Another day of an unemployed man. ;) NEVER LATER NOW.

22 Jul
  When I was about to blog about an hour ago, my daughter called. She needed me to pick her up from the pool because someone took a dumb in the pool and it was floating all over the pool ( like in Caddyshack ) LOL. And this is where this blog is going. Let’s talk about the word LATER.   I bet this person was thinking “I’ll go to the restroom later”. That didn’t happen. Other times if you or me asks someone to do something, what do we say? I’ll do it later. If you think about it, LATER never gets here. Because later is never now or 2 hours from now. It’s later. You can chase later until the end of the world and never get to later,because you are always in the present tense. So why don’t all of us get that pain in the neck word out of our vocabulary and never say later again. Next time someone asks you for a favor or a task say, ” I’ll do it in 1 hour or 10 minutes from now”. Because when you put a limit on time ,you will run into that time frame when 1 hour gets here.

Now onto something else. How many of us know someone who always find fault in what people do? If you say I do , then you are not the one finding fault in a persons action. If you say I don’t know anyone like that, then you’re the one who finds fault in others. Praise others , whether you would do what they do or not. Finding fault only causes tension and anger in the air. That’s what is wrong with society anymore. It happens in all of the countries in this world. Look at one show in particular ” HELLS KITCHEN”. That dude has real issues and finds fault in all of the cooks even though they enjoy what they do. Look at “FOX NEWS”. They find fault in every person in Washington D.C. that is not a Republican. And look at what both shows brings. Anger,hate,resentment. Nothing good comes out of people finding fault in other peoples love of life, hobbies, jobs, life styles. Just let people be happy and QUIT doing the fault game. And if you know someone who finds fault ignore their negative words. DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Live your life and go down your road. Make yourself happy. Don’t try to please the fault finders, because you never will. Once you change for the fault finders, they will criticize you for doing that. DO YOUR THING NOT ANYONE ELSE’S…

I had a good day at the unemployment office today. The very nice ladies gave me some very good tools to use in the future. I just need to start using their ideas starting Monday. Not later because later will never get here…HAHAHAHAHAHHA.


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