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Uber your goals, Lyft your dreams.

1 Nov

I have been driving as an Uber and Lyft driver on the side to make a few dollars. It has been a fun experience and I love it. Each time I set out to drive, I have a destination in mind that I think will be the hotspot for the day. I will turn on the Apps and start the drive to my destination. It never fails and I get pinged to pick riders up before I get to my destination. Now this is a good thing since I am making money. What most of these rides do is take me further and further away from my destination.

All I can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. If I get upset because my rides are taking me further from where I want to be, I will upset the rider and not enjoy my day. So in other words, just go with it. After about 4-5 hours of driving Uber and Lyft riders around, I notice something, I am at my destination after all with money earned.

Why not live life like an Uber or Lyft driver? Have a goal or destination in mind , but let life’s journey take you wherever life’s events take you. Setting a time on your goals or destinations with a set path will make life frustrating. If you just turn on your daily app with a smile and let things happen ( like I do as an Uber , Lyft driver) life will be way more enjoyable. If you force a certain path in life , you will miss out on the journey . It’s like me passing up on the rides just to get to my destination faster, I would have missed out on meeting new people and not making money along the way.

Your time will come when your life’s Uber or Lyft app will say it’s time to end up at your destination or goal. So enjoy the ride in life and learn from the turns you will take to reach your destination.

Time is subjective.

How to end Racism.

16 Nov

This blog is about ending racism. It is so easy to point out racism or wrong doings of other ethnic groups. Doing so diverts attention from the real issue, that’s racism within your own ethnic group. Every ethnic group has some form of racism, but to deny it or not fight it is saying you agree with racism. The fastest way to accept bad behavior is to keep quiet.

I know I am not the only one who has been told that I am the reason racism is alive, that I am the one race baiting. What I do will point out the racist ways within my ethnic group , others in my ethnic group tell me to shut up about it, and then racism will go away. I disagree with that logic.  It is the same logic of letting your child mouth off or call the other parent names while you sit back and say nothing. When both parents do not band together, the child thinks the quiet parent agrees with that child’s bad behavior. That way of thinking only allows the child to act worse day after day.

If you want racism to end, you have to address the cancer within your ethnic group.When you have a medial issue, do you address it and fix it, or do you ignore it thinking it will go away? When you see it, you have to step up and call the person(s) out and stand up for the victim. It’s not a hard concept to do, it’s just a hard concept to accept.

We as humans need to get rid of this cancer in our own ethnic groups, so stand up and end it in your ethnic group. Stop ignoring it , it will not go away unless you chase it away.

Hang your coat on this side. The other side is for girls only.

17 Aug

When I was in the 4th grade my family moved to Sioux City , Iowa from Hinton , Iowa. On the first day of school ( Washington Elementary ), I was shown where to hang my coat by a person who would end up being one of my best friends.  He showed me where to hang my coat in the coat room. He pointed to one side and said ,” hang your coat over here, the other side is for girls only”. When it was time for recess I noticed all of the girls got their coat and took off . My coat was on their side. The boys started to laugh at me.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you something or gives you information , and you find out it’s wrong ?  Is the person trying to be funny ? Is the person trying to get you fired from a job ? Is the person trying to get you out of the starting line up on a sports team ? Do they hate you ? Do they feel intimidated by your talents ? Do they want to see you fail ? Do they want to see you get hurt ?  Do they want you to get lost, and then have you get jumped around the corner ?……..

These are questions everyone needs to ask themselves before they ask where to hang their coats . You need to assess the situation , and think of what the outcome will be if you listen to the person giving you the information . Look at where you are at and where you will be after you ask ; ” where do I hang my coat at ?”  Will you be better off or worse off ? Be careful and think , ” what will they gain if they give me bad information on purpose ?”


QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Do it. Do it right. Do it right now. ( NASA Slogan ).

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