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Uber your goals, Lyft your dreams.

1 Nov

I have been driving as an Uber and Lyft driver on the side to make a few dollars. It has been a fun experience and I love it. Each time I set out to drive, I have a destination in mind that I think will be the hotspot for the day. I will turn on the Apps and start the drive to my destination. It never fails and I get pinged to pick riders up before I get to my destination. Now this is a good thing since I am making money. What most of these rides do is take me further and further away from my destination.

All I can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. If I get upset because my rides are taking me further from where I want to be, I will upset the rider and not enjoy my day. So in other words, just go with it. After about 4-5 hours of driving Uber and Lyft riders around, I notice something, I am at my destination after all with money earned.

Why not live life like an Uber or Lyft driver? Have a goal or destination in mind , but let life’s journey take you wherever life’s events take you. Setting a time on your goals or destinations with a set path will make life frustrating. If you just turn on your daily app with a smile and let things happen ( like I do as an Uber , Lyft driver) life will be way more enjoyable. If you force a certain path in life , you will miss out on the journey . It’s like me passing up on the rides just to get to my destination faster, I would have missed out on meeting new people and not making money along the way.

Your time will come when your life’s Uber or Lyft app will say it’s time to end up at your destination or goal. So enjoy the ride in life and learn from the turns you will take to reach your destination.

Time is subjective.


Be the tree, not the lawn mower.

16 Nov

DSCN0201 DSCN0204

As a child this is the house I grew up in. Taking these pictures brought back many memories. One of which I noticed that there are now 3 trees in the front yard and not just 1. I remember many hot summer days mowing that huge corner lot.  And having many ladies stop by just to visit me , NOT!!! I also remembering leaving the one tree alone, mowing around it. Can you guess which one? If you guess the one farthest from the house you are correct. When the other 2 would start to grow, I would go over it with the lawn mower as I would mow the grass.

If those 2 trees just gave into the lawn mower, they would not be alive today. But they kept on fighting and they came back bigger and stronger than the one that was left alone to grow. Those 2 trees should be an inspiration to humans who happen to be picked on or are told they are not good enough, or strong enough, or smart enough. If these 2 trees started crying or gave up after the first time the lawn mower cut them down, they would not be seen by anyone and I would not be writing this blog about INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION.

Next time you or someone you know are being degraded by a human lawn mower, just tell them or yourself to be like a tree. If they look at you funny tell them this true story. Show them this blog or read it to them. Folks need to TREE UP AND GET A BACKBONE. You can be what you want in life, no matter what your age is or what is going on in your life.

Just think, that mower that cut those 2 trees down every time the grass was mowed, is now in some dump sight rusting away. All the while the 2 trees it cut down are now big and alive, all for everyone to see in their full monty.

14,000,000 X 20 = 280,000,000 Affected . The Kevin Bacon Theory.

30 Oct

When 1 person gets laid off, in my opinion it affects more than just that person. I think some people tend to think it only has an impact on the unemployed. When someone is unemployed it affects at least 20 people in at least 2 ways. Those ways are emotionally and financially.

Let’s start with the emotionally way first. The unemployed person is so stressed out it affects the family and friends because those close to that person worry about his or hers future. Some of those worries may turn into arguments due to displaced anger. The worries can lead to building huge walls around that person due to fear. They may need to go talk to a professional if their worries gets too deep, and they have no money to pay.

The money issue is another aspect of hurting at least 20 people around the unemployed. When you collect unemployment, you have to make cutbacks. The cutbacks you make affect those people because they are getting less money, like the utility companies, the gas stations , the restaurants, the grocery stores, and so on . Then you cut back on money for your children, they can not go to the movies or go to hardly any activities at the school that cost money. Then you have family or friends who may help you out at times, that takes money out of their pockets and they spend less at places they patronized. This is a huge domino effect.

So the only people it may not affect are the rich (1%) because they have no feelings for the unemployed ( they are the ones who decide to lay off), and we do not shop at the same stores as they do. So next time you see someone asking for change on the corner or know of someone unemployed remember the number 280,000,000 . That number is the bare minimum that is affected right now. We can do better !!!

If you think the occupy is shrinking in numbers because of the weather, and of the number of people at the sites, think again. This is about getting the United States fixed and strong like it once was before a lot of the jobs have been disbursed due to greed.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Sometimes you just have to trust your intuition . (William Gates, Microsoft )

Burnt Boiled Eggs

19 Oct

A while back I was hungry for boiled eggs. So I put the eggs in the pot and went on about my business. About 1.5 hours later I smelt this funny smell and heard the popping noise. I then remembered I had eggs in the pot. I got to the stove and the water was gone . When I took the shells off to eat the eggs, I had burnt them. I had no other choice but to eat them, being unemployed and hungry I have to eat to live.

I think a lot of people are forgetting parts of their lives like I forgot my eggs. Look at all the people who have money in big banks and have left their money there. Those eggs are getting burnt by the powers that be by outrageous charges. Time to move your eggs to a better stove people. Look at the people who forgot to pay attention to their investments and left them alone and lost their money. We all need to watch our eggs or they will get burnt.

If you forget to take your dog out to use the bathroom, he will leave a pile on the carpet ( the dog just gave you brunt eggs). If your child forgets to do their homework, they will get a bunch of burnt eggs for grades (F). If you forget to put gas in the car or change the oil , you will look like a burnt egg on the side of the road. Don’t forget about family and friends, or you will have a bunch of burnt eggs ( upset people).

Washington and the very wealthy have forgotten the majority of us. Now we are their burnt eggs (we are fed up with being ignored). Those upper class snobs need to take care of their eggs ( in their case it’s caviar ) or they will have burnt eggs ( an angry bunch of people).

Every person in this world needs to be observant of their eggs in all parts of their lives so they don’t have to eat burnt eggs ( have a messed up situation).

QUOTE OD THE DAY ; Dreams whet your appetite, but goals make you hungry. ( Josie Bissett ).

Use Your Tools The Right Way.

24 Sep

I have worked in many bodyshops. One thing I noticed is that tools do not make you a good painter or bodyman I have seen people with $30,000 worth of tools and yet they can not fix a dent right. I have seen bodymen with $1,000 worth of tools , yet they can replace a roof of a car with no problem.

Money is nothing but a tool to pay bills. Just because you may have a butt load of money, does not mean you are good with your tools. Look at the governments of this world. Look at all the rich people going broke or needing more just to ” survive”. Yet there are unemployed and poor people out there making it work everyday. People need to learn to work with the tools they have. If you do not have the knowledge to use the tools, then you will never be able to fix your problems.

Remember money is just a tool, not a toy. Learn how to use your tools so you do not need more tools (GREED ) to fix an easy problem.

There are those out there who do not have the right amount of knowledge yet they have the tools, and there are those who have the knowledge and not enough tools.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way. (Christopher Morley ).

Slow Your Role.

20 Sep

How many of you out there hear people talking about what they do not have ? Do they act like they are happy or upset that they do not have what they want ? I have noticed that the ones who keep chasing after what they do not have , they are never happy. As soon as they get what they have been wanting, they will turn their head and look in another direction and find something else they want. They then are not happy again.

If you are never satisfied with what you have, you will always be upset. Look at people who have 6 cars or 80 pair of jeans. They seem to have this dislike of themselves deep down inside of them. What about the person who works 12-16 hour days. There are those who are always chasing after that extra client . They are not happy with the business they have ( now if you’re losing business and about to go under, then get those customers ). There are those who have 5 kinds of phones and computers and they are wanting the next great gadget. They act unhappy until they get it ( just for about 5 minutes then they are not happy ).

Teach yourself to be happy with what you have. If you change your behavior, your attitude will follow. Heck I still have the boob tube type of T.V. I am very happy with what I have. I am not worried about what I do not have. I have ripped up furniture. I am happy with what I have, I could have no furniture ( homeless ). I am happy even though I have no job at the moment. It could be worse, I could be 6 feet under.

I had this good friend who use to always say; “you want some, you got none.” That saying falls into this subject. It means you are always chasing after what you do not have , and to be happy with what you got. So be happy with where you are at, not where you wish you were at . Don’t get me wrong goals are good. They give you something to live for. But be happy in the moment you are in right now.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Dreams are what get you started. Disipline is what keeps you going. ( Jim Ryan ).

A Champion or Self Gratifier ( lazy bragger ) ?

14 Sep

I have noticed there are two kinds of people in this world. A self gratifier ( a lazy bragger ) or a true champion. What one are you ?

A self gratifier is one who will sit on their butt and do nothing when no one is around. They will take credit for work they did not do. When others are around they will be the ones who will then work hard to get noticed , and then act like they work like that all the time. They are also the ones who just want the spot light on them , and that is all they care about. They are not a true team player.When the truth is they are very lazy and have this grandiose attitude about themselves. This happens so much in the world of sports and at the work place. I know that you know people like this. If you don’t then maybe you are this type of person.

A true champion is one who works their tail off even when they are the only one in the room. They are the ones who show up to work early or stay late to get a job done. They are the least concerned about employee of the month award. They are the athlete who will sweat their butt off when they are the only one in the weight room or gym. They will play their butt off even if there are only 3 people in the stands. A true champion is not concerned about awards. They will do what it takes to make the company or team a better place to be. If you do not know of anyone like this, then maybe YOU are the true champion .

What one have you been ? And what one will you be from this point forward.

GO VOTE, HIT THE GREEN BUTTON. THANK YOU. http://about.me/chadjohnson1

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; We must teach our children to dream with open eyes. ( Harry Edwards ).


Don’t be owned ever again !

11 Sep

Have you ever had a day where someone at work or in your life made you so mad or hurt you could not think straight ? Well that is about to change after you read this blog ( I hope, we need love and peace in our lives ).

The anger or hate you have for the person or situation has your thoughts all wrapped up . You can’t even see straight or think without getting a headache. You are out of energy because your body is full of rage. Sit back and think out that. Did you have a day full of accomplishments that day or week or month ( however mad you let yourself be) ? I will put all of my savings ( 25 cents ) on that bet, and say no. You probably had a rotten time with all of that anger, upset thoughts and rage  running through your D.N.A..

Next time you get mad or upset at a boss, coach, friend, or loved one you have 5 minutes to be mad. Then it’s time to move on with a clear head so you can own your life. You see when you are consumed with all that negative thoughts or actions , that person or situation own you. They are controlling your every move and thought without them being there.

Do you want someone to have that much control over your life that it affects the way you breath or lack of sleep you get from the blood boiling in your body. Heck it may even cause a heart attack. Who wants to live like that? Someone who you have issues with can ruin your life and they may not even be there physically , but they are there in your head.

Make today the last day ANYONE in this world has ownership over you. Have just 5 minutes of anger and move on, you are better than that. You own yourself and be proud of who you are. Take ownership of who you are and how happy you want to be.

When you are mad your breathing controls your emotions, so next time you’re mad slow your breathing down and relax the shoulders and stomach. Just say to yourself , ” it will get better”. Misery loves company, so maybe they are miserable and want to see you in a crappy life. Don’t fall for their games.

GRUDGES KILL, live your life anger and hate free. Love yourself enough to not think about the hate and irritation they throw your way.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Believe it ! High expectations are the key to everything. ( Sam Walton ).


Land of the Lost.

2 Sep

If you are ever lost in an area you are not familiar with, act like you know where you are going. From all of my years on this crazy planet , I have seen some evil things happen to lost souls . How many of you out there have been lost and asked for directions ? If you are reading this or got to where you are going , then you are one of the lucky ones.

I have always said ” if you are lost , you are not “. That means act like you are part of the community and like you know what you are doing or going. I say this because too many times people can sense when a person is lost or scared and will jack with you. Like how dogs smell fear and attack. If you are in a city and your actions show you are not from there , you will get hooked ( robbed or attacked). How many times does you hear stories on news about out of towners getting slid on ? Or people disappearing and never seen again ? Don’t ever act lost and think you will be okay . Yes there are good people out there in this world , but times are tough and people are desperate and will act nuttier  now then ever before .  Never show fear or the dog ( crook ) will jump on you .

If you ask for help, the person helping may be leading you into a bear trap you can not get out of. So find your own way out of the woods .  Back track if you have to or keep stepping in the same line you was going into . This is good advice for any time in your life . Go with your gut feelings and stay the course . Just because your neighborhood or little town is cool, does not mean the other areas will be kind to you. I may not have a college degree , but I do know how to act like I am from your neck of the woods. You got to act like a chameleon and blend in .  Have a back up plan for lost times .

This is just my advice and not all advice works for everyone. Be safe and enjoy life . Stop the hate .

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; At least once a day , allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself . ( Albert Einstein ).

Little kid in big man shoes.

30 Aug

As a young child, did you ever have those days when people would come up to you and have a problem with you ? You would be in a class and someone would say ” you are hard to deal with”. Then you go to the next class and you hear the same thing . By the end of the day 10 different people who have nothing to do with each other have said the same thing. Well the problem is not them, it’s you. But if it is just one person saying negative stuff to you, then it’s not you but them that has the issue.


Well there are days after me being laid off, I feel like that little kid in school . I have applied to over 60 jobs . Yesterday was my first interview. It did not go well. After they had me fill out the application, they had me go into the office. First thing they said was ” this is not going to work out, you are wasting my time”. I was told I should be a salesman and not work in a plant and that they did the interview out of “kindness”. As I left I was only thinking ” what is wrong with me”?

I got to thinking, the problem is not me this time with so many companies saying the same thing. Because a lot of others ( people looking for work ) are in my same shoes. I have heard the same stories from different people saying the same thing. So this time, it’s  the people saying you/we are not good enough that has the problem. So we ( the unemployed or under employed) need to stick together and stand strong.

The problem is the corporations , they use the same excuse for different people they know nothing about. Now if all the corporations knew the people then maybe the problem is us, the ones looking for work. Or if they had different excuses for not hiring different people , then it may be us , but different people from all over the country hear the same song and dance. We are not the little kid with the bad attitude in school this time. The people looking for workers are the ones with the “hard to deal with ” persona .

This time the problem is not you ,  so hold your head up and keep digging away people . The power will be in our hands in the future .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual , you have an obligation to be one . ( Eleanor Roosevelt ).

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