have the laws passed. These laws only help Wall street, that is why we are ion the mess we are in. The laws are to discourage competition , because the top brass are punks and are afraid of the mom and pop stores.

All of this in this blog post is my opinion, these are not facts. I promote personal wealth, we all need to live and have chances . The 1% have made both almost impossible any more with the laws .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ( Benjamin Disraeli ).

Cheap plug today

9 Sep

I have not done a blog in a few days. I will how ever be doing one soon. I just need some time to think and get one in my head. Until then here are some EBOOKS you can get and/or share with others. Until next time enjoy. I hope you help advertise these by word of mouth or posting the links where ever you can Thank you for all the help.










Hello world!

10 Aug

I am just now learing this new blog site. I think I am going to like this a lot. I just need to find where I can change the color of the words and stuff like that.

why am i still up???

21 Jul
It’s 12:30 a.m. on a Thursday and I’m still up. I got so much to put on this blog, but I am getting tired. As time goes on I’ll have long open diaries on here. There is so much for me to put on here but so little time, and my hands will get real tired if I sit here and type out my thoughts on things. I got some interesting ways at looking at life and situations. You will soon see that as time goes on. This is what I will be doing for a long time. I have been unemployed for over 1 month now and have yet to have an interview. I have applied to close to 50 companies and all have said the same thing. Oh well until next time . KEEP BREATHING 😉

today i could use a beer

20 Jul
Today I had to go to the unemployment office. Some of the people you run into there makes you wonder how they function everyday on their own. WOW ( after a few hours of that you wanna have some beer). And Friday I have to go back for 4 hours. Oh well you got to do what you got to do. I need to go run 3 miles and hit the weights for about one hour. One day I will be lucky and land me a good job so I can pay bills and not lose my house and be homeless. If people in general would stop making excuses and blaming everyone but themselves. America would be better off. Remember folks when you point a finger at some one, there are three pointing right back at you.

I have no idea what I am doing. LOL

20 Jul

This is my first “blog”. I have no idea what I am doing. I will get batter as time goes forward ( I hope ). I am 1 of many unemployed AMERICANS with no direction for the future. I keep applying for a career and I have yet to hit the “lotto”. Until then here is a webpage you can go to and check out the merchandise. .

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