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Be like Grandma.

25 Aug

I have been wanting to write this for some time now. I finally have the time and I am emotionally ready to write this. Back in October 2018 My mother called and said that Grandma is in the hospital and she is very sick. We all were thinking and hoping she would be out in a few days. That was not the case. She progressively became sicker as time went on. I was sad to hear this because my Grandma was such a caring and loving lady. She lived a simple life yet she knew how to handle her business while making things happen with what she had in her life. My grandmother even owned her own hair salon back when women were to just stay home and cook. She was always ahead of her time. She loved life and everyone regardless of who, what, or where they came from.

October 19th, 2018 my mother said that the doctor told her that Grandma K may not make it past the weekend. I started to cry ( I’m getting choked up writing this, this is tough). I texted my mom asking if I can talk to grandma K one more time. She said yes. I was trying so hard to not cry or sound sad when my mom called so I could talk to grandma K ( I am wiping tears off my face now as I type this). When my mother handed the phone to my grandmother, my grandmother asked: “is this Chad”? Even at the age of 100 yrs and 6 months while not doing so well she still could tell I was on the other end of the phone. Throughout life when I would call her she always would say: “this must be Chad”, then she would laugh, she loved to laugh. She could always tell who I was by the sound of my voice.

The first thing she said to me while taking deep breaths while in the hospital bed was: ” Chad you need to go take care of your granddaughter and daughter, be the best grandfather and father you can possibly be”. I was hyperventilating, I didn’t want her to know how sad I was while she was in the state she was in. It was the toughest phone call yet the most important loving phone conversation. Grandma K then proceeded to say: ” she was the best mom she could have been, she did her best and raised her children the best she could, being a good parent is the most important thing in life”. In the background, I heard my mom and her sister ( I could not tell who it was) say:” you are the best mom and you did an outstanding job raising us kids ( while they were sniffling from the sadness). Grandma K then said: “you need to get off the phone and go take care of your lovely family, I’ll be okay, do not worry about me”.  The phone call lasted 3 minutes, the saddest yet the best 3-minute phone call I will have for a very long time.

Man, this is so tough to type, the tears are flowing like a flooded river!

Even in the last few hours of my grandmothers’ life, she was talking about family. She didn’t utter a word about, money, jobs, cars, clothes, houses, bank accounts, or anything else that would not go with her in the afterlife.

To her family and the way you treat others was the most important thing in life. So important that is all she talked about with me on the last phone call I had with her on October 19th,2018. I wish everyone in this world would act like Grandma K. We can all learn from her.

I feel like she is still watching over me even though she passed away early in the morning of October 21st,2018. She loved Butterflies. This summer I have seen more butterflies than I have in the last 30 years, some even will follow me when I’m outside walking or be on my car as I drive. Some people believe cardinals are family members watching over them, in this case, it’s butterflies, Grandma K loved butterflies.

Let’s all act like Grandma K and remember what’s important in life: The way we treat others with kindness and making sure family comes before material items.


I dare you to read this!

27 Feb

There are those out there who think taking care of oneself or thinking about oneself is the best practice in life. Whether if it’s ones personal life, the business world or on a sports team. I am here to tell you that is the wrong way to go through life.

Here is a prime example of my belief system. Last week Kansas City,Missouri had a nice snow storm. After it stopped snowing , I went out and started to shovel the snow. Not only did I do my stoop and sidewalk. I kept on shoveling down the sidewalk and up other people’s stoops. All the while the other men on the street just did their sidewalk and stoop. They did however stop and stare at me as if I was nuts (I am the oldest man on the block and in the best shape).

Well this week we had another snow storm. By the time I got outside to shovel, the other men started doing what I did the last week. They did not stop at the end of their sidewalk. They kept on shoveling other folks stoops and sidewalks. I may have looked like odd man out the first time, but I led by example. The older folks and single ladies didn’t have to fend for themselves. Paying it forward is contagious.

Look at it this way in the business world. A good CEO or manager will only make themselves better, and a great CEO or manager will make the whole company or department better. It’s called leading by example. It’s called motivation. It’s called longevity. A good CEO or manager will cut cost on their product or use the scare tactic to make a profit. A great CEO or manager will get their workers to do the right thing out of the kindness of their heart and willingness to please the higher-ups.

A good athlete will go for the best stats on the team and not the win. When they get tired of losing they will ask to be traded. A great player will stay on the same team and get the rest of the players to step it up for the championship trophy. Their stats are secondary and the team’s success is primary. When the team becomes the best , then their stats will also be the leagues best in the end.


HOPE! It’s more then just a word.

19 Sep

Today my friends, I’m going to talk about the word hope. This is one word that starts out as an open ending word, and what follows this powerful word sends the meaning of the word in one direction or another.

The dictionaries definition is this ; a feeling that what is wanted will happen, desire accompanied. To want or expect. Today this word is more powerful than any other word I can think of in our vocabulary. The economy is still rough, politics are nasty as they ever been, and friends or not so good of friends use both (economy & politics) to try to make you feel inferior. They are “hoping” that you cave in and submit to their ways with not so good tactics. So HOPE in their world is of the negative ending, from my point of view.

I try to hope for a better word, less arguing, hating, stealing, hoarding,killings,ect… What sounds better to you? I HOPE HE WINS? or, I HOPE HE GETS HIS BUTT BEAT DOWN AND LOSES? I would say the first question. But there are a lot of people who think in the mindset of the second question. That to me is sad. We as a world need to finish the word HOPE with a positive ending of words. It may not fix the economy or politics, but it sure will make people feel better and not stressed out. That my friend may change minds of companies ,and they may start hiring again. Politics may calm down, your neighbor may say hello to you, your family may be happier as well.

I hope 10,000 people read this, even if they post nasty comments or disagree. I hope I can change some minds on how they think. I hope you have a healthy life. I hope you wake up happy even if you have to do something you do not like that day. I hope you can eat more than one meal a day. I hope your family is a loud one, that means they are alive and healthy. I hope you help your neighbor, even if you are not talkative with them.  I hope your heater does not break during the winter.

The only way to put HOPE into action is to change the way you think . Then act upon it with good intentions, even if you do not make a single penny off of your actions. Good HOPE will take the stress and frown lines out of your face as well. Good hope will make you more attractive to others.

Even if you are not a religious person , read PSALMS CHAPTERS 9-10. Those are so true to todays world. It will take 3 minutes to read them.


Hope hat on ZAZZLE. http://www.zazzle.com/hope_trucker_hat-148818285801933475

Hard working Farmers.

24 Aug

Hello, it’s me again with my 4 cents of knowledge. There are two bible verses I am going to put in this blog and then break it down from my side of the green lawn. You do not need to be a christian or religious to see where I am coming from when I break it down.

Here is the first verse PROVERBS 19:24  “Some people are too lazy to put food in their own mouths”. Now there are those who will automatically think of the poor, unemployed, and those on welfare. That’s all we hear today is that people who are poor is because they are lazy and hate work. Like I have said in the past, some of the hardest workers are the factory workers. Most laid off are laid off not from being lazy, but from a poorly mismanaged company or the greed at the top wanting that persons paycheck.

Some of the laziest people I have ever meet in my lifetime are the people with the big homes and big yards. They may have money, but they are “too lazy to put food in their own mouths”. They have people mow their yards, wash their cars, and raise their own kids. They sit behind a desk and have others do their work. All they do is give orders, while the rest is doing all the work. So next time you see a well off person, think to yourself do they feed themselves ( do physical work) or does someone feed them?

One time while I was in the 6th grade, this family that lived close to me was pretty well off in my eyes. They had their own business and had a nice sized home with 4 cars. One day the kid got a flat tire on his bike. The kid went to his father to change the flat tire. The father turned to me and asked if I could change the tire, he said he didn’t know how to fix it. He said he never had to do anything like that before. From that point on in my life, I never assumed that rich people worked hard and that poor people were lazy. Because at that moment I was the poor one and I had to do his work, right in front of his child.

Second Bible verse, PROVERBS 28:19 “A hard-working farmer has plenty to eat. People who waste time will always be poor”. To me the farmer in this verse is a person who knows how to use his hands or has a gift or skill. People who can fix cars, paint homes,build homes,raise food ( chickens or corn), fix appliances, cut hair, cook food, ect…will never ever go hungry. People who waste time are the ones who sit back belch out orders and are considered managers or C.E.O.’s. All they know what to do is scare others into doing work. Granted some of these people know how to do what “hard-working farmers” can do. but a majority have business degrees or inherited the business. They have no skills in the physical part of life, or a trade. Now if the economy falls apart, who will survive? The “hard-working farmers” ( people with a trade or skills), or the ones who wasted time ( giving orders ) ? If you have to survive out in the wild the person with skills will eat all day, while the person who gave orders will starve. Think about it.

Help the poor.

16 Aug

I am going to take a Bible verse from the bible and break it down as to how I see it. There is one word in this verse that gets some people worked up, and This word affects every living person on this planet.

PROVERBS 21:13 If you refuse to listen to the poor, your own cry for help will not be heard.

I will give you one guess as to what word I am talking about…… Have you figured it out yet? The word is POOR. So many people automatically assume this is all about money, financial wealth. Well I disagree whole heartedly.

Poor to me is having less than others, and that we all can agree on. But a person can have all the money in the world and be very poor in so many other parts of his/her life. A homeless money less person  can be very wealthy in other parts of their lives.

Lets take for instance a C.E.O. of a major corporation. This person may be poor in human relations, health, education, the ability to paint a picture or sculpture something out of clay. Maybe they have no way in fixing things because they may be poor in mechanical skills. Just because a person has lots of financial wealth, does not mean they are not poor.

A homeless person who has no money may be wealthy in street knowledge, have a PhD, play the drums, is great with human interaction, or can paint a car to look like a million bucks. This person may also have the best health and lives to be 100 years old, while the C.E.O lives to be 58.

So the poor people do need help. The C.E.O. needs to be taught or educated on how to be wealthy in the rest of his/her life. The homeless person needs help getting back up on their feet. We as grown up adults are all poor in some form or another.

When I talk about helping the poor, some people assume I am talking about giving handouts with cash money. These same people have the mind-set and also have said, “I GOT MINE THEY CAN FIGHT FOR THEIRS”. All I can do is chuckle inside because these people have a one track mind. I feel sorry for people who think like this.

I have also been told I’m all about class warfare because I talk about the poor needing help. People that think like this, to me needs more help then they think.

We can all teach each other about something we are wealthy with. Everyone is poor no matter how much money you have. Think about it.




14 Aug

Words in the American language can mean different things when you place them in a certain way. Some words are harmful no matter how you use them or where you put them in a sentence. Then there are these two words; YOU & PEOPLE. Alone they are harmless and can even be used in a positive manner. Like “you are doing a great job”. Or ” the people over there cleaned up the mess”.

When you put these two words together, that on the other hand is when things get nasty. In no way , shape, or form can YOU PEOPLE be used in a polite manner or mean anything positive. The individual using this term has an EGO problem and they think they are above and beyond the group they are directing their words to. These two words when put next to each other are ment to harm or degrade the folks being talked down to. It can be directed towards people of race, religious beliefs, national origin, political views, financial status, sexual status, and so on…. There is no way to use these words in a GOOD SITUATION.

Folks anytime you hear these words, this is a red flag that the person doing the talking thinks ILL thoughts of you. In my mind they think they are above the people they are talking to, when in fact they feel inferior and are trying to bring you down with these words so they feel like they have power. They may in fact have little power because they are in the minority and feel they need to group people together in a negative way so they feel GOD like.

So in closing, next time these words are used, GRIN in a nice manner and ask ” WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE”? See if they stumble and know that they do not think very highly of you.

This is from PROVERBS 4:23 Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.  http://www.zazzle.com/proverbs_4_23_bible_verse_bumper_sticker-128310040133929226

You may or may not be a religious person, but some verses or quotes from the book can fit into every persons life, even in today’s life.


Fact or just complaining?

9 Apr

Today at work someone was stating something and I said it was a fact. Another worker said it was complaining. I then said there is a difference from stating facts or complaining. He said in his mind they are one in the same. He is somewhat right. Both can be one in the same and I will explain as this blog goes on.

First I will describe what facts are in the way I see them. It is a fact if you tell someone the time or the temperature. It is also a fact if you let people know how many hours you have to work or how much your gas bill is. When you state something that can not be denied , it is a fact.

Now here is where the two can merge together. If you state a fact with a sour look on your face and whine about a fact, then it can be taken as a complaint. Instead of just saying it is 6:30 P.M. with no off kilter body language or a different pitched voice, it’s a fact. But if you act like you are about to cry or yell that it’s only 6:30 P.M. and throw in some cuss words, then yes that fact will sound like you are complaining. Remember , it’s how you say something and the way you act when you say it. You can turn a fact into a complaint.

Now here is where a complaint is a complaint no matter how you say it. If you use words or phrases like ; Why me? How come I…? Why the F… are you looking at me? Damit , I only have a quarter!!! Throwing in expletives and the why’s,how come’s, and the you are always …., type of quotes. Those will always sound bad and will always be looked at as complaining, no matter how big of a grin you have on your face and how nice your voice is when you say them.

Opinions can be looked at as complaining. If you say that it is hot or cold out, others may say ” stop you whining”. When in fact you just stated your opinion. It’s all in your tone of voice and your body language.

Remember how to keep facts as facts, so the outside people looking in do not think you are complaining. It’s your tone of voice, your body language, and the words you use and the order in how you use them.

P.S. Complaining behind closed doors every now and then is good so that you don’t get stressed out. It’s called venting, just do not do it in public or when you want to state a true fact.

Running to clear my mind or feel the pain.

23 Feb

Today on my day off from my part-time job I went for a nice 3 mile “run”. It was the first time running in 4-5 months and I can tell. I am going to get back in the swing of things so I get back in shape for the summer road races ( I love the atmosphere of the road races ).

While I was jogging a lot of thoughts was running in my head. Like the encounter I had with a person who has been at the job longer then me and what he said. Every time I start to show my real abilities at a job, those above me start to feel threatened because they see that I am much smarter than they are and a harder worker. That is why most of the time I dumb down my abilities so that I will not get harassed by people with more pull.

This is what happened ( I will not give full details because I can’t). I was following the SOP and It was making this person work harder than they wanted to. He later tried to tell me not to follow the SOP. I will not do that because I almost feel as though I am being set up by this person.

Also I was looking at my paycheck and It boggles my mind that I get  paid less working then when I was on unemployment. If you listen to the news and the politicians, everything is getting better and employment is improving. Just look at the facts and numbers they say. The facts have a lot of hidden messages that they are unwilling to talk about and quite frankly, those not hurting do not want to hear the truth.

Yes the numbers are going down. Why are they going down? Well people are falling off of the books because the jobs are not out there. Those who find work , end up finding work like me. There are just part-time jobs that pay $300.00 a week or less.  I am part of the reason the numbers look better now than in the past. Washington and the media will make you think people like me are making over $30,000 a year and living nicely. The part they leave out is how much I bring home and it is under $300.00 per week , and I drive 80 miles a day for this job and pay close to $4.00 a gallon of gas.

I am not whining or complaining. I am stating facts. I am always seeing the bright side of things. I have my health, the ability to say what I want to say , have the type of friends and family I enjoy, and run in pain because I am out of shape.

This country has a very long way to go to get back in shape. Maybe the corporations and politicians need to go on some runs with me so they can think, or feel my pain. They sure in the heck are not seeing the truth behind the blurred facts or listening to the underemployed or unemployed.

Everyone get out and run so you can think freely like I do. Everyone needs to pull their pants up and fix what is wrong with this country.

Pay it Forward.

19 Feb

Today is the start of a new challenge for everyone. How about getting out of your comfort zone and try new things. Get away from your computer, your ” smart phone” , the T.V. and see what the out doors looks and smells like. Join a fitness club, jog in the park , enter in road races. Too many people sit around and talk about the ” good old days” , instead of still living the good old days. The days of the past everyone was out doors talking to people face to face , running around playing sports or having fun at parks or fitness centers. Talk is very cheap ( look at our elected officials).

Go outside and talk to someone you know you have nothing in common with. By the end of the conversation you may have done something, like make a new friend or learn something from that person. We as a country need to stop being sheltered up physically and mentally. One thing we all can agree on is that these Tea Party and Occupy movements has people talking . Now instead of just talking ( text or chat rooms) get outside and see what other humans look and act like. Let us all be kind to each other and not argue over petty crap. A great talker is an even better listener.

So while you are at the gym getting your workout on or at a park, turn to another human and talk to them. When you are in that road race you are going to join, talk to the other runners and listen to how they think about subjects. We are the ones that will change this country , not the politicians or the corporations. Do not count on them to make this a better place, they are only concerned about their inner circle. Todays better tomorrow starts with your attitude and get outside and have fun and meet new people.

Pay it forward by making life better for those around you.

Why is Our Government Turning on us? (Patriot Act , NDAA , SOPA)

9 Jan

Hello, it has been a while since I last did a blog post. But I decided to give it another whirl. I got to thinking about some of the laws that our government has passed and some that they want to pass. Let’s start with the Patriot Act. To me that is unlawful for the government to have the ability to listen into our phone calls or come into our home with the home owner not knowing about it. Why do they want to micro-manage us? It does not have anything to do with safety. We already have organisations in place for the crazy wackos in this world, and if anyone of us see anything going on we call the cops. What is the government afraid of?

Now the NDAA that was passed in the dead of night and all of Washington passed without a fight. Why did Washington deem AMERICA a battle ground and give them the authority to label anyone of us a threat? What is our government afraid of? The NDAA in years past use to be just for the Defence budget, but they added in extra ” goodies”. 99.99% of us that live in this lovely country are good people, and if someone is up to no good there are agencies in place already to get the bad ones. What is our government afraid of? We hear the excuse about terrorists, yes they are sick and evil. There are agencies in place already, but why all these secret laws that has such an open-ended way of classifying people in place? Why did all of Washington agree on these bills but always fight over the ones that help America?

How about the bill that Washington is about to pass into law called SOPA? It is a law that will make it illegal to post anything on the internet with a copyright on it. It has the ability to punish the people who do this by putting them into prison for up to 5-10 years. So if you like a song or video and post it on you tube, Facebook, or google+ and the government finds out, they can put you in prison. What is the government afraid of? Posting things you like from news articles or music you like is not a crime , unless you are trying to cash in on it. But that’s already a law, so why SOPA? If you jus post something and not cash in on it, how is that a crime?

People of this great country we need to wake up and get educated and not be overjoyed when we get a new gadget. Remove your life from the material goods life, don’t be a zombie. That is part of the occupy movement, it’s not about free handouts it’s about freedoms and rights ( among other good ides). Love your country and yourself get educated and wake up, PLEASE.

QUOTE OF THE DAY; Love yourself, because some days that’s all you have. Once you know how to love yourself , you can love anyone. ( me )

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