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Be like Grandma.

25 Aug

I have been wanting to write this for some time now. I finally have the time and I am emotionally ready to write this. Back in October 2018 My mother called and said that Grandma is in the hospital and she is very sick. We all were thinking and hoping she would be out in a few days. That was not the case. She progressively became sicker as time went on. I was sad to hear this because my Grandma was such a caring and loving lady. She lived a simple life yet she knew how to handle her business while making things happen with what she had in her life. My grandmother even owned her own hair salon back when women were to just stay home and cook. She was always ahead of her time. She loved life and everyone regardless of who, what, or where they came from.

October 19th, 2018 my mother said that the doctor told her that Grandma K may not make it past the weekend. I started to cry ( I’m getting choked up writing this, this is tough). I texted my mom asking if I can talk to grandma K one more time. She said yes. I was trying so hard to not cry or sound sad when my mom called so I could talk to grandma K ( I am wiping tears off my face now as I type this). When my mother handed the phone to my grandmother, my grandmother asked: “is this Chad”? Even at the age of 100 yrs and 6 months while not doing so well she still could tell I was on the other end of the phone. Throughout life when I would call her she always would say: “this must be Chad”, then she would laugh, she loved to laugh. She could always tell who I was by the sound of my voice.

The first thing she said to me while taking deep breaths while in the hospital bed was: ” Chad you need to go take care of your granddaughter and daughter, be the best grandfather and father you can possibly be”. I was hyperventilating, I didn’t want her to know how sad I was while she was in the state she was in. It was the toughest phone call yet the most important loving phone conversation. Grandma K then proceeded to say: ” she was the best mom she could have been, she did her best and raised her children the best she could, being a good parent is the most important thing in life”. In the background, I heard my mom and her sister ( I could not tell who it was) say:” you are the best mom and you did an outstanding job raising us kids ( while they were sniffling from the sadness). Grandma K then said: “you need to get off the phone and go take care of your lovely family, I’ll be okay, do not worry about me”.  The phone call lasted 3 minutes, the saddest yet the best 3-minute phone call I will have for a very long time.

Man, this is so tough to type, the tears are flowing like a flooded river!

Even in the last few hours of my grandmothers’ life, she was talking about family. She didn’t utter a word about, money, jobs, cars, clothes, houses, bank accounts, or anything else that would not go with her in the afterlife.

To her family and the way you treat others was the most important thing in life. So important that is all she talked about with me on the last phone call I had with her on October 19th,2018. I wish everyone in this world would act like Grandma K. We can all learn from her.

I feel like she is still watching over me even though she passed away early in the morning of October 21st,2018. She loved Butterflies. This summer I have seen more butterflies than I have in the last 30 years, some even will follow me when I’m outside walking or be on my car as I drive. Some people believe cardinals are family members watching over them, in this case, it’s butterflies, Grandma K loved butterflies.

Let’s all act like Grandma K and remember what’s important in life: The way we treat others with kindness and making sure family comes before material items.



23 Jul
   Today I was driving back home from the vet. and I saw something that was surprising, yet not surprising at the same time. I was at very busy intersection and this car was turning left and did not wait for the cross traffic to clear. This car proceeded to hit the car that had the right away hard on the drivers side, and burnt rubber ( didn’t even stop). The lady that got hit stopped because that’s what anyone would do. The person that hit the car kept going ( he must have been riding dirty ). Well the cars behind this poor lady started to honk at her ass if she was a nuisance and no one got out to check on her to see if she was okay. I would have checked on her, but I was in no position to get to her. By the time I was able to drive ( green light ) she had driven off from all the honkers behind her. What would have you done? Got out and helped , or thought about yourself and honked at her so you could get home to your house?   Just look at today’s kids. They make videos of other kids getting their a$$ whooped and put it up on the Internet thinking it’s funny. Where has the compassion and happy people gone? Will you be the person with compassion or the person who is only concerned about what affects your life? If your the second choice you can change now and help change this would to a better place. We as humans have good habits and bad habits. In this case a good habit is helping others. If you have the good habit , pass it on. If you have the bad habit you can fix that by changing your behavior now not later.
Yesterday I saw this old person in his scooter going down a hill on a busy street. I thought to myself if he hit a curb or rock and tipped over. Would I (1) help, (2) laugh, (3) drive off? I would choose number 1. What would you choose? You can take this question and apply it to every aspect of your life. Look at the corporate world. All of the big wigs with power are choosing #2 and #3. They are laughing all the way to the bank while they drive off after you fell over ( got laid off ). Look at these inhuman videos on T.V. or the Internet. People either laying dead in the street or getting killed and people choosing #2, and #3. EVERY PERSON IN THIS WORLD NEEDS TO START CHOOSING # 1 NOW, NOT LATER.

QUOTE of the day ; Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do. ( Gerry Sikorski )

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