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Change yourself, others will follow.

15 Sep

Folks, we are all in this together. I am talking about the game called life. We can help each other, or have the mindset of letting others suffer. We can think that our help will be the domino effect that will change this world. Or we can think that “no one helped me, why should I give a helping hand?”. I hate to break it to you, but no one does anything on their own. No matter how much you want to believe that, it’s impossible.

There are some people who think that those who are homeless, choose to be homeless. They have this arrogant attitude that all homeless people want free food , clothes, and money for nothing in exchange. I do not care why the homeless are homeless, but no one chooses to live in the elements for free stuff. Some are homeless due to drugs,mental illness, or the economy (loss of jobs).

I feel it’s our duty to help feed them and clothe them. No matter how hard you have it, the homeless have it worse. It does not cost much to have a person bottled water, sandwiches, snack bars, fruits, boiled eggs, left overs from your fridge, and so on… I challenge you to stop thinking about yourself, and to help a homeless person each and everyday for the rest of your life. How difficult is it to roll down your window,smile hand over some food and make someones day better? Some people think this is enabling the homeless by letting them eat or be warm from the elements. Once you fall into the homeless system, it’s very difficult to get out of it. You need an address to get a job.

I say to you, challenge yourself to help  feed and clothe the homeless. Challenge others to do the same. Make it contagious. We go to a home, to a family, to a sofa with a T.V. The homeless have nothing. We have a toilet , they have the outdoors and wild animals that can be dangerous.

So please, change yourself and others will do the same. We are all in this together.


HOPE! It’s more then just a word.

19 Sep

Today my friends, I’m going to talk about the word hope. This is one word that starts out as an open ending word, and what follows this powerful word sends the meaning of the word in one direction or another.

The dictionaries definition is this ; a feeling that what is wanted will happen, desire accompanied. To want or expect. Today this word is more powerful than any other word I can think of in our vocabulary. The economy is still rough, politics are nasty as they ever been, and friends or not so good of friends use both (economy & politics) to try to make you feel inferior. They are “hoping” that you cave in and submit to their ways with not so good tactics. So HOPE in their world is of the negative ending, from my point of view.

I try to hope for a better word, less arguing, hating, stealing, hoarding,killings,ect… What sounds better to you? I HOPE HE WINS? or, I HOPE HE GETS HIS BUTT BEAT DOWN AND LOSES? I would say the first question. But there are a lot of people who think in the mindset of the second question. That to me is sad. We as a world need to finish the word HOPE with a positive ending of words. It may not fix the economy or politics, but it sure will make people feel better and not stressed out. That my friend may change minds of companies ,and they may start hiring again. Politics may calm down, your neighbor may say hello to you, your family may be happier as well.

I hope 10,000 people read this, even if they post nasty comments or disagree. I hope I can change some minds on how they think. I hope you have a healthy life. I hope you wake up happy even if you have to do something you do not like that day. I hope you can eat more than one meal a day. I hope your family is a loud one, that means they are alive and healthy. I hope you help your neighbor, even if you are not talkative with them.  I hope your heater does not break during the winter.

The only way to put HOPE into action is to change the way you think . Then act upon it with good intentions, even if you do not make a single penny off of your actions. Good HOPE will take the stress and frown lines out of your face as well. Good hope will make you more attractive to others.

Even if you are not a religious person , read PSALMS CHAPTERS 9-10. Those are so true to todays world. It will take 3 minutes to read them.


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99% VS. 1%

8 Nov

With this occupy movement going on, you hear people talking about the 1% VS. the 99%. What really is the 1% or 99% anyway ? So many people relate these terms just to money wealth alone. I would add another angle to the terms. To me the term 1% has at least two elements involved, money and the right connections.

If you have X amount of money and can influence a government (local or federal) to pass any kind of law to fit your needs or your companies needs, then you’re in the 1%. If you have X amount of money yet you do not have any connections to have laws passed, then you are not in the 1%. Look at the entertainment and athletic industries for instance. You take the actors/actresses and musicians and athletes. Do they make a good amount of money ? Yes they do. Can they have laws passed to help their own gains ? I think not.

Now let’s take the movie executives and the owners of sports teams. They have great wealth and have connections to have laws passed to help their own gain. They have local governments give them tax breaks to build new facilities when they can pay for it themselves. They have all kinds of tax exempt laws in their favor, or they also get revenue sharing and so on. This also goes for big corporations. They get tax breaks to build in towns or cities, yet they make enough money to pay for it themselves.

Do you get tax breaks to build your home in cities ? No you end up paying more or covering their (1%) tax cuts. Personal wealth does not alone make you the 1%. It’s almost like the ones who do fall into the 1% act like the mafia. They are little chickens who have others do their dirty work. The 1% hitmen are the government officials who pass laws to help them out.

When someone who is in the 1% says , ” don’t blame wall street , blame Washington”. They are right to say that to a point. It was Wall street who puts the pressure on their buddies to pass the laws. It is the spineless people in Washington who cave and have the laws passed. These laws only help Wall street, that is why we are ion the mess we are in. The laws are to discourage competition , because the top brass are punks and are afraid of the mom and pop stores.

All of this in this blog post is my opinion, these are not facts. I promote personal wealth, we all need to live and have chances . The 1% have made both almost impossible any more with the laws .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ( Benjamin Disraeli ).

Have To Say My Piece About The Global Revolution & Occupy .

10 Oct

I have been watching the Global Revolution and Occupy Wall Street for the last few weeks. What I have noticed on LIVE stream and what the T.V. stations are reporting are two polar opposites. What I have learned first hand is the stations on T.V. will out-and-out lie and not even blink twice about it. That to me says they do that so much they think they tell the truth the whole time.

Now on to what I have been thinking about. I hear all of these stories how C.E.O.’s are so smart and know how to run things, yet they seem to have a problem with living off of 1 million a year, so they lay off 20% of the workers to make 3 million a year. If the C.E.O.’s of America are so smart, how come they can not live off of $10.00 an hour like 40% of the work force?

Why is it when America needs to “sacrifice” the C.E.O.’s make cuts on the $10.oo an hour workers and give themselves bonuses ? Yet when we the working poor ( I’m currently a jobless parent ) make a suggestion that they take a pay cut or pay a little more in taxes, we are starting a class warfare ? Or we are engaging in wealth distribution ? Are these ” smart” C.E.O.’s who lay people off so they get bonuses practicing wealth distribution by taking the money that would go to the $10.00 an hour worker and giving it to themselves?

I say this the smartest people and the hardest workers are the ones who make $10.00 an hour, not the top few percent ( you have to know how to survive off of next to nothing). They “claim” to work hard, but most got to the top by who they knew not how hard they worked. They are part of the good ol boys network.

If $10.00 an hour is good enough for the people below the top percent, then it should be good enough for everyone. If a person can not live off of $60,000 a year, then they are not that smart. And like Herman Cain said ” now I don’t have the facts to back this up” but I think 40% of Americans make less than $60,000 a year ( I am mocking Herman Cain).

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; Progress comes from caring more about what needs to be done then about who gets the credit. (Dorothy Height).


Some Roller Coaster Rides Are Not Worth Riding.

3 Oct

How many of you have been on a roller coaster ride? You have all sorts of emotions in your stomach because of the up and down movement and the speed of the ride. How many of you have been in a part of your life that you have never been in before and had the same feeling ? Yet all you are doing is sitting on the couch.

Sometimes life is very much like a roller coaster ride. Try being laid off and not knowing if you will be able to pay your bills or even eat for that day. Some roller coaster rides you will have friends ride with you. Other rides the same friend will not ride with you. Then there are people who will ride with you and you would not even know they will be next to you until the ride comes up.

I have had talks with people who are in my shoes ( jobless and worried), and they are going on the same ride. They have noticed that “friends” that were around when we had a job are now gone and not found. Then there are family and friends who are even closer to you now than ever before. They now know we need that co-pilot now more than when we had a job and money.

Some people only want to be with you all for status reasons. If you ever fall into my roller coaster ride you will find out the hard way. It is a ride you will not like at all. You never will know who will ride with you until you stand in line for that one roller coaster ride. I know I am not the only one , but I am the only one who will post such thoughts.

Everyone needs to sit back and rethink about how they act during certain rides in life. This is a very scary ride to be on. All I hear from people is well I wish I could help. You will find out real fast, it’s not what you know but who you know in life. And sometimes the ones you do know are not worth knowing after all. Then there are those who are the best one to have around for the ride.

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; Decide to love and do what you like. (St. Augustine).

Use Your Tools The Right Way.

24 Sep

I have worked in many bodyshops. One thing I noticed is that tools do not make you a good painter or bodyman I have seen people with $30,000 worth of tools and yet they can not fix a dent right. I have seen bodymen with $1,000 worth of tools , yet they can replace a roof of a car with no problem.

Money is nothing but a tool to pay bills. Just because you may have a butt load of money, does not mean you are good with your tools. Look at the governments of this world. Look at all the rich people going broke or needing more just to ” survive”. Yet there are unemployed and poor people out there making it work everyday. People need to learn to work with the tools they have. If you do not have the knowledge to use the tools, then you will never be able to fix your problems.

Remember money is just a tool, not a toy. Learn how to use your tools so you do not need more tools (GREED ) to fix an easy problem.

There are those out there who do not have the right amount of knowledge yet they have the tools, and there are those who have the knowledge and not enough tools.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way. (Christopher Morley ).

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9 Sep

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Thanksgiving dinner with the crazy family members.

6 Sep

How many times have you been to a family gathering and you got the family members who drive you crazy ? You know the two uncles who argue that one is smarter or stronger than the other ? Yet they have the same GPA or can lift the same amount of weight , just on different days. Or that uncle who walks in with a twelve pack of beer ? By the fourth beer he is funny ,yet not loud and obnoxious yet. By the eighth beer you want him to shut up because the stuff he says makes no sense . He is very loud and the only one laughing at his jokes , or the only one who answers his own questions .

Everytime I hear a Republican or Democrat talk, they are the exact same way like those two uncles who argue as to who is better. Both parties while on T.V. or on the radio sound just the same. They have the same ideas , same complaints of the other party. They both sound like a bunch of babies who can not get their way at the dinner table.

Then you have the Tea Party. They say such crazy wacky things that they remind me of that drunk uncle who is funny at first then turns into a pain in the neck. When they talk at first you kinda giggle to yourself , but 3 minutes into their talking you hope they get a bug in their throat so they shut up.

We are the people who sit at the kids table ( voters with no voice in the matter ) , and we get to hear all of the loud noise as we try to watch the football game. How come this country has turned into a crazy Thanksgiving Dinner and not a peaceful family get together ?

Next time they are talking , close your eyes and forget the (R), (D) , or (I) behind the name. You will not be able to tell the clowns apart. Maybe that is why the Beltway around Washington D.C. is a circle, they keep chasing each other around the dinner table. They get nothing done but make us kids at the kiddie table ( voters ) mad and not want to finish dinner ( listen to the fools talk).

For thos of you who are the ones who believe what your uncles are saying is true at  dinner , then you are the cousin who goes out back and smokes your weed you have in your back pocket .

Let’s hope we start having a normal Thanksgiving Dinner some time soon. Or most of this country will not be able to eat dinner at all.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Most people don’t aim to high and miss , they aim to low and hit . ( Bob Moawad ).

It’s not where you live , but how you live.

4 Sep

So many times I see these cars go zipping past me like they are being chased by someone. But then I see what direction they are headed and the type of car they are driving. Most of th cars are of the B.M.W. type and they are headed to the area of town that have $500,000 homes or higher.

The drivers have this look on their face like they are frightened because they are in an area that does not meet their standard of income ( poor folk ). I bet they got this idea that because they are in my part of town, that we are crooks or we give a crap about them. Let me clarify one thing, we got our own problems and don’t give a hoot about your tight wad butt. Just because people live in rich areas does not mean they are saints or in a crimeless area.

Yes my neck of the woods is rough , but in the rich part of town there are many crooks. They do steal in a subtle way, they will not pay taxes, they will lay you off and send your job overseas ( and say they are patriotic ). Or they have work done to their yard or house and then refuse to pay in full because they are dissatisfied ( so they say ). All of this is done out of greed. How much more money does a person need to live ?

In my neck of the woods people will steal, rob right out in the open and not be subtle about it. Most of the time it’s done out of survival because of the unemployment rate due to the folk farther west ( who drive real fast in my neighborhood out of fear ).

Both ways of doing the stealing are way wrong . It’s not where you live but how you live. There are a lot of law-abiding people in my town who just want to be left alone and be happy .  Just like how there are happy law-abiding people to the west of my town. But us poor folk don’t drive fast to leave your town. We drive the speed limit, if we don’t the cops in the rich town will jack with yah. I know because I have been pulled over and questioned because of the car I drive. I don’t ” fit in” is what the cops tell me. So you tell me , who should be more afraid when not in their neighborhood ? The rich who drive like a bat out of hell , or the poor who just wanna get home?

It’s not where you live , but how you live.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Most of us are so busy doing what we think we have to do , that we do not think about what we really want to do .  ( Robert Percival ).

Land of the Lost.

2 Sep

If you are ever lost in an area you are not familiar with, act like you know where you are going. From all of my years on this crazy planet , I have seen some evil things happen to lost souls . How many of you out there have been lost and asked for directions ? If you are reading this or got to where you are going , then you are one of the lucky ones.

I have always said ” if you are lost , you are not “. That means act like you are part of the community and like you know what you are doing or going. I say this because too many times people can sense when a person is lost or scared and will jack with you. Like how dogs smell fear and attack. If you are in a city and your actions show you are not from there , you will get hooked ( robbed or attacked). How many times does you hear stories on news about out of towners getting slid on ? Or people disappearing and never seen again ? Don’t ever act lost and think you will be okay . Yes there are good people out there in this world , but times are tough and people are desperate and will act nuttier  now then ever before .  Never show fear or the dog ( crook ) will jump on you .

If you ask for help, the person helping may be leading you into a bear trap you can not get out of. So find your own way out of the woods .  Back track if you have to or keep stepping in the same line you was going into . This is good advice for any time in your life . Go with your gut feelings and stay the course . Just because your neighborhood or little town is cool, does not mean the other areas will be kind to you. I may not have a college degree , but I do know how to act like I am from your neck of the woods. You got to act like a chameleon and blend in .  Have a back up plan for lost times .

This is just my advice and not all advice works for everyone. Be safe and enjoy life . Stop the hate .

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; At least once a day , allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself . ( Albert Einstein ).

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