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We are family.

8 Nov

Have you ever known of a family whose parents are super nice and polite? Then you find out they have some children who act unruly and cause all kinds of havoc? Sometimes no matter how great of a parent one may be, the kids will be a menace to society. It’s in their DNA and they have a brain and conscious of their own.  You have some parents who are a complete mess and the kids grow up to be doctors. It goes both ways.

This is what I see in Washington D.C and politics. We now have a congress who are acting like those unruly kids, and the Whitehouse are the parents who try to do everything right. Everything the President says or does, the GOP, and tea-party do just the opposite to make things difficult. Its getting to be foreseen before it even happens ( it’s like known that the bad child will end up in prison ). The Whitehouse can only do so much. The GOP in Congress have it set in their head that they will do whatever they want, even if it ruins America.

Back before President Obama, congress was doing the right thing and life was okay. Congress acted like the future doctor, and the Whitehouse from 2001-2009 ( Bush-era ) acted like the messed up parents, who had no idea on how to be a parent.

Let’s send the GOP and tea-party to therapy ( vote them out in 2014 ) and adopt some good kids ( democrats), so we can be a family again. The ones who act right.


Who depends on the Government?

22 Sep

I decided to write this blog while at work ( I am writing it at home off from work). It all stems from Mitt Romney saying the lower 47% depends on the federal government for help. Well from what I have found out from my studying this comment, I came to the conclusion that everyone depends on the federal government, even politicians when they retire ( free paychecks and free healthcare for life from our taxes).

I started looking at numbers and what not. Yes most of the money spent is on these ( welfare,Medicare,Medicaid,food stamps) grouped into one group health and human services) $893 billion for 2012. Have the economy pick up ( jobs with livable wages and this number will drop). Then there is Social Security $815 billion for 2012 ( most is paid for from our payroll taxes from when we worked). What’s hurting this program is the federal government dipping into this to pay for their general fund ( see even the politicians depend on the government’s money). Then there is extended unemployment benefits ( probably from the general fund), could not find any numbers on this one. The 6 month unemployment is paid for by unemployment insurance from previous employer, not YOUR PAYCHECK. Any unemployment that is more than 6 months does come from the government. Yes there are people who takes advantage of these programs because they are lazy. But most are people who want to do better, and most are retired folks who did the best they could with what they had, so stop condemning the 47%.

Now here is the rest of my story. Subsidies paid to industries is not as big of a number as I first thought, but they do have a number. That to me says that even big rich entities rely on the federal government for help. The agricultural industry is looking at $140 billion for 2012. The biggest receivers in 2011 were the states of Iowa, Illinois, and Texas in that order. Most farms are now ran by corporations, the family farmers are the minority. Then there is the energy sector, looking at $43 billion for 2012. Exxon Mobil made $41 billion in profits in 2011, why do they need government help? The transportation industry is looking at $90 billion for 2012. That includes the airline, train, and bus industries. Bailouts for the airlines and trains have been going on for decades. It also includes the maintenance of the roads, airports, and rail yards.

Now onto the banks of America. Subsidies for the banking industry started way back in 1913, I think this was before President Obama was President ( I may be wrong in the eyes of the tea party or GOP folks). Since 1913 the banks have gotten subsidies totaling $7.77 trillion folks, imagine that. And people get catty over food stamps and welfare? Since 2007 the big six banks; JP MORGAN, BANK OF AMERICA, CITIGROUP, WELLS FARGO, GOLDMAN SACHS, MORGAN STANLEY has received over $460 billion in subsidies. The banking industry accounts for 63% of the daily debt to the government for this and borrowing money that we do not even hear about. And people think grandma and grandpa on social security are the nations debt problem ? Really?  Subsidies are for 3 reasons. 1 to stop an industry from going under ( record profits in most industries), 2 for keeping the costs down ( costs of goods are higher now), 3 to stimulate the industries to hire( unemployment is at a 50 yr high).

Now the military spending. I am all for the military, we need to keep AMERICA safe not the world. I was also in the Air Force as well. For 2012 thee government will spend $766 billion. Now this can be cut down by getting out of most of the countries in the world,and stop giving money to countries that want to destroy our way of life. Send our troops home and protect AMERICA.

Remember that the Congress sets the budget and decides what’s spent, not the President. Remember the government revenue is at a 60 year low, and experts say it’s because of the low tax rates set up by President Bush and extended by President Obama.

ALSO when MITT ROMNEY was head of the 2002 OLYMPICS and he is praised for fixing it, he GOT $1.5 BILLION from the federal government.

So who is DEPENDANT on the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT? My answer is everyone that lives in AMERICA.

Hope you start to see the hypocrisy in the fact that people condemn one side of AMERICA and stick up for the other side.

Rick Santorum, please. Now Mitt Romney.

27 Feb

Okay are you all fed up with the hypocrisy in politics? First you hear people like Rick Santorum say President Obama is trying to destroy America. When President Obama tries to encourage people to go to college, Mr. Santorum has the balls to say the President is a snob ( that’s like one 400 pound person saying  you are out of shape). Why would someone think a person is a snob when they want others to better themselves? Could it be that Mr. Santorum will have to work harder because he will run into book smart people trying to take whatever job he has? The 1% hates to compete, look at the laws they have passed to make it harder to live the American dream.

Then Mr. Santorum does not like contraception and any law that allows same-sex marriage, and he talks about having a smaller government. Yet he is all for laws like the patriot act and drug testing unemployed people. Those laws right there require more government. I guess people like Mr. Santorum like smaller government when others need government, and he wants larger government when he wants to pass moral laws. He would like less laws for Wall Street , yet he is willing to pass more moral laws to control Americans.

I am very surprised that even 10 people in America would vote for this person. To me he is as scary as the Taliban but he tries to act like and talk like he is Gods right hand man.

You can say that hypocrisy is on the other side of the fence as well. The other side wants more regulation for banks, but less for drugs. They say the are for protection of the environment, yet we are drilling more now in America then we every have in the past.

I guess my point is, if you look at politics today , they are all alike but with different words coming out of their mouth. I guess that’s why Santorum has the definition he has when you do a search of his name.

UPDATED 2/28/2012 ; I just heard Mitt Romney talk. He has said in the past it’s not the government’s job to creat jobs. That it is the economies job, and the market system. Today he said President Obama has done nothing to fix the economy, and that he would creat jobs in America. He can not have it both ways. Now which way is it Mr. Romney? He also said he will restore the Keystone pipeline. If I am correct, that oil will go in the pipeline from Canada onto boats right to China. America gets none of the oil, China has bout it already. He has the people who listen to him thinking the oil is for America. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

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