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Congress proved my point.

27 Apr

This past week a part of the sequester ( cuts in gov. subsidized programs to save money) affected some very rich and powerful people. God forbid if they have to sacrifice with the poor and humble folks of this great nation. Some of the programs that are taking a good hit are cancer patients ( they are being turned away from treatment), unemployment and food stamps ( I think), department of defence , and the FAA (delayed flights). Guess which one the super rich and powerful got all up in arms about? You got it, it was the flight delays.

Super rich and powerful Americans hate to sacrifice and be inconvenienced. They will throw fits and yell until they get their way. They are like that spoiled kid in your class that no one liked. A few congressmen and wealthy businessmen ( who complained to congress) had to sit and wait for their flight delay and hated it so much that they all reversed the cuts to the FAA in less than 2 hours. Do you think they reversed the cuts to the cancer patients? Heck no, they are sacrificing for the American good. Why? Because they are poor and it does not affect the rich and powerful.

The poor and powerless sacrifice 24/7 365. A segment of America hates to be inconvenienced even if it helps the rest of America. A certain group only cares about themselves.  If this does not want you to change the way America works, then I do not think anything will get you motivated to flip the switch.

If a law affects the poor and powerless, then it’s a great sacrifice for the American good. If a law affects the rich and powerful, then it’s class warfare and is unfair,and trust me they will change that law so they are not inconvenienced. If the rich and powerful profit from a law , then it’s capitalism at its best and a good profit motive law. If the poor and powerless profit from a law, then it’s people taking advantage of the American system. It’s people living off of the government. It’s people sucking off of the governments teat.

Whats it going to take for you to say you have had enough of the double standard?


Too much snow on the roof.

21 Feb

I am sitting in my house while it is snowing outside. I have about 12″ plus of snow on the roof of my house. If there is too much weight on a roof, it will break or come crashing down. All homes need little weight at the top and a strong foundation for the house to last a very long time. That is also the same for our economy.

Right now corporations and top executives are making record profits while the rest of us are suffering and living paycheck to paycheck. This is not because of lazy workers or lack of education, it’s due to the top being addicted to greed and power. So few have way too much power and money for the economy to survive at the current condition. At some point this economy will come crashing down fast and hard. The working poor is growing at an alarming rate while becoming more and more financially unstable.

Here is an article I found on the web talking about minimum wages from 1968 compared to todays standard of living. Minimum wages in 1968 was $1.60 and if it kept up with inflation and cost of living , minimum wage today would be $16.50 at the minimum. Instead it’s at $7.35 an hour. http://blog.ourfuture.org/20130219/40-of-americans-now-under-former-minimum-wage .

How was it possible for the country to survive off of the wages back then and the corporations say they can’t pay better today? Yes the cost of living was lower back then, but in comparison to todays standards, wages were at a much higher percentage rate back in 1968 then today.  Too many people are brainwashed into thinking that we have to bow down to the few who are very powerful and very rich. That is not the case, we can stand together and demand a better life. We are the hardest workers and the richest nation in this world. There is no reason we can’t build a better and stronger foundation. Or this roof will come crashing down.


There is a reason the wealthy live in gated communities. They do not want to see the weak foundation they have built while the roof has been built beyond weight-bearing capacity.

Rick Santorum, please. Now Mitt Romney.

27 Feb

Okay are you all fed up with the hypocrisy in politics? First you hear people like Rick Santorum say President Obama is trying to destroy America. When President Obama tries to encourage people to go to college, Mr. Santorum has the balls to say the President is a snob ( that’s like one 400 pound person saying  you are out of shape). Why would someone think a person is a snob when they want others to better themselves? Could it be that Mr. Santorum will have to work harder because he will run into book smart people trying to take whatever job he has? The 1% hates to compete, look at the laws they have passed to make it harder to live the American dream.

Then Mr. Santorum does not like contraception and any law that allows same-sex marriage, and he talks about having a smaller government. Yet he is all for laws like the patriot act and drug testing unemployed people. Those laws right there require more government. I guess people like Mr. Santorum like smaller government when others need government, and he wants larger government when he wants to pass moral laws. He would like less laws for Wall Street , yet he is willing to pass more moral laws to control Americans.

I am very surprised that even 10 people in America would vote for this person. To me he is as scary as the Taliban but he tries to act like and talk like he is Gods right hand man.

You can say that hypocrisy is on the other side of the fence as well. The other side wants more regulation for banks, but less for drugs. They say the are for protection of the environment, yet we are drilling more now in America then we every have in the past.

I guess my point is, if you look at politics today , they are all alike but with different words coming out of their mouth. I guess that’s why Santorum has the definition he has when you do a search of his name.

UPDATED 2/28/2012 ; I just heard Mitt Romney talk. He has said in the past it’s not the government’s job to creat jobs. That it is the economies job, and the market system. Today he said President Obama has done nothing to fix the economy, and that he would creat jobs in America. He can not have it both ways. Now which way is it Mr. Romney? He also said he will restore the Keystone pipeline. If I am correct, that oil will go in the pipeline from Canada onto boats right to China. America gets none of the oil, China has bout it already. He has the people who listen to him thinking the oil is for America. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

Capitalism or Bullies in the Free Market System?

21 Jan

Today I am going to break the term Capitalize and Capitalism down, so that you see my point of view. You can leave comments at the bottom of this page after you read this if you wish. Thank you for reading my page and giving me your thoughts.

Let’s start with Capital ;  This word means the center point of a state, the main city of that state. It also means goods already produced. It also means the first letter of an important word. In other words, Capital is the most important thing in its category. Capitalize means to take advantage of a situation like in sports or the work force or economy. People capitalize on another persons weakness or down moment. If a person sees a weakness in another person, they will try to capitalize on their weakness. Which is sort of acting like a bully.

This is when the word Capitalism comes in. You hear the wealthy gloat about the “free market” or capitalism and how it works. Capitalism works for those who use another persons weak moment and takes all their money. In other words it’s a bully in the money market system taking advantage of the uneducated or weak and ” stealing their money”(which the 1% call capitalism or the free market system at work). So is capitalism really  a FREE market or punk bullies taking advantage of those in need? If capitalism is so great why are so few gaining off of this word? Why are so many suffering if it’s really a free system? I see capitalism as a form is welfare for the lazy rich 1% making money off of the hard-working financially weak 99%. In my eyes everyone who works should be able to capitalize off of the system right now, but the ones not working are the ones making money and the ones working are broke ( low wages and high cost of living set forth by the 1%).

So is capitalism good , or is it just a bunch of punks bullying people around manipulating the system to their feeble ways?

There is a very simple way to change this , but I will talk about that at a later date after I figure out how to word it so everyone can pass the information on. We ( 99%) have got to change so the 1% will change ( or just have change in their pockets ;)).

99% VS. 1%

8 Nov

With this occupy movement going on, you hear people talking about the 1% VS. the 99%. What really is the 1% or 99% anyway ? So many people relate these terms just to money wealth alone. I would add another angle to the terms. To me the term 1% has at least two elements involved, money and the right connections.

If you have X amount of money and can influence a government (local or federal) to pass any kind of law to fit your needs or your companies needs, then you’re in the 1%. If you have X amount of money yet you do not have any connections to have laws passed, then you are not in the 1%. Look at the entertainment and athletic industries for instance. You take the actors/actresses and musicians and athletes. Do they make a good amount of money ? Yes they do. Can they have laws passed to help their own gains ? I think not.

Now let’s take the movie executives and the owners of sports teams. They have great wealth and have connections to have laws passed to help their own gain. They have local governments give them tax breaks to build new facilities when they can pay for it themselves. They have all kinds of tax exempt laws in their favor, or they also get revenue sharing and so on. This also goes for big corporations. They get tax breaks to build in towns or cities, yet they make enough money to pay for it themselves.

Do you get tax breaks to build your home in cities ? No you end up paying more or covering their (1%) tax cuts. Personal wealth does not alone make you the 1%. It’s almost like the ones who do fall into the 1% act like the mafia. They are little chickens who have others do their dirty work. The 1% hitmen are the government officials who pass laws to help them out.

When someone who is in the 1% says , ” don’t blame wall street , blame Washington”. They are right to say that to a point. It was Wall street who puts the pressure on their buddies to pass the laws. It is the spineless people in Washington who cave and have the laws passed. These laws only help Wall street, that is why we are ion the mess we are in. The laws are to discourage competition , because the top brass are punks and are afraid of the mom and pop stores.

All of this in this blog post is my opinion, these are not facts. I promote personal wealth, we all need to live and have chances . The 1% have made both almost impossible any more with the laws .

QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ( Benjamin Disraeli ).

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