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We are family.

8 Nov

Have you ever known of a family whose parents are super nice and polite? Then you find out they have some children who act unruly and cause all kinds of havoc? Sometimes no matter how great of a parent one may be, the kids will be a menace to society. It’s in their DNA and they have a brain and conscious of their own.  You have some parents who are a complete mess and the kids grow up to be doctors. It goes both ways.

This is what I see in Washington D.C and politics. We now have a congress who are acting like those unruly kids, and the Whitehouse are the parents who try to do everything right. Everything the President says or does, the GOP, and tea-party do just the opposite to make things difficult. Its getting to be foreseen before it even happens ( it’s like known that the bad child will end up in prison ). The Whitehouse can only do so much. The GOP in Congress have it set in their head that they will do whatever they want, even if it ruins America.

Back before President Obama, congress was doing the right thing and life was okay. Congress acted like the future doctor, and the Whitehouse from 2001-2009 ( Bush-era ) acted like the messed up parents, who had no idea on how to be a parent.

Let’s send the GOP and tea-party to therapy ( vote them out in 2014 ) and adopt some good kids ( democrats), so we can be a family again. The ones who act right.


Does Guilt hold you back?

10 Oct

I have had this thought on my mind for a while now. I hope I can explain it in a way that you the reader understands where I am coming from. Talking from the economic stance in life, does having guilt of being a financial achiever while others are left behind hold you back from going after money? I often wonder how I would feel or think if I had an opportunity to make a lot of money. I often wonder if I have had the chance but did not notice it or go after it because of some silly excuse all because of a guilty feeling inside of me.

I sit back and think do people say they are where they are because of the lack of opportunity out there? Or is that an excuse masking their guilt they carry? Do I or others feel that if the money comes along they feel they will forget where they came from and/or leave family and friends in the dust?

The way I see it is there is a fine line between not following the money because of guilt and forgetting where you came from and not feeling guilty. Granted the opportunities to get to the top are so few in today’s economy, but there are still some chances . If I ever reached my goal, I would never forget  those that were there with me through thick and thin.

I sometimes wonder if athletes have the same guilt drama in their body as to why some fail at winning , and have all kinds of excuses for failure. Do athletes feel that their friends will no longer be friends if they beat them?

Guilt is very powerful if you have a conscious and care about others in life. If guilt is holding us back, then we need to figure out a balance for financial success and not forgetting those we care about. I know I will never have the mind set of “I got mine screw you”.

I would like for people to comment on this blog so a nice debate can go on. I want to hear your thoughts or ideas on this matter.

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