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My DNA ethnicity results. Surprising!

16 Jul

A while back I decided to do a DNA test just to see what my ethnic makeup is. I got the results back and I was surprised as to what I am and what I am not. I have been watching many videos on YouTube and seeing the surprising results.

I have also realized as to how interwoven our DNA results are. Believe it or not we are more alike than we are not. Even though we all look differently with skin and hair.Not all fair-skinned folks are 100% European, and not all darker skinned folks are 100% African. Our DNA proves we are much more connected  than one would think.

With all of these hate groups, discrimination and killings going on ; I would suggest more people do a DNA test to see that they probably have the ethnicity that they hate so much within their own DNA. Everything that we believe is taught from a very early age. We are taught to hate or love certain ethnicity, religions, or sexual groups. If you let science show you the way, it will show how wrong you were taught from an early age.

Even if you are 100% European or 100% African, you still may have certain European or African tribes/Groups in you that you have been taught to hate. Teaching negative ideas is what is wrong with this world. I hope that changes , we all need love and not hate.

Watch my video and see what I’m made up with. YouTube link to my DNA results.




14 Aug

Words in the American language can mean different things when you place them in a certain way. Some words are harmful no matter how you use them or where you put them in a sentence. Then there are these two words; YOU & PEOPLE. Alone they are harmless and can even be used in a positive manner. Like “you are doing a great job”. Or ” the people over there cleaned up the mess”.

When you put these two words together, that on the other hand is when things get nasty. In no way , shape, or form can YOU PEOPLE be used in a polite manner or mean anything positive. The individual using this term has an EGO problem and they think they are above and beyond the group they are directing their words to. These two words when put next to each other are ment to harm or degrade the folks being talked down to. It can be directed towards people of race, religious beliefs, national origin, political views, financial status, sexual status, and so on…. There is no way to use these words in a GOOD SITUATION.

Folks anytime you hear these words, this is a red flag that the person doing the talking thinks ILL thoughts of you. In my mind they think they are above the people they are talking to, when in fact they feel inferior and are trying to bring you down with these words so they feel like they have power. They may in fact have little power because they are in the minority and feel they need to group people together in a negative way so they feel GOD like.

So in closing, next time these words are used, GRIN in a nice manner and ask ” WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE”? See if they stumble and know that they do not think very highly of you.

This is from PROVERBS 4:23 Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.  http://www.zazzle.com/proverbs_4_23_bible_verse_bumper_sticker-128310040133929226

You may or may not be a religious person, but some verses or quotes from the book can fit into every persons life, even in today’s life.


Trying to be too cool, you are not !

27 Aug

Have you ever been watching an awards show for entertainers and saw some of them and thought WTH are they wearing ? How many have been to a concert and when you saw the person you came to see show up on stage you just started to laugh so hard because of how they looked? Have you ever had a boss who was the biggest micro-manager you ever saw? All of this leads into the ” if you try to be cool, you are not ‘ syndrome.

I had this come across my mind more than once in my life. But the other day while I was in my car waiting for my daughter at school , I saw the schools tennis team practice. When they were doing drills with the coach , the players were very stiff and tight. They looked like they did not know what they were doing. As soon as the coach left they started to clown around, and they then started to look a lot better. They started to loosen up and they actually was playing better when they was not trying to be so serious. They was not trying to be better than the other person , so they actually was better.

As with the entertainers , they will dress all funky and not over the top and be “cool”. The next entertainer will try to out do the last one ( trying to be cool, and they are not ) and look like a complete fool. You will be at the concert and the singer will come out on stage like they did not walk in front of a mirror, and look like a complete idiot thinking they are ” cool” when they are not.

How about that boss who tries to be such a good boss he turns out to be a pain to work for? You know, the one who is breathing down your neck and follows you all over like a shadow ! They are the micro-managers who end up wrecking the business, because they will not let the workers do their own thing. They are trying to be cool, and they are not. Meaning they are trying way to hard to be “managers”. The best ones are those who act like they are not managers.

Just remember , when you try to be to cool, to good, or to smart ; you are none of the above. Just relax and not try to be over the top, because you will fall off of the top.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; (Anytime you poke your head above the crowd , someone will take a poke at it. ( United Technologies ).

Donut or Fritter ?

22 Aug

Are you a donut or a fritter ? This I want you to think about when I talk about my version of wealth. Wealth is defined as how much money , land , stocks , cars , homes , or companies you may own . The opposite of wealth is destitution or poverty. You have hardly anything or nothing at all when it comes to worldly possessions .

My version of wealth has nothing to do with worldly possessions. It is how much love do you have for yourself ? How happy do you make yourself ? How close are you with family ? Some may even say wealth is how many friends do you have. To me that is a good side effect of how you think of yourself.

If you need worldly possessions or lots of friends to define wealth, then you have a big empty hole you are trying to fill inside of you like a donut hole. If you make yourself happy or feel real good about who you are and have a close family, then you are a fritter. You are a solid being and you have no empty space inside of you like a donut.

Yes you need money , and friends to make it in this world .  Money is nothing but a tool to pay bills . Cars , homes, and job titles only make you look like a fritter, but you are probably a donut.  Friends are good to have for good company ( even when times are bad ) . The ones who are there only when life is good are not real friends , they are long johns. They look like whole people, but they are soft on the inside like a long john .  Long johns are the first to spoil with all the fake filling inside.

I am a fritter . I do not need an outside source to make me feel whole. This world has a lot of donuts . The sad thing about that is the donuts are the ones who run this planet, and they have the least amount of substance of all the breakfast pastries.

Let’s get more fritters ! They are the most filling of them all .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Remember that you are unique. If that is not fulfilled , then something wonderful has been lost . ( Martha Graham ).

Obsession ! Not by Calvin Klein

17 Aug

This is my theory and I know there will be people who disagree with me on this subject. That is okay with me, no two people think alike. But I am going to blog about my meaning of obsession. I did not read the definition nor do I act or think I am an expert on this subject or another subject .

An obsession can destroy other parts of your daily life. I feel like I am going through an obsession right now, and that’s finding a job. I am ” obsessed” with it because I am jobless. Now this obsession has made the other parts of my life feel neglected. I do not run or lift weights like I use to. I do not eat on a regular schedule like before, and my house is not as clean like it once was. Also my dog is on the back burner . I will however not neglect my perfect daughter, I draw the line there.

There are people who are obsessed with being the best at something ( like looks, health nut , or money …) and forget their family  and so on and so on…. There are those who are obsessed with destroying others, and they try to find evil ways to make this happen. Those who are obsessed with whatever it may be will read material on it, watch videos on it and constantly think about it. While the rest of their life is falling apart.

I you are obsessed with something, STOP and get your life together. I want to stop being obsessed with finding a job ( I want to work and have a normal life ).

To me this is not like addiction. Addiction is something that you need to take in order to ” function” the rest of the day , like drugs , pills, or booze. Obsession is where you fall into a rut ( get tunnel vision on what you are into ) and forget that you have a life outside of your obsession.

I am sure that a ” professional” will say that both are one in the same or they can be connected, but I am just a simple guy with thoughts in my head. I use this blog to let them out, and I hope you enjoy my thoughts. Pass them on if you wish. Thank you.

QUOTE OF THE DAY.  Ruthlessly compete with your own best self. ( Apollo 13 Engineers ).

Foot nailed to the floor?

15 Aug

Do you ever feel like your foot is nailed to the floor , and you keep running in circles ? There are many days that I feel like that since my being laid off. What is the nail in your foot ? Is it a rotten relationship ? Is it a financial situation ? Is it a rotten job ? Is it the neighborhood you live in ? Are you an athlete who is on a losing streak ?

People say you can control your life. To a degree you can. You can control your breathing , and that is about it. You can not control when you are hungry, when you are thirsty, or when you need to go to the bathroom. You can not control what others do, or the environment you are in ( unless you have resources like money or connections ).

You can however be the person who pulls that nail out of your foot and move on ( motivate yourself ). You have to find the help you need to pull that nail out . There are shelters for those who have no place to go but need to leave an abusive relationship. There “may” be other jobs out there to leave the one you are in ( if you find them let me know LOL ). If your finances are jacked up, you may find help with getting a second job and cutting back ( something Washington won’t do ) . If you live in a dangerous neighborhood , there are other places out there. You just need to investigate ( find the right hammer to pull that nail out ) .  If you’re that athlete who has been losing, find the right workout or change-up your diet .

Find the right hammer to pull that nail out of your foot so you stop running in circles while your foot is in pain.  Some nails are longer than others. So keep pulling and don’t stop until that nail is out of your foot.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; You can not fix the past , you can not decide how the future will come out. But you can live in the now.

Karma ! Really ??

14 Aug

Karma depending on what country you are from or what religion you follow, it may mean something different. I am going to write about the old saying ” what goes around , comes around”. Sometimes I believe that and then I see what others are doing and then I don’t believe that.

How many of you know of someone who always does no good , and yet never has anything bad slap them in the face? You have those cut throat fools at your work place who will steal or lie and then the next week they are your boss ( or the greedy C.E.O ). There are those people who cheat on the ones they are in a relationship with, and the other person never leaves them.  There are those who eat junk food, smoke and never exercise, yet live to be 100 years old ( which aint  bad , but I’m proving a point here).

Then there are those who follow the rules at work to a tee, next day they are the first to be laid off when heads got to roll. There are those real submissive people in a relationship , and they are the ones who are left behind or get knocked around by the other person in the relationship. Then there are those who eat right, work out, and die at 50 years old or less.

I think that some people do live in the circle of KARMA, the ” what goes around comes around” scenario. But there are those that I wrote about above. Their circle has been cut off and has turned into a huge U, and they are on a path that KARMA can not fix.

Some how some way those who do good yet have bad luck slap them in the face, needs to find a force to turn that U into a circle so they have some good in their life. Then the ones who are cut throat fools, an outside force needs to turn their U into a circle so they get what’s coming to them.

DON’T give up people !!! We need to work together and turn the U’s into circles so KARMA completes itself for everyone, not just a select few.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; First we will be best , and then we will be first. ( Compendium ,INC. ).

Heads up !

12 Aug

Have you ever been to a baseball game ? You’re sitting there enjoying the food and atmosphere and out of the blue sky a foul ball comes screaming for your head. And all you hear is “heads up “!

Well foul balls are like displaced anger. You run into a person at work or a family member and all of a sudden they are yelling at you for no reason. It may be that they are mad at another part of their life and their foul ball ( temper ) comes flying out of the blue and almost hits you square in the forehead . Then you get mad at them and all of a sudden bats are swinging ( name calling and accusing each other ) .

To stop the foul balls ( arguments ) the person who is upset needs to just say ” hey I am not in a good mood today , it has nothing to do with you”. Communication is key in life ( that’s the heads up in life ). I have had a few displaced anger days in my life, and I catch myself on it and say I’m sorry. Displaced anger is worse than being straight up mad at the person you may be swinging bats with. At least the person sees the foul ball coming ( argument ).  It’s not good being caught off guard, that foul ball ( displaced anger ) can leave a huge knot on the forehead.

So let’s enjoy the baseball game and not have any ” foul balls” hit anyone in the forehead. It can hurt for a long time. PLAY BALL !!!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Focus on your natural strengths and abilities. Exploit what you have, not what you don’t have . ( Eric Ossermon ).


9 Aug
  Success has so many different definitions to so many people. What does the word success mean to you ? Is it like how it is defined in the dictionary ? In the dictionary they define it as ; a level of social status , achieving a goal , or the opposite of failure .  So by those terms you are only successful if you have a big house , a high paying job , and you never fail at what you do. If that’s the case , then the political leaders in Washington D.C. or the C.E.O.’s of corporations in cities like New York, Kansas City, Boston, Las Vegas , Los Angeles, Seattle , Miami , Dallas , Houston , Chicago ,Atlanta , Detroit , Montreal , Toronto ……or any other city in this world are successful ( only for them ). To me they are failures because they seam to be missing one word when you see them talk or the way they act , HAPPINESS .Happiness is what defines success ( in my eyes ). It does not matter if you have a 1 room apartment or work for $9.00 an hour. If you are happy , you are a success. If you don’t run that mile in 4:30 or better or the quarter in 48 seconds or better, but walk away “happy” ( win or lose ), then you are a success. If your whole family is happy then that family is a success no matter what they wear or where they live.If you are a powerful person or make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you are upset or unhappy at the end of the day ( even if you reach your goals or don’t fail). Then to me you are not a success , because you are not happy.So I guess what I am saying is, do not let a book or a person or society decide if you are a success or not. Your definition of success may be way different then what is in this blog or who or what defines it. But remember you are the one that defines success.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent . ( Eleanor Roosevelt ).

Keep your refrigerator clean & don’t let the ballon explode.

4 Aug
  The other day I opened my refrigerator looking for food , and all I found was science projects ( food with mold , past the life span ). And that got me to thinking how this relates to human emotions. If a person bottles up their emotions or feelings, their insides will turn into my refrigerator. That person will be empty except for the moldy food. Keeping that type of food in the fridge will make it smell real bad. So keeping emotions or feelings locked up and not let them out can or will cause health or emotional issues.  Have you ever known a person who is an emotional wreck or into drugs ? Well they may have their fridge full of rotten food . If you do not open up that door and clean out your fridge , at some point it will be unopenable . Then they will be on medication or seeing a ” professional ” . If they had just cleaned out that fridge , then they could refill that fridge with fresh food . The fridge is your inner self and the food is your emotions.We are like a balloon, and our emotions is the air in the balloon. If you don’t let the air out , the balloon will explode.  So let the air out of your balloon every now and then so it does not blow up.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; IF you are angry  at a person or situation, then that person or situation owns you. Don’t be owned by anyone or anything.

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