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Be like Grandma.

25 Aug

I have been wanting to write this for some time now. I finally have the time and I am emotionally ready to write this. Back in October 2018 My mother called and said that Grandma is in the hospital and she is very sick. We all were thinking and hoping she would be out in a few days. That was not the case. She progressively became sicker as time went on. I was sad to hear this because my Grandma was such a caring and loving lady. She lived a simple life yet she knew how to handle her business while making things happen with what she had in her life. My grandmother even owned her own hair salon back when women were to just stay home and cook. She was always ahead of her time. She loved life and everyone regardless of who, what, or where they came from.

October 19th, 2018 my mother said that the doctor told her that Grandma K may not make it past the weekend. I started to cry ( I’m getting choked up writing this, this is tough). I texted my mom asking if I can talk to grandma K one more time. She said yes. I was trying so hard to not cry or sound sad when my mom called so I could talk to grandma K ( I am wiping tears off my face now as I type this). When my mother handed the phone to my grandmother, my grandmother asked: “is this Chad”? Even at the age of 100 yrs and 6 months while not doing so well she still could tell I was on the other end of the phone. Throughout life when I would call her she always would say: “this must be Chad”, then she would laugh, she loved to laugh. She could always tell who I was by the sound of my voice.

The first thing she said to me while taking deep breaths while in the hospital bed was: ” Chad you need to go take care of your granddaughter and daughter, be the best grandfather and father you can possibly be”. I was hyperventilating, I didn’t want her to know how sad I was while she was in the state she was in. It was the toughest phone call yet the most important loving phone conversation. Grandma K then proceeded to say: ” she was the best mom she could have been, she did her best and raised her children the best she could, being a good parent is the most important thing in life”. In the background, I heard my mom and her sister ( I could not tell who it was) say:” you are the best mom and you did an outstanding job raising us kids ( while they were sniffling from the sadness). Grandma K then said: “you need to get off the phone and go take care of your lovely family, I’ll be okay, do not worry about me”.  The phone call lasted 3 minutes, the saddest yet the best 3-minute phone call I will have for a very long time.

Man, this is so tough to type, the tears are flowing like a flooded river!

Even in the last few hours of my grandmothers’ life, she was talking about family. She didn’t utter a word about, money, jobs, cars, clothes, houses, bank accounts, or anything else that would not go with her in the afterlife.

To her family and the way you treat others was the most important thing in life. So important that is all she talked about with me on the last phone call I had with her on October 19th,2018. I wish everyone in this world would act like Grandma K. We can all learn from her.

I feel like she is still watching over me even though she passed away early in the morning of October 21st,2018. She loved Butterflies. This summer I have seen more butterflies than I have in the last 30 years, some even will follow me when I’m outside walking or be on my car as I drive. Some people believe cardinals are family members watching over them, in this case, it’s butterflies, Grandma K loved butterflies.

Let’s all act like Grandma K and remember what’s important in life: The way we treat others with kindness and making sure family comes before material items.


Historic Eyesores

14 Aug

Recently there has been a huge outcrying from White supremacists concerning statues (on top of their obvious hate towards others). These fools say that these statutes relating to the civil war are a part of history. They are a part of history, and a negative part at that. There is another part of our history , that’s shitting our diapers as children. Do we hold onto that part of history? Hell no, unless you are a white supremacist I guess.

The only reason these fools want to keep these negative eyesores out in the public for display, is for intimidation purposes only. History is written in words. But then again most white supremacists can not read.  These fools want to keep intimidating ugly eyesores out in the open only to make them feel empowered. They are losing their “white superiority ” status, this is their last cry for power. There are places in the south that still have “whites only “, “colored only” signs. Why? Intimidation, nothing more, nothing less. Fredericksburg, Virginia still has slave auction blocks on display in some of their parks. Why? Intimidation purposes only. It has nothing to do with history. History can be read, and should be. Words make you think, images are to stimulate your emotions, good or bad. If you read about a naked man or woman, it makes you think. If you see a naked man or woman, it gets you stimulated. Same thing for these negative ugly history images that the white supremacists love.

These ugly eyesores are in the same category as a diaper full of shit.  You throw away the shit filled diaper, or you will get a rash and smell up the place. Same Thing for these ugly racist historic images, they will cause a rash among Americans and stink up the place. They need to go, unless you are a white supremacists with a  diaper full of shit.

I do not want to go back to shit filled diapers. I also do not think most humans want to go back to the days of these racist images.

Slow Your Role.

20 Sep

How many of you out there hear people talking about what they do not have ? Do they act like they are happy or upset that they do not have what they want ? I have noticed that the ones who keep chasing after what they do not have , they are never happy. As soon as they get what they have been wanting, they will turn their head and look in another direction and find something else they want. They then are not happy again.

If you are never satisfied with what you have, you will always be upset. Look at people who have 6 cars or 80 pair of jeans. They seem to have this dislike of themselves deep down inside of them. What about the person who works 12-16 hour days. There are those who are always chasing after that extra client . They are not happy with the business they have ( now if you’re losing business and about to go under, then get those customers ). There are those who have 5 kinds of phones and computers and they are wanting the next great gadget. They act unhappy until they get it ( just for about 5 minutes then they are not happy ).

Teach yourself to be happy with what you have. If you change your behavior, your attitude will follow. Heck I still have the boob tube type of T.V. I am very happy with what I have. I am not worried about what I do not have. I have ripped up furniture. I am happy with what I have, I could have no furniture ( homeless ). I am happy even though I have no job at the moment. It could be worse, I could be 6 feet under.

I had this good friend who use to always say; “you want some, you got none.” That saying falls into this subject. It means you are always chasing after what you do not have , and to be happy with what you got. So be happy with where you are at, not where you wish you were at . Don’t get me wrong goals are good. They give you something to live for. But be happy in the moment you are in right now.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Dreams are what get you started. Disipline is what keeps you going. ( Jim Ryan ).

Flash Mobs.

21 Aug

From watching the news and reading the news, I guess this is the new trend among teenage kids. But the problem with flash mobs are they can become dangerous. Here in Kansas City 3 kids was shot and rushed to the Hospital . These kids also play knock out ( google that if you have no idea what it is ). This happened with in 50 yards of the Mayor. After that he decided a curfew should be in place. I bet if he was not there, there would be no curfew. There have been unruly kids and killings going on for decades now.

This is my opinion as to why kids have gotten way out of hand, and it’s not because I am in my 40’s. It’s from what I see and hear. It all starts with the parents or lack of parents. When I was a kid I never saw ” dads” walking around with a sag or their hat tilted to the side with oversized shirts acting like they was some kind of teenage gang-banger. I never saw a ” mom” dress with clothes bought at the same store as their daughter. I never saw ” parents” at school sporting events getting drunk in the parking lot like they was 20 or younger. Stop going to the night clubs and acting young, you’re not.

You even have these ” parents” having keggers with their kids and their friends. You even hear of stories of “parents” smoking weed with the kids or hanging on the street corner selling dope with their kids. If kids see their parents acting ignorant, they will act just as bad if not worse.

When I was young adults acted like adults, dressed like adults , and punished us kids like we were kids. STOP trying to be like your child or be a friend. You are to be a parent. And if you are doing what your parent did, then break the chain of stupidity and help stop these flash mob games.

You also hear kids say that they have nothing to do. Well when I was a kid I had 3 channels on the T.V., one beat up bike ,  a few gloves and balls , and old running shoes. My curfew was the street lights, no mayor had to impose a curfew. I had parents who did that for me, and if I did not follow the rules, my butt had a meeting with old leather belt.

Kids today have X-BOX 360, I-POD, I-PAD, NITENDO WII , PLAYSTATION 2,3,4,5…, INTERNET, CABLE WITH 400 CHANNELS, AND CELL PHONES. What more do they need ??? Answer ; parents who dress like adults and act like adults. Yes you can joke around, clown around, say silly stuff. But put down the booze, drugs, pull up your pants and shop at Sears, Target, K-Mart, Gordmans, Lane Bryant, Wal-Mart , or J.C. Penny.. ( you get the idea, I hope ). The other stores are for the kids or tools in their 20’s…

QOUTE OF THE DAY; It is never too late to be what you might have been. ( George Eliot ).

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