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War on Christianity.

13 Oct

You hear from the Republican party ( who claim to be the party of family and christian values) that there is a war on Christianity. As a Liberal, I will have to agree with them. Anyone who would want programs cut or decimated to help the poor, elderly, children, and disabled are attacking the values and beliefs of a Christian.

Ask yourself this, Who would want such programs defunded or decimated? Take a look at who is writing up these bills to be voted on. It all goes back to those people who claim to be of christian and family values, the republicans. Any chance they get to cut cost on government spending, it’s all programs that help those that Jesus would say need the most help.

Who had the clause to shut down the government if they didn’t get their way? The republicans did this. They get to keep their gym on capital hill open, all the while cancer patients get turned away because there is a partial government shutdown. Republicans are also doing what the terrorists want done to this great country America. They are hurting the economy by shutting down parts of the government, not trying to get laws passed to have corporations send jobs back to America, and ignoring the cry of the poor, all the while helping those who need no help ( filthy rich).

Yes republicans you are right about a war on Christianity, and the republicans are the root cause of the war. Your political beliefs and core values are against all Christian beliefs, look in the mirror when you talk about a war on Christianity.


How to fix the debt. From my angle.

24 Sep

All you hear about is how Congress is in a stalemate. It’s gotten real bad the last 3 years. From the right all they want to do is make huge cuts or get rid of programs with small tax rates. Even if you get rid of programs the past debt is still sitting there. No thanks to Grover Norquist and the Tea Party, the taxes are very hard to raise to bring in revenue. The left wants to do some cuts , but maybe not enough and they want to raise taxes. Raising taxes is picking on the wealthy and punishing success if you are a republican.

The spending from both parties is so out of hand. It just sickens me to think how much they spend and borrow, and all they can do is blame the other person. All the while we as a nation are so financially weak, we could be punked by other nations. By then it will be too late and having all of those cars in your big garages will not matter.

If your house hold gets deep in debt for what ever reason, you trim costs and try to find more revenue ( either ask for more hours or get a second job). This is what Congress needs to do. Here is where my idea comes in.

To please the tea party and all of the Grover’s in this would, leave the Bush tax rates as they are. To please both parties just cut 3% of the spending on all programs but social security and maybe just 2% on military. Do not cut  more or get rid of any programs. Heck even cut 5% on government subsidies. Stop paying other countries money all together. Most of them hate us in the first place.

Now this is where we get more revenue to pay down the debt. Use a regressive consumer tax rate. Have a 3% tax on all non perishable goods sold in the U.S.A. if that item is $1,000 or less. If it’s $1,000.01 up to $10,000 make it 2% and anything over $10,000 charge 1%. Now the whole world will help this great country pay down our debt. If someone in Europe comes over here to visit and buys anything other than food, they helped pay down the debt. If something is ordered on the internet and they live outside America, they helped pay down the debt. If someone here works for cash, they to will help pay down the debt. If someone is unemployed , they will help pay down the debt when they go buy a nice outfit for their interview. Illegal immigrants will help pay down the debt when they spend cash on clothes or cars.

Try this on a 3 year trial to see if it works. If it does keep it going and if not, it’s better than what we have now ( which is nothing but arguing). Plus using a consumer tax also keeps the income tax down that so many folks on the right complain about. It also puts the whole world in play to help our problem.

If you want something to work, you will find a way no matter what it takes. If you want it to fail, you will find every excuse in the book and do nothing but blame others.

Pay it Forward.

19 Feb

Today is the start of a new challenge for everyone. How about getting out of your comfort zone and try new things. Get away from your computer, your ” smart phone” , the T.V. and see what the out doors looks and smells like. Join a fitness club, jog in the park , enter in road races. Too many people sit around and talk about the ” good old days” , instead of still living the good old days. The days of the past everyone was out doors talking to people face to face , running around playing sports or having fun at parks or fitness centers. Talk is very cheap ( look at our elected officials).

Go outside and talk to someone you know you have nothing in common with. By the end of the conversation you may have done something, like make a new friend or learn something from that person. We as a country need to stop being sheltered up physically and mentally. One thing we all can agree on is that these Tea Party and Occupy movements has people talking . Now instead of just talking ( text or chat rooms) get outside and see what other humans look and act like. Let us all be kind to each other and not argue over petty crap. A great talker is an even better listener.

So while you are at the gym getting your workout on or at a park, turn to another human and talk to them. When you are in that road race you are going to join, talk to the other runners and listen to how they think about subjects. We are the ones that will change this country , not the politicians or the corporations. Do not count on them to make this a better place, they are only concerned about their inner circle. Todays better tomorrow starts with your attitude and get outside and have fun and meet new people.

Pay it forward by making life better for those around you.

Thanksgiving dinner with the crazy family members.

6 Sep

How many times have you been to a family gathering and you got the family members who drive you crazy ? You know the two uncles who argue that one is smarter or stronger than the other ? Yet they have the same GPA or can lift the same amount of weight , just on different days. Or that uncle who walks in with a twelve pack of beer ? By the fourth beer he is funny ,yet not loud and obnoxious yet. By the eighth beer you want him to shut up because the stuff he says makes no sense . He is very loud and the only one laughing at his jokes , or the only one who answers his own questions .

Everytime I hear a Republican or Democrat talk, they are the exact same way like those two uncles who argue as to who is better. Both parties while on T.V. or on the radio sound just the same. They have the same ideas , same complaints of the other party. They both sound like a bunch of babies who can not get their way at the dinner table.

Then you have the Tea Party. They say such crazy wacky things that they remind me of that drunk uncle who is funny at first then turns into a pain in the neck. When they talk at first you kinda giggle to yourself , but 3 minutes into their talking you hope they get a bug in their throat so they shut up.

We are the people who sit at the kids table ( voters with no voice in the matter ) , and we get to hear all of the loud noise as we try to watch the football game. How come this country has turned into a crazy Thanksgiving Dinner and not a peaceful family get together ?

Next time they are talking , close your eyes and forget the (R), (D) , or (I) behind the name. You will not be able to tell the clowns apart. Maybe that is why the Beltway around Washington D.C. is a circle, they keep chasing each other around the dinner table. They get nothing done but make us kids at the kiddie table ( voters ) mad and not want to finish dinner ( listen to the fools talk).

For thos of you who are the ones who believe what your uncles are saying is true at  dinner , then you are the cousin who goes out back and smokes your weed you have in your back pocket .

Let’s hope we start having a normal Thanksgiving Dinner some time soon. Or most of this country will not be able to eat dinner at all.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Most people don’t aim to high and miss , they aim to low and hit . ( Bob Moawad ).

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