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Uber your goals, Lyft your dreams.

1 Nov

I have been driving as an Uber and Lyft driver on the side to make a few dollars. It has been a fun experience and I love it. Each time I set out to drive, I have a destination in mind that I think will be the hotspot for the day. I will turn on the Apps and start the drive to my destination. It never fails and I get pinged to pick riders up before I get to my destination. Now this is a good thing since I am making money. What most of these rides do is take me further and further away from my destination.

All I can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. If I get upset because my rides are taking me further from where I want to be, I will upset the rider and not enjoy my day. So in other words, just go with it. After about 4-5 hours of driving Uber and Lyft riders around, I notice something, I am at my destination after all with money earned.

Why not live life like an Uber or Lyft driver? Have a goal or destination in mind , but let life’s journey take you wherever life’s events take you. Setting a time on your goals or destinations with a set path will make life frustrating. If you just turn on your daily app with a smile and let things happen ( like I do as an Uber , Lyft driver) life will be way more enjoyable. If you force a certain path in life , you will miss out on the journey . It’s like me passing up on the rides just to get to my destination faster, I would have missed out on meeting new people and not making money along the way.

Your time will come when your life’s Uber or Lyft app will say it’s time to end up at your destination or goal. So enjoy the ride in life and learn from the turns you will take to reach your destination.

Time is subjective.


My DNA ethnicity results. Surprising!

16 Jul

A while back I decided to do a DNA test just to see what my ethnic makeup is. I got the results back and I was surprised as to what I am and what I am not. I have been watching many videos on YouTube and seeing the surprising results.

I have also realized as to how interwoven our DNA results are. Believe it or not we are more alike than we are not. Even though we all look differently with skin and hair.Not all fair-skinned folks are 100% European, and not all darker skinned folks are 100% African. Our DNA proves we are much more connected  than one would think.

With all of these hate groups, discrimination and killings going on ; I would suggest more people do a DNA test to see that they probably have the ethnicity that they hate so much within their own DNA. Everything that we believe is taught from a very early age. We are taught to hate or love certain ethnicity, religions, or sexual groups. If you let science show you the way, it will show how wrong you were taught from an early age.

Even if you are 100% European or 100% African, you still may have certain European or African tribes/Groups in you that you have been taught to hate. Teaching negative ideas is what is wrong with this world. I hope that changes , we all need love and not hate.

Watch my video and see what I’m made up with. YouTube link to my DNA results.


99% VS. 1%

8 Nov

With this occupy movement going on, you hear people talking about the 1% VS. the 99%. What really is the 1% or 99% anyway ? So many people relate these terms just to money wealth alone. I would add another angle to the terms. To me the term 1% has at least two elements involved, money and the right connections.

If you have X amount of money and can influence a government (local or federal) to pass any kind of law to fit your needs or your companies needs, then you’re in the 1%. If you have X amount of money yet you do not have any connections to have laws passed, then you are not in the 1%. Look at the entertainment and athletic industries for instance. You take the actors/actresses and musicians and athletes. Do they make a good amount of money ? Yes they do. Can they have laws passed to help their own gains ? I think not.

Now let’s take the movie executives and the owners of sports teams. They have great wealth and have connections to have laws passed to help their own gain. They have local governments give them tax breaks to build new facilities when they can pay for it themselves. They have all kinds of tax exempt laws in their favor, or they also get revenue sharing and so on. This also goes for big corporations. They get tax breaks to build in towns or cities, yet they make enough money to pay for it themselves.

Do you get tax breaks to build your home in cities ? No you end up paying more or covering their (1%) tax cuts. Personal wealth does not alone make you the 1%. It’s almost like the ones who do fall into the 1% act like the mafia. They are little chickens who have others do their dirty work. The 1% hitmen are the government officials who pass laws to help them out.

When someone who is in the 1% says , ” don’t blame wall street , blame Washington”. They are right to say that to a point. It was Wall street who puts the pressure on their buddies to pass the laws. It is the spineless people in Washington who cave and have the laws passed. These laws only help Wall street, that is why we are ion the mess we are in. The laws are to discourage competition , because the top brass are punks and are afraid of the mom and pop stores.

All of this in this blog post is my opinion, these are not facts. I promote personal wealth, we all need to live and have chances . The 1% have made both almost impossible any more with the laws .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ( Benjamin Disraeli ).

14,000,000 X 20 = 280,000,000 Affected . The Kevin Bacon Theory.

30 Oct

When 1 person gets laid off, in my opinion it affects more than just that person. I think some people tend to think it only has an impact on the unemployed. When someone is unemployed it affects at least 20 people in at least 2 ways. Those ways are emotionally and financially.

Let’s start with the emotionally way first. The unemployed person is so stressed out it affects the family and friends because those close to that person worry about his or hers future. Some of those worries may turn into arguments due to displaced anger. The worries can lead to building huge walls around that person due to fear. They may need to go talk to a professional if their worries gets too deep, and they have no money to pay.

The money issue is another aspect of hurting at least 20 people around the unemployed. When you collect unemployment, you have to make cutbacks. The cutbacks you make affect those people because they are getting less money, like the utility companies, the gas stations , the restaurants, the grocery stores, and so on . Then you cut back on money for your children, they can not go to the movies or go to hardly any activities at the school that cost money. Then you have family or friends who may help you out at times, that takes money out of their pockets and they spend less at places they patronized. This is a huge domino effect.

So the only people it may not affect are the rich (1%) because they have no feelings for the unemployed ( they are the ones who decide to lay off), and we do not shop at the same stores as they do. So next time you see someone asking for change on the corner or know of someone unemployed remember the number 280,000,000 . That number is the bare minimum that is affected right now. We can do better !!!

If you think the occupy is shrinking in numbers because of the weather, and of the number of people at the sites, think again. This is about getting the United States fixed and strong like it once was before a lot of the jobs have been disbursed due to greed.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Sometimes you just have to trust your intuition . (William Gates, Microsoft )

From A Land Of Makers And Providers To A Land Of Consumers And Beggars.

24 Oct

From watching the occupy on the internet and from listening to what people have to say, something has donned on me. There are so many problems in this country, and so many different points of views. I keep hearing how do we fix the issues ? To me the big issue has been that America use to be a land of makers and givers ( self-reliant also ), now we are a land of consumers and beggars ( because most of us are unemployed or underemployed).

Now people ask how do we fix this? The wealthy and those who have not fallen off of the employment wagon say there is no problem. Those that say that either have no heart or do not care about fellow humans or are undereducated.  This how I would fix it.  I would tax or charge corporations fees for sending jobs to other countries, instead of giving tax beaks for shipping jobs overseas like they are getting now. I would also make it a law that the C.E.O.’s can not own stock, that way they do not make decisions for their own gains. Instead of bonuses for the management I would implement a law that would only allow profit-sharing for all the workers, from the janitor to the president. Do not think this is wealth distribution, heck it’s the people under management who make the companies the goods to sell for profit.

The decisions made by the upper management are not because they “answer” to the share holders. They could care less about anyone who owns less than 15% of the shares. They only answer to themselves and the board of directors. If they were concerned about you or me, they would not give them such huge paychecks after they lay off 20% of the workers. They would not stop on the dividends , they would raise them and cut their own paychecks.

You hear some C.E.O.’s say they have to export jobs to compete with other countries. I find that a lame excuse . Does China export their manufacturing jobs to other countries? Think about it, they are taking all of the manufacturing jobs and keeping them in their country. People say that anyone can become a C.E.O. of a company. I say that they are off base on that one also. Now low-end jobs are either shipped to other countries or they are eliminated all together, so moving up the chain is not there any more.

Once the jobs come back home, we as a country will be a land of providers , makers , and givers. That is the dream I would like to have, not the nightmare we are all living now.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Keep changing, because when you’re through changing – you’re through. (Bert-Olaf Svanholm).

Some Roller Coaster Rides Are Not Worth Riding.

3 Oct

How many of you have been on a roller coaster ride? You have all sorts of emotions in your stomach because of the up and down movement and the speed of the ride. How many of you have been in a part of your life that you have never been in before and had the same feeling ? Yet all you are doing is sitting on the couch.

Sometimes life is very much like a roller coaster ride. Try being laid off and not knowing if you will be able to pay your bills or even eat for that day. Some roller coaster rides you will have friends ride with you. Other rides the same friend will not ride with you. Then there are people who will ride with you and you would not even know they will be next to you until the ride comes up.

I have had talks with people who are in my shoes ( jobless and worried), and they are going on the same ride. They have noticed that “friends” that were around when we had a job are now gone and not found. Then there are family and friends who are even closer to you now than ever before. They now know we need that co-pilot now more than when we had a job and money.

Some people only want to be with you all for status reasons. If you ever fall into my roller coaster ride you will find out the hard way. It is a ride you will not like at all. You never will know who will ride with you until you stand in line for that one roller coaster ride. I know I am not the only one , but I am the only one who will post such thoughts.

Everyone needs to sit back and rethink about how they act during certain rides in life. This is a very scary ride to be on. All I hear from people is well I wish I could help. You will find out real fast, it’s not what you know but who you know in life. And sometimes the ones you do know are not worth knowing after all. Then there are those who are the best one to have around for the ride.

QOUTE OF THE DAY ; Decide to love and do what you like. (St. Augustine).

Use Your Tools The Right Way.

24 Sep

I have worked in many bodyshops. One thing I noticed is that tools do not make you a good painter or bodyman I have seen people with $30,000 worth of tools and yet they can not fix a dent right. I have seen bodymen with $1,000 worth of tools , yet they can replace a roof of a car with no problem.

Money is nothing but a tool to pay bills. Just because you may have a butt load of money, does not mean you are good with your tools. Look at the governments of this world. Look at all the rich people going broke or needing more just to ” survive”. Yet there are unemployed and poor people out there making it work everyday. People need to learn to work with the tools they have. If you do not have the knowledge to use the tools, then you will never be able to fix your problems.

Remember money is just a tool, not a toy. Learn how to use your tools so you do not need more tools (GREED ) to fix an easy problem.

There are those out there who do not have the right amount of knowledge yet they have the tools, and there are those who have the knowledge and not enough tools.


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way. (Christopher Morley ).

Slow Your Role.

20 Sep

How many of you out there hear people talking about what they do not have ? Do they act like they are happy or upset that they do not have what they want ? I have noticed that the ones who keep chasing after what they do not have , they are never happy. As soon as they get what they have been wanting, they will turn their head and look in another direction and find something else they want. They then are not happy again.

If you are never satisfied with what you have, you will always be upset. Look at people who have 6 cars or 80 pair of jeans. They seem to have this dislike of themselves deep down inside of them. What about the person who works 12-16 hour days. There are those who are always chasing after that extra client . They are not happy with the business they have ( now if you’re losing business and about to go under, then get those customers ). There are those who have 5 kinds of phones and computers and they are wanting the next great gadget. They act unhappy until they get it ( just for about 5 minutes then they are not happy ).

Teach yourself to be happy with what you have. If you change your behavior, your attitude will follow. Heck I still have the boob tube type of T.V. I am very happy with what I have. I am not worried about what I do not have. I have ripped up furniture. I am happy with what I have, I could have no furniture ( homeless ). I am happy even though I have no job at the moment. It could be worse, I could be 6 feet under.

I had this good friend who use to always say; “you want some, you got none.” That saying falls into this subject. It means you are always chasing after what you do not have , and to be happy with what you got. So be happy with where you are at, not where you wish you were at . Don’t get me wrong goals are good. They give you something to live for. But be happy in the moment you are in right now.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Dreams are what get you started. Disipline is what keeps you going. ( Jim Ryan ).

Death Penalty, for it or against it ?

16 Sep

Now this is a touchy subject. The death penalty. Are you for it or against it ? There are those out there who think it is a great deterrent on crime. I may be wrong, but all of the stats I read on it says other wise. State that has the death penalty have higher crime rates than those without it. Think about it they are criminals. If this punishment worked, then there would be no more murders.

How do most of you feel about innocent people being put down ? There are those out there who say ,” well mistakes happen.” I learn from my mistakes and I hate to repeat mistakes. In this case the same mistake has been repeated way to many times.

Most of the people who are for the death penalty are against abortion. They say well a child has done nothing wrong and deserves to live. Well so do the innocent people being charged with a crime they did not commit. These are the same people who say the government needs to cut cost. Do you know it cost more to keep someone on death row then to keep them in prison for life? Well it does with all the appeals and the process it take to put someone down.

Here is a question for those who are for this penalty. If your son , daughter or mom was wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit, would you want to see then put in the chair and have the lights turned out on their parade? If you say yes, you are a sick ass person. If you say no not this one time because they are family, then you are one big ass hypocrite. Because everyone is someones family. You can not have it both ways !

I for one am against the death penalty. I would rather have 1000 guilty people in prison for life then to have an innocent person put under all because “it’s the law”.

Also Putting someone down will not bring back the dead from the past. But it may have just ended another innocent persons life. When will this crazy circle end?

We are up there with China, Iran, Iraq ( I think ) , North Korea as far as numbers goes with federal death penalties. Do you want to be in that catagory ?

This is the way I look at it and you may have another way at looking at it. I am open minded about other people having thier point of view, are you?

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Forever be a dreamer ! When your memories outnumber your dreams, the end is near. ( Edge Keynote ).

A Champion or Self Gratifier ( lazy bragger ) ?

14 Sep

I have noticed there are two kinds of people in this world. A self gratifier ( a lazy bragger ) or a true champion. What one are you ?

A self gratifier is one who will sit on their butt and do nothing when no one is around. They will take credit for work they did not do. When others are around they will be the ones who will then work hard to get noticed , and then act like they work like that all the time. They are also the ones who just want the spot light on them , and that is all they care about. They are not a true team player.When the truth is they are very lazy and have this grandiose attitude about themselves. This happens so much in the world of sports and at the work place. I know that you know people like this. If you don’t then maybe you are this type of person.

A true champion is one who works their tail off even when they are the only one in the room. They are the ones who show up to work early or stay late to get a job done. They are the least concerned about employee of the month award. They are the athlete who will sweat their butt off when they are the only one in the weight room or gym. They will play their butt off even if there are only 3 people in the stands. A true champion is not concerned about awards. They will do what it takes to make the company or team a better place to be. If you do not know of anyone like this, then maybe YOU are the true champion .

What one have you been ? And what one will you be from this point forward.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; We must teach our children to dream with open eyes. ( Harry Edwards ).


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